Somewhere in the Western Region of Tianluo Continent.

A flying boat passed by quickly.

In the flying boat, Sun Hao and Huang Rumeng were playing the piano.

The piano and the sound are pleasant to the ears.

After a song.

Sun Hao looked at Huang Rumeng as if he saw a monster.

This girl has made great progress.

Has it reached this level in just a few months?

At first, I learned it for half a month before I reached this state.

You know, you are the supreme genius judged by the system, and you can learn everything fast.

The only shortcoming is that you can't practice!

Otherwise, in this world, it is definitely the supreme power!

Pretending to be forced to slap your face and climb to the pinnacle of the world is no problem.

"Master, come on another song?" Huang Rumeng asked.

"it is good!"

Sun Hao nodded.

"My son, what song are we playing this time?" Huang Rumeng asked.


Sun Hao frowned.

When he was about to speak, there was a throbbing in his chest.

An inexplicable panic surged all over the body.

what happened?

Is the heart beating again?

Did he have some strange disease?


As the Supreme Physician, I know clearly that I am not sick.


Two more violent beatings.

This time, it was even more intense, and the heart seemed to jump out of the eyes of his throat, which was extremely uncomfortable.

"My son, what's the matter with you?" Huang Rumeng said.

"Rumeng, give me the Heart Sutra for me, I want to recite the sutra!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

Huang Rumeng's hands were extremely fast, and he took out the Heart Sutra in one go and handed it to Sun Hao.

Without any hesitation, Sun Hao began to read.

"Relic, color is not different from emptiness, and emptiness is not different from color..."

Sentences of scripture that could not be noticed by the naked eye fluttered from his mouth.

After spinning around him a few times, he flew out of the flying boat.

Finally, it sinks into the void and disappears.



Sun Hao's residence, in the sky.

Lie Shang and Mu Bing fought fiercely.


The metal humming sounded constantly.

Layers of air shook out.


Lie Shang roared again and again, and various moves appeared in endlessly.

Every move seemed to destroy the world, but it would be blocked by Mu Bing.

The farther behind, the more aggrieved he became.

As a half immortal, he was hit by a soaring realm.

Now, he has no time to worry about face, all he wants is life!


There was a loud noise.

Lie Shang flew out of his body and slammed into the ground.


After struggling, he vomited a few mouthfuls of blood.


He just looked up, but saw that the sword was already pointing at his throat.

As long as he dares to move around, he will be separated first.

"Let's say, who are you? Why are you here?" Mu Bing's voice was cold.

"I...I am Lie Shang, the son of the demon lord of the Great Demon Mountain-Lieyang Golden Crow!"

"Huang Rumeng killed my father, I want her to die!"

Lie Shang shouted loudly if he was crazy.

"Come on, kill me!"

"If I blinked, I would not be a hero!" Lie Shang roared.

"In that case, as you wish!"

After Mu Bing finished speaking, he picked up the fairy sword, and was about to pierce Lie Shang.

At this time.


A roar came from under the mountain.

The sound was rolling, shaking everywhere.

This sound, like a shock in the soul, caused the five people to stagnate.


Immediately afterwards, rows of explosions came.

The sky is full of dust, soaring to the sky, covering the entire valley.

Even if they stand on the sky and are far enough away, they can sense that the sky is constantly shaking, as if it is breaking.

"what happened?"

They looked at the valley, their faces were full of jealousy.

"Black Qi, evil race!"

Chen Daoming pointed forward and screamed.

With this sound, the pupils of the other four people contracted and their faces changed slightly.

They looked at the direction of the valley without moving their eyes.

"Sure enough, it's an evil race, the son is really nothing!" Luo Liuyan narrowed his eyes, murderously.

"Since the evil race is here, the first task is to resist the evil race and kill them first!"

In Chen Daoming's eyes, a strange glow bloomed, and his fighting spirit rose.

"That's where Master Mingwu lives, let's go and see!"

"Okay, let's go together!"

After speaking, the five quickly flew down the mountain.

After several people were far away, Lie Shang let out a long sigh of relief.

Afterwards, he held his fists and saluted at the venerable Qinglian and others.

"Seniors, goodbye little!"

Seeing Venerable Qinglian didn't speak, he turned into a long rainbow and left quickly.



"Sister Qinglian, it seems that Drought is resurrected! Are we really not taking action?"

"It's not been a drought for half a year! He doesn't even have a one-hundredth of a million strength, and he is resurrected, but he is a rotten flesh body, not worth our hands!" Venerable Qinglian shook his head slightly.

"But, Sister Qinglian, the five of them can't deal with it!"

"There is no way, since the master gave them the test, the master must have arranged it himself, so I will wait and see!" said Venerable Qinglian.



Down the mountain.


The black air surged, layered on top of each other, spreading in all directions.

Luo Liuyan and the five flew over, standing in the distance, looking up at Heiqi, his eyes widened and his scalp numb.

I saw that in the black air, a black giant slowly stood up.

The giant carries a huge chain on his back.

This body, as high as a kilometer, lay in front of them like a huge mountain.

At a glance, people can't produce any resistance.

"This...this is a drought!" Wen Renshi exclaimed.

"What? Drought?"

The faces of several people were full of fear.

This name, they naturally listen to the words.

That is a general of the ancient evil god!

It is said that has the ability to destroy the world.

With one finger, you can snap the planet to pieces.

One breath, can swallow the galaxy.

He made great achievements for the ancient evil god.

Didn't he die long ago?

How would it appear here?

Unexpectedly, he was resurrected again?

Who can be their opponent?

What can I do?

"No, his breath is not strong, just a half immortal!"

"Its body has been decayed after countless years. Now, he should have been resurrected by the evil race!"

"Even so, he is not something we can fight against, what should we do?"

Everyone looked up at the drought, their faces were full of jealousy.

"Sarizi, looks are not different and empty..."

In the black air, strands of golden light bloom from time to time.

A golden buddha with his hands folded and chanting words in his mouth.

The endless golden light radiated from him, fighting against the surrounding black energy.


The golden light penetrated the black fog and penetrated into the dry man's skin, burning bursts of black smoke.


The drought roared.

He stretched out his big hand to cover the sky and peeped down from the sky.

The coercion of terror continues.

The light on the golden Buddha body shrank.



The golden Buddha, which was several tens of meters in height, was held in the palm of his hand by the drought and pinched firmly.

"Hate bald donkey, die!"

After finishing speaking, Han Yan's right hand shook lightly.


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