Invincible - Chapter 2576

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Other alien races’ experts on the streets stopped to watch with gloating expressions when they heard the alien race disciple ordering Huang Xiaolong to roll away, if Huang Xiaolong dared to walk, he would break Huang Xiaolong’s legs.

“This kid’s really unlucky. It seems he’s new to the city. He doesn’t recognize the Mysterious Ice Race’s Young Master Yan San, to actually stand there and stare with a silly face. He doesn’t know that Young Master Yan San loathes humans?”

“What do you guys think, is that kid going to roll?”

“What else can he do? If he refuses, his legs would definitely be crippled by Young Master Yan San in a way that cannot be healed for a lifetime. The third Young Master always does as he says. Not to mention, that kid might suffer more than just having his legs broken!”

Other alien race passersby pointed their fingers at Huang Xiaolong as they gossiped away.

But Huang Xiaolong continued to look at that so-called Mysterious Ice Race’s Young Master Yan San and said, “There aren’t many people in this world who can break my legs, or at least, you’re not among them.”

“Now, roll to my feet, kowtow, and kowtow again, three times in all. I can spare your life, or I will twist down your head! Remember, you’re going to roll over to my feet, not those servants behind you!”

Huang Xiaolong’s lukewarm voice rang clearly in everyone’s ears, rendering them dumbfounded.

Has this kid gone mad?

“Really, this kid has just arrived at Yang City since he actually spoke to Young Master Yan San like that. He’s dead for sure now! Young Master Yan San won’t merely break his legs now, but he’s going to kill that kid using the cruelest method!”

“I gather, that kid must be some small sect’s disciple… Does he think that he has a sect as his backing, and that the sect’s experts would protect him? Last time, a Spring Autumn Sect’s human race disciple ran rampant in Yang City relying on the experts in the sect, but in the end, he was beaten to death by Young Master Yan San. His corpse was thrown out of the city to be fed to the dogs. That Spring Autumn Sect didn’t even dare to let out a fart.”

All the alien race experts watching this, shook their heads.

The human race expert, who was kicked out of the shop by Young Master Yan San for his blade, moved far away from Huang Xiaolong, and looked at Huang Xiaolong with sympathetic gaze.

Young Master Yan San laughed wantonly despite his ferocious gaze on Huang Xiaolong. “Interesting, interesting indeed! Today, I’ve come across a hybrid human dog that has the guts to speak to me like this. How many years has it been since this last happened? Interesting, really interesting!”

“Punk, I’ve decided to have you die without a complete corpse!”

“But before you die, I will…!” Yan San was immersed in his own excitement to share how he was going to torture Huang Xiaolong later, when suddenly, Huang Xiaolong reached out, and before Yan San reacted, Huang Xiaolong was strangling his neck with one hand.

Huang Xiaolong slowly tightened his fingers. Yan San felt his throat being clamped by a terrifying force that he could hardly breath, and his eyeballs protruded due to pressure and disbelief as he stared at Huang Xiaolong. He couldn’t believe this hybrid dog of a human dared to strangle him, making him feel so much pain!

“You—!” He spat with much difficulty, but that was all he could muster.

The spectating alien race experts and Mysterious Ice Race’s disciples only reacted at this time.

“You, damn, lowly slave. You dare to hurt Young Master Yan San. If Young Master Yan San loses a hair on his head, your entire family will be slaughtered!”

“Quickly let Young Master Yan San go then commit suicide to atone for your crime!”

The dozen of Mysterious Ice Race disciples shouted menacingly. In their opinions, Huang Xiaolong’s action was unforgivable as he had dared to lay his hands on Young Master Yan San’s neck even though being a human brat!

This was a crime that could only be pacified by the annihilation of a whole sect or clan!

The Mysterious Ice Race disciples rushed towards Huang Xiaolong, ready to attack. As for how Huang Xiaolong had managed to capture Yan San by the neck just now was not within their considerations at the moment.

But these disciples barely reached Huang Xiaolong when a black arm appeared from the side, aimed straight at the dozen of disciples.

In these Mysterious Ice Race disciple’s eyes, this giant black arm cast a shadow over the sky, dominating everything in their sights. In their eyes, this giant black arm was the sky and the land.

They could not even think of resisting. When the black palm fell on them, shock and despair filled their hearts.

To them, Hei Luo’s palm was the giant palm of terror, overcasting the sky, but in the eyes of the surrounding spectating experts, Hei Luo was merely reaching out with his arm as his fingers were gripped into a fist, capturing the dozen of Mysterious Ice Race’s disciples.

In the next second, despite the incredulous expressions all around, Hei Luo’s fist tightened, and the dozen of Mysterious Ice Race’s disciples exploded.

A dozen of Mysterious Ice Race’s disciples being squashed to their deaths simultaneously, created quite a big movement.

Yan San felt as if someone was roaring in his ears, leaving an endless buzzing noise that wouldn’t go away. He stared blankly at the dozen disciples’ remains, the splatters of blood and random pieces of flesh on the street… Based on the power of his family, and his identity, these dozen of Mysterious Ice Race disciples, following by his side, had the capital to be arrogant, not only in Yang City, but also the nearby continents. They had always done as they pleased, and they had everything they wanted, including women, treasures, and even holy spiritual pills.

In his scope of knowledge, no one had dared to disrespect him, and definitely no one dared to hurt him or his dozen followers.

Now, these dozen of disciples, who had been by his side, were killed by a guard, by this human race punk?!

Suddenly, Huang Xiaolong loosened his group and Yan San finally found his voice, “You, you killed my followers?!”

“That’s right,” Huang Xiaolong replied indifferently and added, “You can speak your last words.”

Yan San was outraged. “You bast*rd son of a human. You actually dared to kill my followers! Now you can wait for your entire clan to be annihilated by my Mysterious Ice Race!”

He had just finished spewing out his threats when Huang Xiaolong exerted force in his hand and twisted Yan San’s head off his shoulders and threw it away, hanging it on one of the big buildings’ main entrance.

Yan San’s eyes were wide open with disbelief etched on his dead face.

“I had said to speak your last words.” Huang Xiaolong pitied Yan San, and then left with Hei Luo without another glance at the crowd.

The alien race experts looked at Yan San’s head hanging on the building’s main entrance with a dumbfounded expression.

“Young Master Yan San’s… dead?!”

“Ir-it seems so…?!” Another alien race expert answered dazedly.

After a moment of delayed reaction, the crowd exploded in a furor.

“Young Master Yan San’s dead! He was killed by a human. This is explosive news! The whole of Yang City will be in turmoil!”

“The Mysterious Ice Race’s wrath would probably be vented on the human race in Yang City, and maybe it will even implicate the entire continent’s humans!”

“Who is that human? Which sect or family that fool belongs to? Is he really tired of living? It’s fine if he dies, but why drag down his family and sect?!”

Heated discussions could be heard everywhere.

The human race expert, who was kicked out of the shop by Yan San, looked at Huang Xiaolong and Hei Luo as they walked away, and a complicated expression formed on his face. In the end, he hurried off after Huang Xiaolong.

“This Lord, this must be your first time in Hong Zhen Holy Grounds’ Yang City. You must be unaware of the Mysterious Ice Race’s power and status in Hong Zhen Holy Grounds. You better get out of the city as soon as possible, better yet, leave the Hong Zhen Holy Grounds’ territory.”

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