Invincible - Chapter 836

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Chapter 836: 836

Huang Xiaolong wasn’t the only one shocked by this, even Liu Yun, Cheng Yang, and Qi Wen were as well . This was the first time they had heard of this news .

Feng Yang went on, “I’m not clear of the specific reason, but I’d guess it's an impromptu change caused by a big shot in the Divine World . As for why that person did this or their intention, it is not something I can comment on . ” 

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes glimmered, ‘Divine World big shot?’ Being able to decide that several tens of thousands of lower realm galaxies will compete in the same Highgod Advancement Tournament, this clearly proved this person’s high status .

The four galaxies were governed by the Vientiane Divine World Surface, and those hundred thousand galaxies in the lower realm would at least involve a thousand or so of the Divine World’s territories . That person’s identity and status wasn't something the current Huang Xiaolong could imagine .

Shortly, Huang Xiaolong suppressed the astonishment in his heart, inquiring from Feng Yang, “Master, then what are the rules for this term’s Highgod Advancement Tournament?”

Feng Yang explained, “This term’s rules are also different from the past . Before, as long as the participants hadn’t participated two times in the tournament, they were allowed to take part, but this term there are two compulsory conditions; bone-age not exceeding two thousand years old, and a cultivation of at least Ninth Order God Realm . ”

“Bone-age of two thousand years and below!” Huang Xiaolong, Liu Yun, and the others present exclaimed almost simultaneously .

Feng Yang’s deep gaze swept over Liu Yun and Cheng Yang, nodding: “That’s right . ”

Liu Yun and Cheng Yang looked crestfallen, this rule meant that the two of them were not eligible to participate in this term’s Highgod Advancement Tournament .

Feng Yang watched his two disciples’ expressions and comforted, “Not being able to take part this time might not be a bad thing ah, the venue for this term’s tournament is not in the lower realm but the Divine World!”

“The Divine World!” All four of Feng Yang’s disciples were close to shouting .

The tournament venue being in the Divine World was indeed unexpected .

Feng Yang nodded, “Yes, the tournament will be held in a Divine World Surface called Overflowing Lightning . This Overflowing Lightning Divine World Surface births divine lightning in every corner and a moment of carelessness would cost you your life, struck to death by divine lightning, not to mention the great number of powerful lightning beasts . The weakest ones possess high-level God Realm strength, and the strongest one is Third Order, maybe even Fourth Order Highgod Realm!”

“Third Order and Fourth Order Highgod Realm lightning beasts!” Liu Yun, Chen Yang, and Qi Wen sucked in a breath of cold air, even Huang Xiaolong had a heavy expression on his face .

Feng Yang went on, “This term’s tournament is a thousand times, ten thousand times more dangerous than the previous ones, the mortality rate of those below the Highgod Realm is sixty or seventy percent higher! Even Highgod Realm masters, ten to twenty percent of them would fall . These are only my estimations, the actual number of deaths could be higher, therefore, participating without sufficient strength may not be a good thing . ”

Liu Yun, Chen Yang, and Qi Wen lowered their gazes in silence, in this situation, it was indeed as their Master said, unable to participate may not be a bad thing .

Based on their strength, the chances of them losing their lives were quite high .

“Master, what about the prizes?” Huang Xiaolong asked .

Feng Yang continued, “The participants who manage to enter top one thousand will receive luxurious rewards, especially the top one hundred, the prizes are stunning! For the top one hundred participants, each of them will receive one hundred immortal grade spirit stones, one hundred Heavenly God Pills refined by the Divine World’s Heavenly Gods, and one hundred All-spirit Divine Fruits nurtured using godforce . Moreover, the top thirty, top ten, top three, and the first place have even more prizes . ”

Liu Yun and the others were wide-eyed with astonishment .

One hundred immortal grade spirit stones!

One hundred Heavenly God Pills refined by Heavenly God masters!

One hundred Divine World’s All-spirits Divine Fruits!

Any single item was enough to stir all the lower realms’ prominent families and forces into a frenzy .

Not to mention the fact that the top thirty, top ten, top three, and first place had other even more luxurious prizes!

Even Huang Xiaolong couldn't disguise the desire in his eyes .

Feng Yang went on, “Other than the prizes I mentioned, the participants in the top thirty will receive a high divine rank cultivation technique . The top ten, other than the high divine rank cultivation technique will also receive a token . With this token, when they ascend to the Divine World, they will be eligible to enter any prominent sects of the Divine World!” Even Feng Yang couldn’t remain calm in the face of a high divine rank cultivation technique!

