Invincible - Chapter 521

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Chapter 521

Chapter 521: Black Warrior Institutes Top Ten


As if sensing Huang Xiaolong’s doubts, Zhao Shu took it upon himself to explain, “Other than the disciple admission selection once every two hundred years, there is another method to be admitted inside the Black Warrior Institute without going through the selection process . Every Grand Elder, Vice Institute Principal, and Institute Principal has special rights that allow them to directly recruit a disciple . ”

Direct recruitment! Huang Xiaolong’s interest was stirred .

“However, there are billions of so-called geniuses in the Black Tortoise Galaxy, it is harder than imagined to catch the eye of a Black Warrior Institute Grand Elder, more so for the Vice Institute Principal and Institute Principal . ” Zhang Fu said .

Huang Xiaolong lowered his head in contemplation . He has no doubts that Li Lu caught the eye of a Black Warrior Institute Grand Elder, Vice Institute Principal, or the Principal, hence was directly brought in as a Black Warrior Institute disciple .

Huang Xiaolong suddenly remembered Li Molin saying that Li Lu possessed a unique physique . It seems that Li Lu’s innate talent was far beyond what he estimated, otherwise it wouldn't be able to explain how the top fellows from the Black Warrior Institute recruited her directly .

Was this the reason why Li Lu’s strength was so formidable the last time they met?

Huang Xiaolong asked Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu many more questions about the Black Warrior Institute . Both of them told Huang Xiaolong all they knew .

The Black Warrior Institute had existed for more than thirty million years! 

When Huang Xiaolong heard Zhao Shu say that the Black Warrior Institute was established more than thirty million years ago by a master sword cultivator, he was astounded . He had assumed, in the beginning, that the Black Warrior Institute was at most several million years old, however, its long foundation was beyond his imagination .  

Even so, what Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu knew about the institute was extremely limited to things like the current principal, Grand Elders, such and so on .

They were aware that in every disciple selection process, the institute would send the registered participants to a place call Deepwood Star to hunt for demonic beasts, loitering demons, and other monsters as a process of elimination . The first one hundred participants with the highest scores would pass the test .

In general, those who managed to enter top one hundred were Ninth Order, Tenth Order Saint realm experts and above!

It took a while for Huang Xiaolong to recover from this shock . Saint realm Ninth Order, Tenth Order, and above?!

Following the Black Warrior Institute’s rules of not accepting those over two hundred years of age, didn't that mean that all these geniuses managed to break through all the way to Ninth Order Saint realm, Tenth Order Saint realm, and above, in less than two hundred years?

If that was true, in the whole Martial Spirit World surface, other than Huang Xiaolong, there was no other genius that would fit that requirement .

In the Martial Spirit World, if one managed to step into the Saint realm within three hundred years of cultivation, they would already be considered a genius among geniuses, and even those were few in number . Forget about breaking through all the way into the Ninth or Tenth Order in less than two hundred years of cultivation!

Duan Ren, for example, the legendary emperor of Snow Wind Continent, had spent more than one thousand years cultivating, but he had yet to reach the Eight Order Saint realm, much less Ninth Order or Tenth Order .

Putting it in the crudest manner, before the geniuses inside the vast Black Tortoise Galaxy, Duan Ren was poop, even less than the mud beneath one’s feet .

Moments later, Huang Xiaolong excused Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu .

“Honestly, you need not belittle yourself . ” At some point, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s voice sounded, “There are more than a hundred and twenty thousand world surfaces in the Black Tortoise Galaxy, filled with great talents and monstrous geniuses, but you can definitely be placed in the top ten within the last ten million years of history . ”

Placed in the top ten within the last ten million years of history! This was Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s evaluation of Huang Xiaolong . If these words were to spread in the Black Tortoise Galaxy, it would cause a great uproar .

In ten million years of history, top ten! What did that concept encompass?!

