Invincible - Chapter 519

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Chapter 519

Chapter 519: Unifying the Martial Spirit World


When the Demon Sword Hall disciple reached the courtyard where Young Noble Demon Sword usually cultivated, he finally saw Young Noble Demon Sword appearing after the guard reported the disciple’s arrival .

“What is it?” Young Noble Demon Sword noted the flustered expression on the disciple’s face and a frown wrinkled his forehead as he questioned .

The Demon Sword Hall disciple immediately knelt down and briefly recounted the events .

“He wants me to go over to him?” Young Noble Demon Sword was dazed .

The Demon Sword Hall disciple confirmed, “Yes, that person even said that there would be consequences if you don’t go!” Clearly, the last part was deliberately added by the disciple himself .

Frost glazed over Young Noble Demon Sword’s eyes, “Very good, it seems like I’ve been quiescent for too long that people have started to forget this Young Noble Demon Sword’s demonic sword!” As he was saying this, he felt the sword in his left hand, adding, “It’s been many years since you drank blood . Today, I’ll let you drink your fill!” His figure disappeared from the hall in a flicker, bringing the Demon Sword Hall disciple with him .

“Lead the way!”

Under the Demon Sword Hall disciple’s guide, Young Noble Demon Sword and a group of Demon Sword Hall’s elites made their way to the place where Huang Xiaolong and Xie Puti were in a grand manner .

“It’s Young Noble Demon Sword! Young Noble Demon Sword has arrived!”

“That’s Young Noble Demon Sword’s demonic sword, they say that Young Noble Demon Sword’s  demonic sword must taste blood once unsheathed before returning to its sheath!”

The Duanren Institute’s students were clamoring in anticipation .

Even though Young Noble Demon Sword had yet to arrive, the students could see from afar a black sword formed from black demonic qi pointing toward the sky, releasing prickling sharp sword qi in all directions .

Huang Xiaolong was nonchalant .

As the crowd of students worked up a racket at among themselves, the team of people from Demon Sword Hall entered their line of sight .

Young Noble Demon Sword was clad in a fine black brocade robe with a blood-red cape hanging down his shoulders . At the corners of his eyes, there was a line of black demonic symbols that added a sternness to his face .

Well, one had to admit that this Young Noble Demon Sword was good-looking . The moment he appeared, it drew fanatic screams and shrieks from the female students in the crowd .

Hearing the screams and shrieks from the female students below, and feeling the awe and feverish reverence from the male students’ eyes, Young Noble Demon Sword slightly puffed up his chest . The sword qi around him vibrated with even more vigor .

“Young Noble, it’s those two reckless death-seeking students!” The same Demon Sword Hall disciple pointed at Huang Xiaolong and Xie Puti .

Young Noble Demon Sword looked over in the direction pointed . He, of course, recognized Xie Puti and he was stunned seeing him here, . But when he saw the black-haired young man standing beside Xie Puti, his heart quivered involuntarily . His pupils shrank, reflecting the fear in his heart, as if he just laid eyes on the world’s most horrifying existence .

That disciple and the Demon Sword Hall elites were confused noticing Young Noble Demon Sword’s odd behavior .

Before a crowd of Duanren Institute students, a visibly trembling Young Noble Demon Sword walked toward Huang Xiaolong with laden footsteps, kneeling down in front of him: “Mo Jian salutes Lord Beast God!”

Mo Jian was Young Noble Demon Sword’s real name .

In an instant, it was as if all sound was sucked out from the atmosphere . Quiet, so quiet that one could probably hear the gentle sound of a withered leaf floating to the ground .

All around were dumbstruck faces staring stupidly at Young Noble Demon Sword on his knees in front of the black-haired young man .

What did Young Noble Demon Sword say just now? Beast, Lord, Lord Beast God?!

Lord Beast God!

All eyes zoomed onto Huang Xiaolong . They were filled with shock mixed with surprise, disbelief, excitement, and awe . Whereas that Demon Sword Hall disciple fell on his butt, his mind blanked instantly, unable to determine the directions of north, south, east or west .

Fifteen minutes later, under the respectful escort of Young Noble Demon Sword and the fervent gazes from the Duanren Institute students, Huang Xiaolong left the institute with Xie Puit and Chen Cheng .

After recognizing Huang Xiaolong, Young Noble Demon Sword dared not even let out a fart in Huang Xiaolong’s presence, and after knowing that Chen Cheng was an old acquaintance of Huang Xiaolong from the Luo Tong Kingdom, he personally apologized to Chen Cheng several times .

