Invincible - Chapter 886

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Chapter 886: 886

Even before Huang Xiaolong’s group stepped a foot inside the Black Warrior City, Wang Na had received a report from a disciple of their arrival . Together with a group of Black Warrior Institute Grand Elders and Elders, she was waiting to discuss an alliance with the Jiang, Wang, Gudu, and Zhu Families .

“Oh, Feng Yang’s back?” Listening to the report, Wang Na was slightly startled, she did not expect him to return so early . Calculating the time, merely a bit more than a month had passed since the Highgod Advancement Tournament ended .

At the very least, rushing back to the institute would take a three-month journey . Or was Feng Yang already on his the back even before the tournament ended?

Wang Na’s glimmered with hope and excitement, “Other than Feng Yang, who else came back with him?”

“Other than Feng Yang, there are Huang Xiaolong, Liu Yun, Chen Yang, and Qi Wen . ” That disciples respectfully replied .

Slightly over a month ago, Wang Na had proceeded with the Black Warrior Institute Principal Instalment ceremony, officially taking over the position, and was now currently the Institute Principal . Whereas Feng Yang, according to the rules, after ‘relinquishing’ the position, he was considered an Eminent Elder of the Black Warrior Institute .

“What? Huang Xiaolong?!” Wang Na was astounded .

Grand Elder He Zhiwu and Grand Elder He Fei were just as astounded; how could Huang Xiaolong still be alive?!

He Zhiwu exclaimed in shock, “Did Huang Xiaolong escape from the Great Lord by luck? Could that be why he wasn’t killed?”

“It must be like this . ” Wang Na sneered, “This Huang Xiaolong’s life is really tenacious, he still managed to stay alive even after all this . But it’s understandable . It is said that the Overflowing Lightning World, where the tournament was held, can be described as boundless . As ingenious as the Great Lord is, it is not an easy task finding a single person . Huang Xiaolong’s death is a certainty, his numbered days are quickly slipping away . ”

“I agree . At most, this Huang Xiaolong can only jump around for a few more days . ” He Fei echoed .

Wang Na instructed the reporting disciple, “Pass down my order, tell Feng Yang come to see me with the Institute Principal token . ” Since Feng Yang was back, it was about time she received the Institute Principal token .

That disciple quickly complied .

Feng Yang and his four disciples had just passed through the Black Warrior City when they saw a group of Black Warrior Institute inner disciples flying toward them .

The group of inner disciples greeted Feng Yang with the salutation ‘Eminent Elder . ’

“What did you lot call me just now? Eminent Elder?!” Feng Yang was bewildered . Huang Xiaolong, Liu Yun, Chen Yang, and Qi Wen were also baffled hearing these inner disciples greeting Feng Yang that way .

“Yes, Institute Principal Wang Na has conducted the installment ceremony more than a month ago, her esteem self is now the current Black Warrior Institute Principal . ” One of the inner disciples explained .

Rage rose to Feng Yang’s face hearing that, his deep voice rumbled, “Wang Na dared to proceed with the installment ceremony without my permission, who gave her this right?!”

That inner disciple stammered fearfully, finally squeezing out some words, “Institute Principal Wang Na knows that Eminent Elder has returned, thus she has requested Eminent Elder’s presence in the great hall . She also said that Eminent Elder is to hand over the Institute Principal token . We’re just following orders, please do not make things difficult for us . ”

Liu Yun and Qi Wen were immediately angered . From that inner disciple’s words, whether Feng Yang was willing or not, he was to hand over the token?

“Master, since that old witch Wang Na is so anxious to see us, we should go, it's been some time since I’ve last seen that old witch . Coincidentally, I’ve been wanting to see that old witch as well . ” Huang Xiaolong said to Feng Yang .

“Impudent! Huang Xiaolong, you’re just a measly Elder, how dare you disrespect the Institute Principal!” An inner disciple that had a Grand Elder as his Master couldn’t resist barking at Huang Xiaolong, trying to stand out .

Huang Xiaolong glanced over through the corner of his eye, then a cold snorted sounded from him and that particular disciple exploded on the spot . Blood splattered on the other disciples near him and the ground .

