Sun Hao looked at the rice paper on the flat table and took a deep breath.

After that, he brushed his pen.

That is, a few breaths of time, a giant dragon appeared on the paper.

The dragon swims among the clouds, with two eyes, fierce and domineering, breathtaking.

From the whole look, the dragon seemed to emerge from the paper, with a long mood.

"Wonderful! It's wonderful!"

Sun Hao looked at the newly completed "Dragon Rising Clouds" and nodded with satisfaction.

This kind of artistic conception, looking at the whole world, no one can compare with himself.

If it were on the earth in the previous life, the price would definitely be high.

In this world, it's just a piece of waste paper.

That's right, Sun Hao is a traverser.

I have been here for twenty years.

Originally, I wanted to obtain the invincible system, and, like other traversers, pretended to be slapped in the face, and walked to the pinnacle of life.


Although he has obtained the system, he is a waste physique.

The body cannot store aura and cannot practice.

As a result, the system taught him piano, chess, books, paintings, poems, wine, flowers, tea, forging, planting, cooking, cloth, porcelain, carpenters, physicians...

All mortal means.

The vast majority have reached the supreme state.

Now, there is only the art of painting, and it's still in the dark.

"Ding, it is detected that the host has drawn a perfect work-"Dragon and the Clouds", painting experience +1000."

"Ding, the painting level has reached the highest level!"

"Ding, reward the host-a set of top wolf pen!"

At this time, three mechanical sounds sounded.

On the desk, a wooden box emerged out of thin air.

When I opened it, it was filled with brushes, from thick to thin, a complete set.

Produced by the system, it must be a boutique.

However, Sun Hao did not pay attention to this.

He let out a long sigh of relief, his eyes gleaming.

"All reached the supreme state, I can practice!"

Sun Hao clenched his fists excitedly.

"Ding, it has been detected that all the skills of the host are perfect, and the teaching of this system is not teachable, so let's leave!


Can't teach?

Doesn't it mean that if all skills reach the supreme state, you will give yourself a supreme physique and start the road to cultivation?

"and many more!"

Sun Hao spoke quickly.


"What about the supreme physique?" Sun Hao asked.

"Wait a minute."

After saying this, a cold air current penetrated into Sun Hao's body.

"Ding, it is detected that the host's luck is not enough to open it!"

"Ding, the supreme physique can only be unlocked by gathering full blessing value!"

After two beeps.

A panel appeared in front of Sun Hao.

【Fu Yuan Value】: 0/100, 0000

[Explanation]: If the blessing value is full, the Hongmeng Dao body can be opened.

Two simple lines made Sun Hao puzzled.

"System, how do you need to collect fortune value?" Sun Hao asked.

no respond.

Mind moved.

The character panel is not opened.

The system is gone!


The mood has been tempered for many years and has improved a lot.

At this moment, Sun Hao couldn't help but burst out a foul language.

Twenty years of hard work, just to gain supreme physique and start cultivation.

Now tell me, the good fortune value is not enough, need to collect?

Do you fool me?

If this is the case, then forget it, there is no collection method yet!

Moreover, the system did not say a word and ran away!

Just ask, who else?

Who else can run into a system that is even worse than this?

"Break the system and send the old boss back!"

"I want to go back to the earth to pretend to be forced!"

"Peat, really ran away!"

Sun Hao kept shouting, and the only response to him was the sound of running water in the mountains.

"Forget it, find out for yourself!"

"It looks like I should go down the mountain."

Sun Hao sighed secretly, his eyes swept indoors.

Pen, ink, paper, inkstone, guqin flute...

His eyes finally fell on a guqin.

This guqin is also a systematic product, and has a simple atmosphere.

"Old man, this time, I can't take you down the mountain."

Sun Hao sat beside the guqin and began to pluck the strings.

Down the mountain.

In a dense forest.

"Damn it!"

A young man glanced at the gap in the long knife and cursed secretly.