A family or sect’s most important matter was their heritage . Hence, for every family and sect, a cultivation technique’s rank and its power were crucial factors . Even a low-rank cultivation technique from the Divine World was more powerful than the lower realm’s strongest cultivation techniques, what’s more a high divine rank one!

Thus, compared to the prizes before, a high divine rank cultivation technique was more tempting to the lower realm families and sects .

The top ten participants would also receive a token that would allow them to join any prominent force after ascending! The number of geniuses in the Divine World exceeded a few millions, and each one wrecked their brains to join a prominent sect . Unfortunately, these sects’ conditions for receiving a disciple were too harsh . Only those extremely talented monstrous genius would be selected .

It wasn't hard to imagine how important this token was to these lower realm disciples .

Feng Yang calmed himself down before continuing, “Each of the top three would also get a lightning beast egg that possesses a peak divine beast bloodline! And the first place holder will receive a Heavenly God’s godhead! Although its rank wasn't stated, it definitely won’t disappoint!” 

Liu Yun, Cheng Yang, Qi Wen, and Huang Xiaolong were astounded for the second time .

A lightning beast egg that possessed a peak divine beast bloodline!

This kind of divine beast egg could even make those Divine World’s prominent forces go green with envy . Moreover, the first place will also get a Heavenly God’s godhead!

A Heavenly God’s godhead ah!

Even a low-rank one was a million times more valuable than one thousand or ten thousand Highgod Realm masters’ godheads .

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes glimmered with determination, clenching his fists and inhaling deeply . This term’s Highgod Advancement Tournament prizes had far exceeded his expectations .

A lightning beast egg with peak divine beast bloodline? Coincidentally, he was lacking a good beast mount . He could refine that Heavenly God’s godhead after he broke through to the Highgod Realm, strengthening his foundation and allowing his strength to improve by a significant degree in a short amount of time .

At that time, he would be more confident if he were to fight that mysterious Great Lord .

Huang Xiaolong’s reaction didn't go unnoticed by Feng Yang, who was inwardly shaking his head before saying, “Although the prizes are deathly tempting, don’t forget there are disciples from close to a hundred thousand galaxies participating . There are countless masters, and some of them might have already reached mid-Third Order, late or peak late-Third Order Highgod Realm, maybe even Fourth Order Highgod Realm, forget the top ten, top one thousand and two thousand aren’t so easy to achieve . ”

Liu Yun, Cheng Yang, and Qi Wen were listening with eyes almost protruding out from their sockets, Third Order and Fourth Order Highgod Realm masters?

Huang Xiaolong’s brows were locked in a deep frown .

Feng Yang was still speaking, “Don’t think I’m exaggerating . To my knowledge, the Saint Lord Galaxy’s Yelu Family not far from our four galaxies has a peerless genius named Yelu Tianfeng . He barely cultivated for fifteen hundred years, but his cultivation is already at peak late-Third Order God Realm . ”

The facial muscles of Feng Yang’s disciples twitched, just one thousand five hundred years of cultivation and he was already a peak late-Third Order Highgod Realm master! Then so-called geniuses like them who had cultivated for several tens of thousands of years but had yet to advance to Highgod Realm would need to drill down a hole in shame in front of that Yelu Tianfeng .

Feng Yang continued, “In so many galaxies, there’s bound to be geniuses who surpasses Yelu Tianfeng, there are definitely a few out there with bone-age under a thousand years but already reached Fourth Order Highgod Realm . I estimate this Yelu Tianfeng could enter the top ten, and only those Fourth Order Highgod Realm monstrous geniuses could strive for the top three and first place . ”

Liu Yun and everyone else forgot to breath hearing their Master’s words .

Feng Yang sighed, “To get into the top one thousand in this term’s Highgod Advancement Tournament requires at least a Second Order Highgod Realm strength and above in my opinion . ” He turned to Huang Xiaolong, earnest as he advised, “Xiaolong, I know you’re extremely talented, no worse than Yelu Tianfeng, but your cultivation time is really too short . If you take part in this term’s tournament, it will be hard for you to gain a spot in the top one thousand . ” 

Although Feng Yang had heard rumors about Huang Xiaolong killing the Evil Ghost Ancestor, in his opinion Huang Xiaolong’s strength could only be compared to a mid or peak mid-Second order Highgod Realm . Wanting to grab a spot in the top one thousand was difficult .