Invincible - Chapter 2311

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Chapter 2311: Divine Soul’s Transformation!

Even though the members of the Emperor Yu Holy Grounds were getting suspicious, they didn’t feel as though there was anything off. That was until another hour had passed, and they failed to see Huang Xiaolong’s emerging figure.

Doubts flashed in their eyes when they noticed that Huang Xiaolong showed no signs of emerging.

Half a day passed just like that, but the Holy River didn’t even show signs of ripples. A strange feeling swept through Emperor Yu’s heart. How could someone with saint attributes ranking in the nine hundreds last for more than two hours?!

Half a day had already passed, but the little kid wasn’t out yet!

Could it be that the youngster lied about his saint attributes’ rank?!

Emperor Yu felt a sense of distaste in his heart, and he turned to Di Huai. “Brother Di Huai, are you sure Huang Xiaolong’s saint attributes rank in the nine hundreds? Did you lie to me?”

The experts of the Emperor Yu Holy Grounds stared at Di Huai.

As Emperor Yu widening his eyes in shock, Di Huai chuckled in amusement. “I don’t think the brat will lie to me. However, even I have no idea about the true ranking of his saint godhead.”

“What do you mean?” Emperor Yu frowned. “Brother Di Huai, that kid is a Holy Prince of the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate. How can you be unsure of his talent?”

As the guardian beast of the Zhuoyuan Holy Gate, it was impossible for them to hide anything from him! Not to mention the fact that he was a True Saint.

“Hahaha, I’ve always been cultivating in the forbidden land of the Holy Gate. It has been several billion years since I last emerged. I have no idea what that brat’s talent is.”

Emperor Yu knew that Di Huai was hiding something, but he knew that he wouldn’t be able to probe further.

As the True Saints conversed, Huang Xiaolong and the four other Holy Princes sat crossed-legged in the middle of the Holy River. They circulated their special arts to devour the energy coming from the lake.

The greater the amount of energy they absorbed, the brighter the glow around their bodies became.

Of course, if anyone could see the light revolving around their bodies, they would notice that the glow around Huang Xiaolong was several times brighter than the others.

As thread-like streams of golden light entered Huang Xiaolong’s body, the Holy Mandate Imprint in the space between his eyebrows emitted rays of resplendent light.

Endlessly devouring the energy contained in the Holy River, Huang Xiaolong felt a wave of comfort wash over his body. It was as though his soul had received some sort of enlightenment.

It felt like he had arrived in another completely different world, covered in golden light.

Huang Xiaolong felt as though the shackles on him were released, and everything in the golden world had to listen to his every command. The holy dao from the Holy World couldn’t be felt, and Huang Xiaolong felt endless might coursing through his veins.

In that instant, Huang Xiaolong seemed to have transcended the six dao paths and broken free of the restrictions of reincarnation!

Scenes passed through Huang Xiaolong’s mind without end.

Images of his life flashed in his mind, and there were some that consisted of his previous life!

Huang Xiaolong’s life on Earth flashed past his eyes, and it was as though he experienced it once again. Every scene was as vivid as could be.

Days quickly passed, and on the tenth day, the Holy River started to rumble.

That was a sign of someone emerging from the Holy River when they could no longer bear the stress the special energy placed on their body!

A smile appeared on Emperor Yu’s face. “Brother Di Huai, your disciple is pretty impressive! He managed to last for thirteen whole days! With his talent, lasting for thirteen days is really admirable! It’s no wonder Brother Di Huai is willing to spend ten trillion holy bills to send him into the Holy River!”

Di Huai could hear the sourness in Emperor Yu’s tone when he spoke of Huang Xiaolong. However, he merely chuckled. “I’m really shocked that he managed to last for thirteen days too!”

He knew that this old friend of his was definitely blaming him for hiding Huang Xiaolong’s true talent from him. It was also clear that this old friend of his had an extremely bad impression of Huang Xiaolong.

