Invincible - Chapter 240

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Chapter 240

Chapter 240: Trouble Really Came!

Two days passed in busy preparations for the wedding .

On this day, Huang Xiaolong exited the Linglong Treasure Pagoda, where he had spent the last two days perfecting his self-created Earthen Buddha Palm skill .

Huang Xiaolong’s Earthen Buddha Palm was inspired by the millions of Buddha statues in the Buddha Cavern, the invisible spiritual pressure emanating from each of the far reaching waves of Buddha statues and their effect on the spirit, while the Ancient Puppetry Art was a rare cultivation technique that strengthened one’s spiritual force . Thus, practicing the Ancient Puppetry Art greatly enhanced Huang Xiaolong’s Earthen Buddha Palm’s attack power .

After two days of practice, Huang Xiaolong saw a big stride in improvement for his Earthen Buddha Palm . But then again, Huang Xiaolong did not neglect his Godly Xumi Art, Asura Tactics, and Body Metamorphose Scripture . He was getting stronger with each passing day .

When Huang Xiaolong appeared, Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu sensed at once the change in Huang Xiaolong’s aura, enough to make two high-level Saint realm experts lament with admiration .

“What’s the situation these days?” Huang Xiaolong asked Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu when he saw them .

“Replying to Sovereign, everything is normal . ” Zhao Shu promptly answered .

Huang Xiaolong made his way to the great hall and while doing so, he cautioned them: “Increase defense measures for today, everyone must be extra alert!”

Today was his sister’s wedding day! Huang Xiaolong had a strong premonition, Heartless Young Noble Yao Fei would definitely choose to mire his sister’s wedding day!

Moments later, Huang Xiaolong arrived at the great hall where Huang Peng, Su Yan, and Huang Xiaohai were waiting .

Seeing Huang Xiaolong walk in, all three of them stood up, gathering around him .

“Father, Mother . ” Huang Xiaolong greeted .

“Long’er, you’re here . ” Su Yan smiled as she pulled Huang Xiaolong to a chair next to hers .

“Where’s Ah Min?” Huang Xiaolong looked around, asking when he did not see his sister .

“Getting her makeup done, she should be coming out soon . The Guo Family will be arriving in an hour or so . ” Su Yan answered with a small laugh . It was obvious to see that she was very happy .

Huang Xiaolong nodded . A tiny sigh sounded in his heart, in no more than an hour’s time, the Guo Family’s wedding procession would be picking up his sister, Huang Min . Although the distance between the Southern Hill Estate and Guo Mansion wasn’t great, after today, his sister would be counted as a Guo Family member .

Still, Huang Xiaolong was happy for Huang Min, she found someone she loved and wanted to be together with him .

Huang Xiaolong stayed in the great hall, spending some idle time with his parents and younger brother . Half an hour later, Huang Xiaolong said, “They are probably close, let’s go and have a look?”

Huang Peng, Su Yan, and Huang Xiaohai nodded happily . Hence, the four stood up and headed towards Huang Min’s courtyard .

“Master, Madame, Young Lord, and Third Young Lord!” When they arrived in Huang Min’s courtyard, the maidservants and guards knelt in salute .

“Where’s Second Miss?” Huang Peng asked .

“Replying to Master, Second Miss is having her makeup done, she should be ready soon . ” One of the maidservants answered .

Huang Peng nodded and the four of them entered the outer room of Huang Min’s boudoir .

“Father, Mother, Big brother, Little Brother!” Huang Min had just finished with her makeup when she saw the four people come in and called out eagerly as she stood up .

Everyone laughed and nodded, praising Huang Min’s appearance . “My sister’s the most beautiful today . ” Huang Xiaolong complimented .

Huang Xiaolong spoke the truth . The light makeup emphasized Huang Min’s youthfulness with a hint of the budding glamorous woman about to bloom, fresh and alluring .

Huang Min blushed shyly, “Big brother, you only know how to tease me . ”

“Big Sis[1], it’s true! You look really beautiful today!” Huang Xiaohai chimed in with a huge grin on his face .

Huang Min smiled sweetly, “Really?”

Putting on a solemn expression, Huang Xiaohai insisted in a serious tone: “Really!”

This small interaction made others in the room burst into laughter . Su Yan suddenly stepped forward, pulling Huang Min into her arms . Her eyes turned slightly red, with glistening tears threatening to fall .

