The avenue that the phantom used dissipated like smoke and dust.

The phantom flew out like a broken kite.

It took a lot of time to hit the ground before struggling to stand up.

The phantom was much dim suddenly.

He looked at the fish hook, his face was full of jealousy and unbelief.


The hook did not stop and continued downward.

Go straight to the three dragon generals.

Seeing this scene, the phantom roared, "Run, run!"


The three dragon generals did not dare to delay for a while and fled frantically.


The fishhooks accompany like a shadow, no matter how fast they are, the fishhooks approach quickly.

"It's over, it's over!"

A dragon numbs his scalp, invokes Dao Power, and quickly blasts towards the fish hook.

However, it was useless.

No matter how big it is, it will dissipate when it hits the hook.

This look is like seeing the ancestors on the road, crawling directly on the ground.

Soon, the fish hook flew in front of the dragon general.

this moment.

Long Jiang's face was horrified and instantly turned into endless surprises.

It looks like seeing a piece of peerless food.

Without any hesitation, the dragon will open its big mouth and bite on the hook.

Just after biting it, the dragon will instantly wake up.

"Do not……"

"Jin Shuai, help, help me!"

The dragon will roar loudly and struggle frantically.

The fish hook seems to be able to imprison his strength.

No matter what he can do, he can't break free.

His body is changing rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Finally, it changes into a rice field eel.

"Do not……"

Finally, the fishhook took the dragon and disappeared.

The only one who remained in the sky was an unwilling cry.

The phantom stood on the spot, clenched his fists, his eyes cracked.

"Jin Shuai, this... this method is not simple."

"Fourth, you are right, this is the fishing avenue, which must be done by the fairy!" Xuying said.

"What? Immortal? There are no other people who practice fishing on the Avenue, except Sen Luo Temple, right?"

"Yes, this time, it must be Senluodian! And, it is likely to be the old man Jiuyou!" Xuying said.

As soon as he said this, Long Jiang's face changed drastically.

"Jin Shuai, how is this possible! Isn't the old man Jiuyou not born tens of thousands of years ago? I must have died early!"

"Nothing is Impossible!"

There was a look of fear on Xu Ying's face.

"You two, get up and flee!" Xuying said.

"Yes, Jin Shuai!"

The two dragons will be transformed into giant dragons, soaring into the air and running fast.


They just moved.

At this time.


The sky and the earth shook, a fish hook flew in with lightning speed, and in an instant, it appeared in front of a giant dragon.

"Do not……"

An unwilling shout rang.

The dragon's body shrank rapidly, followed the hook and disappeared into the sky.


There was a giant dragon trembling, making a haste and fleeing like crazy.

The phantom looked at the sky, full of resentment.

He retracted his gaze, looking at the fourth ancestor of the Mu family not far away, and his killing intent rose.

"He's here again!"

Mu Ao's face changed slightly, and he walked back carefully.

"You all-gotta-die!"

"I want to see, can he save you?"

Xu Ying waved his right hand, killing Dadao, condensed in his hand, and hurriedly flew towards the fourth ancestor of the Mu family.

At this time.


The sky shook.

A fish hook came out of the void, trembling slightly.

The killing avenue condensed by the phantom instantly shattered.


The phantom flew upside down, not knowing how far it flew.

His figure dimmed again.

"Jin Shuai, run away, run away!"

"Do not……"

The fishhook led a giant dragon into the void.

All around, there was only one phantom.

The four dragon generals, the same four brothers, just disappeared before his eyes.

In front of the fishhook, he had no chance at all.

"Elder Jiuyou, I remember you!"

"Next time I meet, I will definitely draw your soul, sink into the Asura Hell, and never exceed my life!"

After speaking, Xu Ying pointed his right hand, and a layer of transparent ripples shook out.

Without thinking about it, he stepped inside and disappeared on the spot.


"Hey, it's a pity!"

"Yes! This fairy dragon is very threatening!"

The fourth ancestor of the Mu family sighed secretly.

"Old man Jiuyou? Old man Jiuyou made the shot just now?"

"Not bad! This time, thanks to Old Man Jiuyou!"

"Great, I didn't expect that there would still be immortals in the Human Race!"

"If you have a chance, you must go to see Elder Jiuyou!"

The four ancestors of the Mu family were smiling.

the other side.

Luo Liuyan and others got together and talked with each other.

"This time, thanks to the son!" Luo Liuyan said.

"Yes, the young man counts that Elder Jiuyou will make a move, so he gave us such a test!"

At this point, Chen Daoming sighed secretly, "Actually, I am a little ashamed. Just now I suspected that the son hadn't counted everything!"

Hearing this, Wen Renshi Lao's face flushed, "Hey, I thought we were dead just now. This is a great disrespect to the son! I have no place to show myself!"

Su Yiling blinked her eyes wide as she listened to these words, looking confused.

The corners of her mouth raised, revealing two shallow dimples, and scratched her head with her hands, "My son, I'm so stupid, I still didn't want to understand how you counted it!"

The most calm is Luo Liuyan and Mu Bing.

The two of them looked calm, looking at the direction of Big Demon Mountain, their mouths raised, "My son, I know you have done everything! We will be fine!"

In the moment when everyone was stunned.


The sky trembled again.

A fish hook got down.

After falling to the disappearing position of the phantom, ripples were formed.

The whole fishhook sank into the void again and disappeared.

Only the fishing line remained in the sky.

"this is?"

Everyone looked at the sky with all doubts.

After a while.


The sky shook transparent ripples again.

The fishing line quickly retracted.

"Do not……"

An unwilling shout rang.

Everyone's pupils shrank and their faces changed dramatically.

That kind of unbelief.

That kind of shock.

Words cannot describe.

I saw that a golden dragon was pulled out from the transparent ripples.

Jinlong struggled frantically and roared.


It can't get rid of that fishing line at all.

The body is shrinking rapidly.

"Old man Jiuyou, you must not die!"

"The Dragon Lord will not let you go!"

After saying these two sentences, Jinlong followed the dragon line and disappeared into the void.

The transparent ripples quickly dissipated, and everything returned to peace.

The scene just now irritated everyone's eyes strongly.

All this is like a dream, extremely unreal.

The fourth ancestor of the Mu family secretly wiped the cold sweat, and it took a long time to calm down.


The air was cold, and his body trembled.

"This...this is so terrible, I even fished out the immortal dragon!"

"What realm has Elder Jiuyou's strength reached? It's amazing!"

"The Human Race is hopeful, the Human Race is hopeful!"

"This is really a blessing. When this happens, I must visit Senluo Temple. Maybe I can meet Old Man Jiuyou!"

The face of the fourth ancestor of the Mu family was full of surprises.

On the other side, Luo Liuyan and others were not much better.

The dignified fairy dragon was caught by a fishing line.

Who would believe it if you didn't see it with your own eyes?

Unexpectedly, this Jiuyou old man was terrifying.

Regardless, this is a good thing for Human Race.

"The old man Jiuyou is so powerful. If he can join the Evil Suppression Alliance and fight the evil race, wouldn't it be much easier?"

"Yes, when this happens, let's send someone to invite Elder Jiuyou!"

"it is good!"


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