A figure tore through the surface of the lake and soared high into the skies.

“It’s Kong Hui!”

Someone from the Emperor Yu Holy Gate yelled, and everyone turned to look at him. The person who emerged was Kong Hui of the Emperor Yu Holy Grounds, and his talent was the worst out of the four disciples sent by the Emperor Yu Holy Gate. His godhead ranked in the three hundreds, but no one had expected him to emerge earlier than Huang Xiaolong!

Like everyone else, Emperor Yu had expected Huang Xiaolong to be the first to leave the river!

Seeing that it was a disciple of his own Holy Gate, Emperor Yu couldn’t help but frown.

“Brother Di Huai, it seems like I’ve underestimated the strength of your Holy Prince!” Emperor Yu turned to Di Huai and chuckled. “However, I feel that he will definitely be the next person to leave the river.”

“Brother Yu, let's make a bet. If Huang Xiaolong emerges from the Holy River next, I’ll give you another ten trillion! Otherwise, you’ll have to return the money I paid you to send him in. How about that?”

“This…” Emperor Yu couldn’t help but hesitate. However, a chuckle eventually left his lips. “Let’s bet on the last person to emerge. If my disciple, Liu Qing, lasts the longest, you will have to give me another ten trillion! If Huang Xiaolong lasts longer than Liu Qing, I’ll return you ten trillion holy bills. How about that?”

Di Huai was stunned for a second, and hesitation flashed in his eyes. Even though Huang Xiaolong’s saint attributes could evolve, they only ranked in the nine hundreds. Even if he had the Saint Fate memory imprint, Di Huai couldn’t estimate the time Huang Xiaolong could spend in the Holy River!

“Fine!” Di Huai thought for a moment and nodded his head at last.

Seeing as Di Huai had agreed, Emperor Yu burst into laughter. “Brother Di Huai, I’m afraid that you have already lost! Liu Qing’s saint attributes rank in the top nineties!”

“Top nineties?!” Di Huai couldn’t help but widen his eyes in shock.

“Hahaha, that’s right!” It seemed as though Emperor Yu was extremely happy that he had managed to accept such a talented disciple, and he stared at Di Huai with a smug expression plastered on his face.

Several days passed once again, and the surface of the lake shook.

Seeing that another person was about to emerge, the members of the Emperor Yu Holy Gate stared at the space above the lake in anticipation.

However, their hearts fell when they saw the person who emerged. It was another disciple from their Holy Gate!

Just like that, another eight days passed.

Someone else emerged, but to everyone’s dismay, it was another disciple from the Holy Gate.

On the forty-third day that they entered, the originally peaceful lake started to shimmer with light.

Emperor Yu couldn’t help but straighten his back when he saw the abnormality. Di Huai widened his eyes as the next person to emerge would determine who would win the bet of ten trillion holy bills!

Not a single person moved a muscle as they stared at the space above the lake.

Someone finally emerged, and before Emperor Yu could celebrate, he recognized the figure to be his disciple, Liu Qing!

A look of disappointment flashed in his eyes.

Di Huai finally managed to heave a sigh of relief when he saw Liu Qing’s face.

Three months later, Huang Xiaolong and Di Huai returned to their flying ship and continued their journey to the headquarters of the Holy Heavens.

Several days ago, Huang Xiaolong had emerged from the Holy River.

During his time in the Holy River, Huang Xiaolong had shockingly managed to enter the Second Order Venerable Realm, but that wasn’t all! His divine had soul experienced a special transformation! Even Huang Xiaolong couldn’t put his finger on what had changed, but he knew that his divine soul had evolved to the point where it was slightly similar to the holy soul of True Saints!

“It’s a pity…” Huang Xiaolong sighed. If he could cultivate in the Holy River for several years, he was sure that his divine soul would definitely evolve into a holy soul! When that happened, Huang Xiaolong would have truly broken through the restraints of the six dao paths and transcended reincarnation!