Invincible - Chapter 895

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Chapter 895: 895

Huang Xiaolong’s eyelids quivered lightly, then his eyes opened . At the same time, he sunk a strand of divine sense into his body and immediately discovered that his physical body was tempered once again by the heavenly godforce, enhancing his toughness and explosive power .

The shimmering gray fire that resulted from the merging of the four divine fires also doubled in size, and the purity of his different kinds of godforce had significantly increased .

However, the only thing that depressed Huang Xiaolong was his breakthrough . After refining the Heavenly God’s godhead he only advanced to late-Third Order Highgod Realm, there was still a long distance to peak late-Third Order .

If it was any other Third Order Highgod Realm, after refining the same godhead, not to mention breaking through to Fourth Order Highgod Realm, there was a chance they could advance all the way to late-Fourth Order Highgod Realm .

Just breaking into the Fourth Order was already this difficult, one could imagine how arduous the breakthrough to Seventh Order Highgod Realm would be .

The amount of energy that his three supreme godheads needed was really too terrifying .

Huang Xiaolong did not continue with the refinement of the Lightning God corpse and Lightning God’s godhead, and instead exited the Heavenly Mountain . A moment later, he stepped into Shi Xiaofei’s yard to give her some cultivation advice .

In the last few years, Shi Xiaofei’s cultivation had advanced to peak late-Sixth Order God Realm, just a step away from breaking through to Seventh Order God Realm .

After he finished guiding Shi Xiaofei in her cultivation, they sat for a while talking about miscellaneous things . After a period of sweet idleness, Huang Xiaolong left for the main hall where his parents, younger sister, and brother were at . He sat with them for a while, taking out various precious divine pellets, herbs, and sacred grade immortal spirit stones .

Inevitably, there was a dramatic expression on Huang Peng, Su Yan, Huang Min, and Huang Xiaohai’s faces staring at that pile of sacred grade immortal spirit stones .

After a while, the conversation shifted to the wedding arrangements, after which Huang Xiaolong returned to his yard to continue his cultivation .

Back inside the Heavenly Mountain space, Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged in the hall and took out the Lightning God’s corpse, which remained in the previous meditative posture, floating in the air before Huang Xiaolong .

The mysterious divine symbols on the Lightning God’s arms flickered with tiny electric sparks .

Although Huang Xiaolong didn't know how long ago this Lightning God had died, the corpse still brimmed with vitality as if the he revive in the next second .

‘Revive?’ The thought suddenly stuck in Huang Xiaolong’s mind .

His Linglong Treasure Pagoda contained the Ancient Puppetry Art . Wasn’t this Lightning God’s corpse the best material to refine a Lightning God puppet?

A puppet refined from a Heavenly God master’s body, one couldn't begin to imagine how powerful it could be . If he really succeeded in refining it, at the very least, it probably wouldn't lose to the Fortune Gate’s Ancestor or those masters from their Ancestral Uncle’s generation .  

At that time, would he need to be wary of measly forces like the Yelu and Beitang Families?

Just as Huang Xiaolong’s heart began to race with excitement imagining this, a waterfall of icy water doused the fire in his heart when he thought about the cultivation realm of this Lightning God before his death .

Before this Lightning God died, his cultivation realm and strength were certainly many times stronger than what Huang Xiaolong currently possessed . Even if he could wouldn't the corpse into a puppet, it doesn’t mean he would be able to fully control it .

At that time, he himself would suffer a rebound .

 If that rebound resulted in a heavy soul injury, he could instead be killed by the Lightning God puppet .

Huang Xiaolong couldn’t decide for a moment; should he or should he not refine this Lightning God corpse into a puppet?

A while later, he took a deep, slow breath, giving up on his idea of turning it into a puppet . After all, the strength difference between them was too big, which increased the risk of a rebound to a full two hundred percent . There would be no chance of lady luck smiling to him then .

Huang Xiaolong quickly calmed himself down, throwing away all messy thoughts . His three supreme godheads began rotating, dutifully refining the Lightning God corpse and the godhead inside of it .

Immediately, a large amount of blood essence and lightning element heavenly godforce rushed out from the Lightning God corpse, flooding into Huang Xiaolong’s body .

He felt his skin being stretched taut as his body expanded, feeling as if his flesh was going to burst into pieces . This side effect shocked Huang Xiaolong .

The blood essence and heavenly godforce inside this Lightning God corpse were greater than the Heavenly Godhead he received as a reward! And it wasn't a mere one or two levels of difference .

