Invincible - Chapter 781

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Chapter 781: 781

When Jiang Hanzhi saw that the second person who leaped onto the battle stage was the Azure Dragon Institute’s Lu Cong, shock flickered past his face, but quickly resumed his calm composure .

He looked coldly at Lu Cong, “So it’s Brother Lu Cong, I’ve heard that Brother Lu Cong’s Ten Thousand Words Dharani is the most powerful sound wave technique of the ancient times . Today's a good day to see its prowess with my own eyes . ”

Jiang Hanzhi had always been uncomfortable with the fact that Lu Cong’s ranking on the Highgod Advancement List was higher than his .

In the last hundreds of years, he had secluded himself in cultivation and had encountered quite a few fortuitous events that caused his strength to improve by leaps and bounds . He was confident that, with his current strength, he was more than qualified to sit firmly in the top three of the Highgod Advancement List .

Today, in front of these masters from different galaxies and forces, he, Jiang Hanzhi, would awe them with his true strength .

Lu Cong detected the flavorful provocation laced within Jiang Hanzhi’s words . His indifferent face suddenly broke into a boyish grin, “Since you can’t wait to experience the power of my Ten Thousand Words Dharani, I definitely will not leave you disappointed . ”

Jiang Hanzhi’s gaze turned icy . Not saying another word, ink-black strands of energy surged out from his body, turning into ink-colored clouds floating around him .

“This is the Jiang Family’s Hell Frost Tactic!”

“Looks like this Jiang Hanzhi has already cultivated the Hell Frost Tactic to the ninth level, forming hellfrost force!”

The guests below talked amongst themselves in surprise .

While the guests talked and whispered, up on the stage, with Jiang Hanzhi as the focal point, layers and layers of black ice formed on the battle stage, spreading out to cover every corner . In the blink of an eye, the black ice had already arrived at Lu Cong’s feet .

Lu Cong glanced down and a sudden vibrating force burst out from his feet . Rays of golden light continued to advance forward like a rippling water surface . Before the rippling golden light, Jiang Hanzhi’s hellfrost force and black ice could no longer come within ten zhang from Lu Cong .

Jiang Hanzhi’s eyes narrowed, but inwardly, he was shocked . He had heard that once a person's Ten Thousand Words Dharani technique reached four thousand words, they would be able to accumulate word power and be invincible amongst cultivators of the same level .

‘That golden light earlier, was that word power? Does that mean Lu Cong can already use four thousand words?!’

The spectating guests were also discussing the same thing that crossed Jiang Hanzhi’s mind .

“Word power! That Lu Cong has already learned four thousand words of the Ten Thousand Words Dharani!”

“It is said that anyone able to accumulate word power is invincible below the Highgod Realm!”

“The word power is comparable to a Highgod Realm master’s godforce!”

Lu Cong smiled brightly as the words from the guests below entered his ears . Looking at Jiang Hanzhi, he said, “Although your Ice Frost Tactic isn't weak, your cultivation has yet to reach the tenth major completion level, thus you’re not my opponent . Jiang Hanzhi, there’s still time if you retreat from the stage now . ”

Jiang Hanzhi’s expression turned ugly, bellowing with anger . The ink-black clouds around him shook as he instantly closed in on Lu Cong, swinging out his fist for the kill .

Inky-black clouds flew forward as the horrifying force from Jiang Hanzhi’s fist landed on Lu Cong’s chest . At the same time, one could hear faint ghostly cries .

“That’s the ancient Witchghost Sect’s Witchghost Fist!” Someone exclaimed out loud recognizing the force blast out by Jiang Hanzhi’s fist .

“Witchghost Fist?! It is said that any person below the Highgod Realm struck by the Witchghost Fist would be tormented by thousands of ghosts clinging on their body while the ghosts devour their soul, dying in excruciating pain!” Another person shrieked .

The other guests felt goosebumps on their necks .

Even the Azure Dragon Institute Qin Yi was stunned watching Jiang Hanzhi display the ancient Witchghost Fist .

As Lu Cong watched the inky-black clouds rolling toward him, he dared not be careless . Blinding golden lights burst out from his body, then he opened his mouth and spat out many mysterious ancient symbols .

Each ancient symbol was like a small golden mountain, emitting a whelming golden light .

The mysterious golden symbols clashed with the Withghost Fist force . The shockwaves caused the battle stage to sway and shake as a resounding blast rang out .