Not even the current Black Warrior Institute’s Principal could claim the same! One must know, the Black Warrior Institute changed its Principal every fifty to sixty thousand years . Including the current Institute Principal, there had been over five hundred generations of principals . And every appointed Institute Principal was the cream of the crop, outstanding geniuses that overshadowed their generation of top geniuses . Not even the current Black Warrior Institute Principal would dare to claim that he could garner a top ten spot amongst the over five hundred predecessors!

Much less the other prominent forces in the Black Tortoise Galaxy .

Each genius from sects or big families that were recognized as prominent forces in the Black Tortoise Galaxy has astonishing talents .

Huang Xiaolong shook his head after hearing Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s evaluation, obviously dissatisfied with the evaluation received .

‘Only top ten?’

If it was only top ten within the Black Tortoise Galaxy, then what about the Azure Dragon Galaxy? What about the White Tiger Galaxy, and also the Vermillion Bird Galaxy? With the four big galaxies, where would he be placed? Ranked forty?

Then leaving these four big galaxies to the countless galaxies governed by other Divine World Surfaces?

The Dragon Emperor smiled a little helplessly seeing Huang Xiaolong shaking his head, “You brat! Do you think the number one spot is as simple as sunbathing? Not even the first Black Warrior Institute Principal dared to say that he was the number one person, above all!”

Huang Xiaolong smiled sheepishly, asking, “What are your thoughts about the Black Warrior Institute?”

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi instantly understood the meaning of Huang Xiaolong’s words .

“The Black Warrior Institute has existed for more than thirty million years, its accumulated resources are terrifying, cultivating there would be beneficial to you . The divine grade spirit pellets and divine rank techniques are countless, moreover, if you become of Black Warrior Institute disciple, this identity itself would create a lot of convenience in moving around the Black Tortoise Galaxy . ”

Huang Xiaolong nodded in agreement, those were facts .

What Huang Xiaolong was keen on was the identity of a Black Warrior Institute disciple . He killed Star Sword Sect’s Young Noble Absolute Kill, and the Ying Family’s Ying Tian, sooner or later these two parties would find out that this matter was done by him . If he had the identity of a Black Warrior Institute disciple, at least on the surface, neither the Star Sword Sect nor the Ying Family would dare deal with him blatantly .

“Say, what ranking could I get if I register to participate in the selection?” Huang Xiaolong asked casually, more of out curiosity .

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi replied, “Relying on your current strength, you definitely can easily pass the test, but it might be a little difficult to get the first place . Top three is most likely . ”

“Top three?” Huang Xiaolong was surprised . He half expected the old dragon to say that he could get the top spot, but… only top three?

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi chuckled, “Yes, your talent is heaven-defying, but your period of cultivation is a little too short, less than thirty years, whereas some of the participating geniuses have spent close to two hundred years of their lives in cultivation, their foundation is deeper than you think . Some might even have advanced into the God Realm . These geniuses’ God Realm strength is definitely not a level that Deities Templar’s Ying Tian can compare with . ”

Huang Xiaolong fell silent .

“But then again, geniuses that cultivated for no more than two hundred years and yet are able to advance into God Realm are definitely less than three . ” Dragon Emperor added, “The year when I registered for the test, I coincidentally ran into two monstrous geniuses that broke through into the God Realm . ”

Huang Xiaolong was stunned . The meaning of his words was that Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi was also a disciple of the Black Warrior Institute?!

“Indeed, I’m also one of Black Warrior Institute’s disciples . That year, I took the second place . ” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s reminiscence was laced with a taste of bragging

Participating in the Black Warrior Institute selection test, being able to stand out from billions of people, snatching the second spot, indeed it was something to feel proud about .

“Who took first place?” Huang Xiaolong couldn’t resist asking . Even Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi only managed to snatch the second place, it made him morbidly curious about the first place scorer .

“A genius disciple from the Jiang Family . ” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi recalled, “The Jiang Family is one of Black Tortoise Galaxy’s prominent forces . ”

As for what that Jiang Family disciple was called, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi did not mention .