Perhaps three godheads on the same level as the one he received still wouldn't be able to compare to the amount of energy coming from the Lightning God’s corpse .

Huang Xiaolong quickly pulled himself together, focusing on exerting his Archdevil Supreme Godhead’s devouring power, swallowing and refining the vast amount of energy entering his body .

An overwhelming lightning element godforce and blood essence were converted into his own godforce .

In the blink of an eye, half a month went by .

Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation advanced to peak late-Third Order Highgod Realm, close to breaking through to Fourth Order Highgod Realm at any moment .

As his strength rose, Huang Xiaolong’s body was continuously tempered by the heavenly godforce, becoming firmer than ever before . For a second, tiny dragons of lightning flickered on the surface of Huang Xiaolong’s skin .

From afar, he looked like the primal ancestor of all lightning .  

Another ten days passed .

Sitting at the center of the hall, Huang Xiaolong’s body quivered all of a sudden, his three supreme godheads emitting a low but clear hum . Three different lights spread out from the three supreme godheads, lighting up his entire soul sea .

The tiny dragons of lightning around his body roared, moving faster .

Delight rose to Huang Xiaolong’s face as he finally stepped into Fourth Order Highgod Realm!

However, he did not stop, persistently refining blood essence and heavenly godforce .

Several days later, his newly advanced early Fourth Order Highgod Realm foundation consolidated .

Ten more days passed before the Lightning God corpse’s blood essence and heavenly godforce were fully refined and absorbed by Huang Xiaolong, which caused the corpse to turn into ash, scattering in the wind .

The instant he opened his eyes, lightning flashed in their depths . Breathing out through his mouth, sounds akin to rumbling thunder echoed as his breath traveled outside, shattering one hundred thousand li of space .

Even though his cultivation had just entered the early Fourth Order Highgod Realm, multiplying the power of his three supreme godheads with the Godly Xumi Art and physically transforming into a primordial blue divine dragon, Huang Xiaolong believed he could defeat Yelu Chufei .

In a flash, he exited the Heavenly Mountain .

At this time, the Huang Clan Manor was bustling like a beehive from top to bottom .

Every corner of the manor was decorated festively with bright red colors .

Considering the number of guests that would arrive, Huang Peng and Su Yan even had the main hall expanded by several times .

Although there was still more than a month to the wedding day, his parents had everything ready, more or less .

Huang Xiaolong called for Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, Green Dragon Beast King, Ancestor Bifang, and the others, asking them about the current situation in the four galaxies .

Green Dragon Beast King and the others quickly brought Huang Xiaolong up to date with the current situation .

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi hesitated for a moment, “I heard the Azure Dragon Institute Principal Qin Yi had his disciple Ceng Chu order one hundred coffins made from giant redwood as a congratulatory gift for your wedding . ”

A sharp light glinted in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes hearing this, coldly sneering, “Is that so? That’s good, but one hundred coffins are not enough, I hope you can arrange for a few hundred more . ”

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi was stunned, adding, “Also, that Saint Lord Galaxy’s Yelu Family, as well as the North Hall Galaxy’s Beitang Family have gathered both families’ masters and will come on the day of your wedding . Little Huang brat, shouldn’t we try to avoid them or something?”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, “No need . ”

The old dragon was silent for a moment then tried to dissuade, “That Yelu Chufei is a Seventh Order Highgod Realm master . ”

“I know . ” Huang Xiaolong nonchalantly waved his hand .

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi sighed in his heart . Knowing that it would be useless to exhort further, he changed the subject, “There’s one more matter . The several Ancestors who signed a blood contract with you in the past want to see you, they want to terminate the blood contract . They even said they’re willing to return those divine grade spirit stones . What do you want to do?”

Huang Xiaolong’s gaze turned cold, “Are they so certain I’m bound to lose in the hands of Yelu Chufei and the Beitang Family’s Patriarch? They don’t want to be dragged in and die with me, hence they’d rather suffer the recoil from terminating the blood contract, is that right?”

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi acquiesced to Huang Xiaolong words in silence . No doubt, this was their intention . In fact, not only those several Ancestors, even some of the four galaxies’ Patriarchs and Ancestors who initially planned to attend Huang Xiaolong’s wedding decided not to come when they found out that the Yelu and Beitang Families would come to Martial Spirit World on that day .

Although they acknowledged Huang Xiaolong’s strength after he won the first place in the Highgod Advancement Tournament, becoming the center of attention, most people thought it was impossible for him to escape from the Yelu and Beitang Families’ Patriarchs .