Both the golden symbols and the Witchghost Fist force dissipated .

Lu Cong staggered several steps back, whereas Jiang Hanzhi wobbled unsteadily more than a dozen steps . His face paled .

The instant Lu Cong steadied himself, he opened his mouth once again . This time, the golden symbols flying out were no longer individually separated, instead, they formed bright golden spheres that shot toward Jiang Hanzhi . Hairline cracks appeared in the space around the battle stage .

Jiang Hanzhi’s face tightened . The inky-black clouds around him converged and solidified, turning into a pitch black armor on his body .

Below the stage, not a ripple appeared in Huang Xiaolong’s face as he watched Lu Cong and Jiang Hanzhi’s battle .

Although the strength they displayed was startling, in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, they were akin to two slightly bigger children playing roughly with each other .

Their strength was far worse compared to Wan Long, the first-ranked on the Highgod Advancement List .

On the stage above the battle continued, but the more Huang Xiaolong watched, the more boring and dull he felt it was .

At the end, after a hundred moves, Jiang Hanzhi lost by falling out of the battle stage .

Out from the stage, Jiang Hanzhi glared at Lu Cong still standing on the stage above . Even though he was a hundred times unwilling, there was nothing else he could do but wipe off the bloodstains from his mouth and return to standing behind the Jiang Family Patriarch .

Lu Cong stood tall on the stage, not bothering to lessen his momentum, he was calm yet domineering, “Who else wants to experience the power of this Lu’s Ten Thousand Words Dharani?”

But no disciples dared to enter the battle stage .

Although ten Amethyst Water Droplet Divine Pills were tempting, who could say they’d still be alive like Jiang Hanzhi when they would be kicked out from the stage .

Seeing that no one dared to enter the stage, Lu Cong’s head tilted slightly in Huang Xiaolong’s direction, his voice clear as day, “Could it be that no one from the Black Warrior Institute dares to come up? If that is so, I really want to thank you for sending twenty thousand high divine grade spirit stones to our Azure Dragon Institute so easily”

“After witnessing how powerful Senior Brother Lu Cong’s Ten Thousand Word Dharani, I think those from the Black Warrior Institute have already pissed their pants . Who would dare to compete with Senior Brother Lu Cong?” At this point, an Azure Dragon Institute Grand Elder said .

“I totally agree . I didn’t expect that Huang Xiaolong to be foolish to this extent, giving away twenty thousand high divine grade spirit stones to us for nothing!” Another Azure Dragon Grand Elder chimed in .

The two Grand Elders chatted between themselves as if no one could hear, but the guests present were at least Tenth Order God Realm, not a word could escape their ears .

Liu Yun was enraged, but just as he was about to fly up to the stage, Huang Xiaolong’s arm stopped him saying, “It’s just a Lu Cong, there’s no need for Eldest Senior Apprentice-brother to go up .  It's sufficient if I go . ”

Feng Yang, Liu Yun, Qi Wen, and even Chen Yang were stunned .

Feng Yang looked at Huang Xiaolong, moments later he slowly nodded: “Be careful . ”

“Master, please rest assured . ” Huang Xiaolong respectfully replied and then turned around . In a flicker, he was already on the stage .

When all the guests saw that the person the Black Warrior Institute sent was actually Huang Xiaolong, they were astonished .

Saint Mother Yao Chi’s charming eyes lit up when she saw Huang Xiaolong on stage, several thoughts crossed her mind .

The Azure Dragon Institute Principal was sneering inwardly .

On the stage, Lu Cong smiled at Huang Xiaolong while shaking his head, “Huang Xiaolong, I really admire your courage, daring to come up here despite knowing you’re no match for me . ”

The Azure Dragon Institute people below burst out laughing .

Huang Xiaolong remained calm, “Initially, I wanted to spare your life, but now it looks like you threw this chance away . ”

Lu Cong and the guests below were stumped hearing Huang Xiaolong’s arrogant words .

Lu Cong was laughing in Huang Xiaolong’s face, his eyes filled with cold pity .

“Huang Xiaolong, sometimes it's really hard for me not to admit that you really have a talent for comedy . ” Lu Cong stopped ceased laughing, looking meaningfully at Huang Xiaolong, “You said that you initially wanted to spare my life? Even He Feifan who has broken through to Highgod Realm doesn't dare to say that he could kill me, do you think you’re stronger than He Feifan?”