There are scars all over the boy's back, like being hurt by sharp claws.

His name is Chen Daoming, a disciple of the Overlord Sect.


The cry of the monster came from behind.

Chen Daoming's scalp exploded, and he rushed forward.

The wound on his back was affected, and a little blood was sprinkled along the way.

Before running far, Li Daoming covered his chest, panting.

A feeling of dizziness came.

"No, never stop!"

Chen Daoming gave a strong breath and continued to run forward.

However, he just lifted his steps and stopped quickly.

Looking ahead, the pupils of his eyes shrank, and there was a burst of chill.

I saw that in front of him, stood a black robe man.

Two sharp gazes came out from the ghost mask, staring at Chen Daoming.

"Jie Jie..."

A weird laugh, like howling a ghost in hell, was creepy.

"Little baby, the game is over!" Under the black mask, a human voice came out.

"Only you?"

Chen Daoming pointed at the black robe man and shouted angrily.

"Ha ha……"

The black-robed man did not respond and took out a flute.

Chen Daoming transferred his physical and spiritual power and placed it on the long sword.


A faint silver light appeared from the long knife.

"Come on, hurt each other!"

Chen Daoming clenched the long knife in both hands and kicked it hard, like a cannonball, and slashed at the black robe man.


The knife hit the ground and exploded a gully.

However, before Chen Daoming, there was a figure of a man in a black robe.


Suddenly, the flute sounded.

Hear this.

Chen Daoming's face changed drastically, he found a direction and ran quickly.


Around the dense forest, there were roars of monsters.


A group of flying birds panicked to the sky.

"not good!"

Chen Daoming was sweating coldly, speeding up a bit.

However, it hasn't gotten far.

A strange man covered in pitch black blocked his way.

The strange man's eyes were dull, and his mouth groaned like a beast.


Behind him, there was also a roar.

"Damn it!"

Chen Daoming squeezed the last bit of spiritual power out of his body and placed it on the long sword.

Afterwards, he kicked the ground with his hind legs and slashed at the strange man like a cannonball.


There was a crow of metal.

The long knife slashed on the strange man's arm, splashing flames, leaving a gap again.

Chen Daoming was shocked with bleeding and pain.

Before he could react, the strange man grabbed it quickly.


The claws were shaped like steel nails, and they were caught on Chen Daoming's chest, with the flesh of the belt, leaving a few blood sticks, dripping with blood.


Chen Daoming flew upside down and hit the ground hard, with blood spraying from his mouth.

One blow, serious injury.


In the blink of an eye, dozens of weird people came quickly.

In an instant, Chen Daoming surrounded him.

Dealing with one is difficult to reach the sky.

Facing a group, there is no way to survive.

"Brother, wake up! Junior sister, wake up!"

Chen Daoming looked at these weird people and shouted loudly.

However, it was useless.

These weird people, like puppets without the mind, turned a deaf ear to Chen Daoming's voice.

"Little Wawa, it's your turn now, do you have a last word?"

At this time, the black robe man came, and the weird automatically dispersed, giving way.

"Last words, you hammer! I want to make the old man a puppet, dream!"

After speaking, Chen Daoming picked up the long knife, pointed it at his neck, and pierced it.

"Kang Dang..."

The long knife fell to the ground.

"Jie Jie..."

The black-robed man looked up to the sky and laughed, "Little baby, want to die? It's not that easy, let's be the puppet of this seat!"

The black-robed man took out his flute and began to play it.

"Damn puppet clan, you are so conscientious, you can't die!" Chen Daoming roared.

"Do not……"

The sound of the flute shook Chen Daoming's soul and fell to the ground, struggling.

The feeling that his soul was torn apart made him almost suffocated.

His soul is like a candle in the gale, extinguishing at any time.


As the flute became more and more rapid, Chen Daoming became more painful.

Seeing, he was about to faint.

At this time, a sound came.


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