All remaining disciples leaped back, alarmed and, frankly, terrified as they looked at Huang Xiaolong .  

“Master, let’s go to the Black Warrior Great Hall . ” Huang Xiaolong didn’t pay those inner disciples any further attention, looking at Feng Yang .

“Alright . ” Feng Yang nodded in agreement .

With that decided, the five of them flew toward the Black Warrior City’s transmission array . After being transported to the institute grounds, they flew straight to the Black Warrior Great Hall .

As soon as they walked into the hall, Huang Xiaolong immediately saw Wang Na who was sitting in the main seat, which was reserved only for the Black Warrior Institute Principal . At this moment, Wang Na was sitting there wearing the Black Warrior Divine Armor, radiant and spirited .

At the same moment Feng Yang and Huang Xiaolong stepped into the hall, Wang Na, He Zhiwu, He Fei, and the others fixed their gazes on them . The other three people were disregarded .

“Feng Yang, I’m sure you know by now that I am the current Black Warrior Institute Principal . ” Wang Na went on, barely able to hide the smirk on her face, “According to the Black Warrior Institute’s rules, you’re now an Eminent Elder, but you’re still required to salute me . ” Then her gaze swept over Huang Xiaolong, Liu Yun, and the others, adding, “As for these disciples of yours, as Elders and Grand Elders of the Black Warrior Institute, they should get on their knees seeing the Institute Principal . ”

Feng Yang snickered in spite of his boiling anger, “Wang Na, I don’t remember agreeing to your installment ceremony . Based on this alone, I can convict you of the crime of rebellion . ”

Wang Na giggled coquettishly hearing Feng Yang’s accusation, “Feng Yang, if I remember correctly, it is stated in the institute’s rules that, if the said Institute Principal is absent, the installment ceremony can proceed as long as other Eminent Elders agree . I have received permission from the Eminent Elders, therefore, my installment ceremony is right and proper, whereas you, Feng Yang, because of your personal disciple, arbitrarily left the Black Tortoise Galaxy . Most of all, you did not return to conduct the installment ceremony in a timely manner, do you know your crime?!”

Feng Yang’s face turned grim .

All of a sudden, several strong auras enveloped the great hall, which belonged to the few Eminent Elders present .

“Feng Yang, Wang Na is the current official Institute Principal, hand over the token . ” One of the Eminent Elders spoke, “Otherwise, we won’t be able to plead on your behalf to Principal Wang Na to forgive your crime of arbitrarily leaving the Black Tortoise Galaxy . ”

Feng Yang and his disciples were green and red with anger . It was clear as day that these Eminent Elders had received some benefits from Wang Na and shifted to her camp .

Huang Xiaolong stepped out, walking all the way to the center of the great hall while shaking his head in annoyance .

“Old witch, I had wanted to let you live a few more days, but now, my heart doesn’t feel comfortable if I don’t kill you . ” Huang Xiaolong said to Wang Na, looking directly at her .

“What insolence! How dare you disrespect Institute Principal Wang Na?! As an Elder of the institute, why are you not kneeling in salute to the Institute Principal!” A Grand Elder pointed a finger at Huang Xiaolong’s face, snapping harshly .

Huang Xiaolong’s gaze darkened hearing this . A streak of lightning shot out from the void and that Grand Elder’s movements stopped, turning into a burnt corpse, standing there stiffly with tiny ribbons of lightning crackling around his body .

The other Grand Elders felt their hearts nearly jump out from their chests, retreating backward in panic .

Wang Na was shocked, but even more confounded, “Huang Xiaolong, you actually dared to kill a Grand Elder in public, usurping authority, you, you . . . !” She turned toward the several Eminent Elders, “Several Eminent Elders please take action and capture this traitor for judgment!”

One of the Eminent Elders slashed his long sword out, the sword tip pointed at Huang Xiaolong, “Huang Xiaolong, you actually dared to kill a Grand Elder right in front of us! Even if your Master gets on his knees and begs for mercy, you won’t be able to escape death!”