“Mother . ” Huang Min cried . Even she was influenced by Su Yan’s tears .

“You, ah, what are you crying for, this is a joyous occasion . Moreover, it’s not like Min’er won’t be back here . ” Huang Peng comforted his wife .

Huang Min nodded with resolute, “Mother, I will come back often to visit everyone . ”

Su Yan wiped the tears away, smiled and nodded . Her baby daughter was getting married! Su Yan was happy, but more than that, she was reluctant to part with her .

A short moment later, blaring sounds from suonas, drums, and gongs came from outside . A sign that the bride escort procession from the Guo Family had arrived to pick up the bride .

“Let’s go out . ” Huang Xiaolong spoke .

Everyone agreed . Thus, Su Yan held Huang Min’s hand as they walked out of Huang Min’s yard towards the estate’s entrance . The main entrance was very lively when they got there, other than the bride escort wedding procession members from the Guo Family, there were spectating disciples from other forces crowding the street .

The Guo Family went all out with the wedding procession, three to four hundred people enough to line from the Southern Hill Estate’s entrance to the other end of the street . Spotting Huang Min and the rest coming out from the estate, Guo Tai, who was at the front of the line, hurried to meet them .

He first greeted Huang Peng and Su Yan: “Uncle, Auntie” and then respectfully towards Huang Xiaolong: “Big brother . ”

Though today was their wedding day, Guo Tai and Huang Min had to go through the ceremony first, before he could change how he addressed Huang Peng and Su Yan . Su Yan nodded and walked over to Guo Tai, releasing Huang Min’s hand from her own and placing it into Guo Tai’s hands . A symbolic gesture that she was passing her daughter to Guo Tai . While doing this, Su Yan couldn’t resist and a teardrop rolled down the corner of her eye .

“Guo Tai,” Huang Xiaolong reminded: “You must treat my sister well . If you dare to bully her or make her feel aggrieved in any way, I will not spare you!”

Guo Tai was a little scared but he promised, “Don’t worry, Big brother, I will definitely treat Min’er well, I absolutely will not let her be wronged!”

Huang Xiaolong nodded, satisfied .

Soon, the Guo Family’s wedding procession lifted up the red bride palanquin with Huang Min sitting inside and started to head towards the Guo Mansion .

Strings of pearl-like tears fell on Su Yan’s cheeks as she watched the Guo Family wedding procession leaving, growing smaller in her sight . Huang Peng opened his mouth but no words of comfort came .

“Father, Mother, let’s go back first . ” Huang Xiaolong persuaded . According to Martial Spirit World’s tradition, the girl’s family needed to wait until the wedding procession reached the future husband’s residence before they could go over for the next step ceremony .

Nodding, all of them returned inside the estate .

However, just as everyone turned around, Huang Xiaolong suddenly spun around, eyes searching the other end of the street vigilantly .

“Long’er, what is it?”

Huang Xiaolong replied: “Nothing . ” But his eyes held a deeper meaning as they directed a look at Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu . Both nodded their heads slightly and disappeared with a sway without anyone noticing .

Huang Xiaolong remained waiting at the same spot after he told Huang Peng, Su Yan, and his younger brother to go in first . Before long, Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu returned .

“So?” Huang Xiaolong questioned .

Both of them shook their head, “Replying to Sovereign, we found nothing . ”

Huang Xiaolong frowned, he was sure he felt a trace of killing intent . Although it was only a split second instant . Then, Huang Xiaolong’s heart sank: Guo Family’s wedding procession!

“Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, both of you immediately go catch up with the Guo Family’s wedding team!” Huang Xiaolong blurted out of anxiousness .

Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu exchanged a glance, they understood what Huang Xiaolong meant in the next moment; Huang Xiaolong was afraid Yao Fei might make a move against the wedding procession team!

“Yes, Sovereign!” Both already disappeared before the voice fell .

Huang Xiaolong relaxed a little after sending Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu over . However, a short while after Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu went away, powerful energy fluctuations came from the distance, close to the Southern Hill Estate . Huang Xiaolong’s face tightened, they really targeted the Guo Family’s wedding procession!

Sister! Huang Xiaolong disappeared in a blur, sprinting towards the source of the energy fluctuations .




She is the first female born in the family, thus HXH calls her Big Sis