Stepping out from the Duanren Institute, Huang Xiaolong asked Chen Cheng how he had been all these years snd his circumstances . Chen Cheng answered each question respectfully .

In the end, Huang Xiaolong gave Chen Cheng a hundred pieces of saint grade spirit pellets, and as an afterthought, he sent Chen Cheng into an apprenticeship under one of his Saint realm subordinates . That could be considered as a form of care for Chen Cheng .

Chen Cheng was thrilled and extremely grateful .

Later, Huang Xiaolong and Xie Puti did not return to the Xie Manor after bidding farewell to Chen Cheng, both of them detoured to the Southern Hill Manor instead .

The Southern Hill Manor was the place Huang Xiaolong purchased to settle down in the Duanren Imperial City in earlier years . It had been empty ever since he took the Huang Family away .

Pushing the front doors open, Xie Puti smiled, “Although you haven’t been back all these years, this Southern Hill Manor is still very well kept, every ten days or so I had some Xie Manor servants come over to tidy up the place . ”

Huang Xiaolong replied, “Many thanks . ”

Xie Puti smiled in reply, “Is there a need to be so courteous between us?”

Huang Xiaolong too smiled .

Entering the Southern Hill Manor, looking at the once familiar sceneries, Huang Xiaolong’s heart was once again filled with melancholy .

A while later, when Xie Puti was about to take his leave back to the Xie Manor, Huang Xiaolong gave him a spatial ring . A spatial ring he got after killing one of the Deities Templar’s Grand Elders .

Inside the spatial ring, other than the numerous gold coins that were piled mountain high, there were just as many saint grade spirit pellets, thousand-year-old herbs, and even quite a large amount of divine grade spirit pellets .

When Xie Puti looked inside the spatial ring, he was scared stiff on the spot for a very long time .

“This…” Xie Puti looked at Huang Xiaolong, about to decline for it was too valuable .

Huang Xiaolong merely waved his hand casually, returning Xie Puti’s words to him, “Is there s need to be so courteous between us?”

Thus Xie Puti could only put the things away a little helplessly .

Huang Xiaolong sent Xie Puti out and then summoned Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and the other Saint realm experts over to organize the various families and sects from different kingdoms that submitted in this time’s battle . The entire process took a day .  

When the reorganization was done, Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and the Saint realm experts each led a number of disciples out in different directions to continue cleaning up the remnants of Deities Templar’s forces in Snow Wind Continent . He himself headed alone to the Bedlam Lands to subjugate the forces over there .

One month passed by quickly . The Sin City, City of Myriad Gods, Snow Dragon City, and the rest of the major cities in Bedlam Lands had surrendered to Huang Xiaolong . With the ten major cities falling into Huang Xiaolong’s hands, the rest had no option but to follow in surrendering .

In a mere one month’s time, the Bedlam Lands was united under one person .

In fact, the process of unifying the Bedlam Lands went smoother than Huang Xiaolong imagined, barely coming across any significant level of resistance . After all, even Deities Templar’s headquarters and its Temple Preceptor were annihilated by Huang Xiaolong, everyone knew without having to say it out loud: those who refuse to surrender, there was only death awaiting .

By the time Huang Xiaolong finished unifying the Bedlam Lands, Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and the rest had rounded up the remnant Deities Templar forces, clearing them off from the Snow Wind Continent, while the many kingdoms and empires announced their submission .

With this, the whole Martial Spirit World was unified under Huang Xiaolong!

Ever since the Martial Spirit World come into existence until now, no one could say for sure the number of years, there had never been any single person succeeding in uniting the whole Martial Spirit World . But Huang Xiaolong succeeded .

Three months later, Huang Xiaolong and all the Huang Family members moved back into the Duanren Imperial City’s Southern Hill Manor in a joyous and harmonious atmosphere .

At one point, Huang Xiaolong went to see his parents, Huang Peng and Su Yan, to know their wishes and both elders said that they would like to return to the Luo Tong Kingdom, to live out their old days where the Huang Clan Manor used to be .

Knowing that, Huang Xiaolong summoned Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu, giving each of them one million gold coins each and one year’s time to rebuild the Huang Clan Manor . He decided to make a trip back with his family once the construction was done .

At the same time, Huang Xiaolong also had Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu inquire about any news of Li Lu .

After integrating and reorganizing the various forces in the Martial Spirit World, as well as giving out a long list of tasks, Huang Xiaolong entered closed-door practice to refine the sixteen beast cores of the half-God Realm ancient species demonic beasts that he killed on the Deities Templar island as preparation to break through into the God Realm .