Sun Hao took the boat core and looked up and down.

Around the boat core, a layer of radiance is enveloped, repelling the surrounding aura.

Tens of thousands of patterns, densely packed, are carved on the palm-sized boat core.

There is no sense of rigidity in every pattern.

Although it is far less than myself, it is considered qualified.

"It's okay, but you have to work hard!"

Sun Hao returned the boat core to Mo Haoshi.

"Yes, son!"

Mo Haoshi nodded heavily, standing in front of Sun Hao respectfully.

"My son, are you carving today?" Mo Haoshi asked.


Sun Hao raised the corner of his mouth, took out a piece of fairy wood, and handed it to Mo Haoshi.

"I will not carve today, but watch you carve!" Sun Hao said.

"Yes, son!"

Mo Haoshi took the fairy wood, his pupils shrank.

With the fairy wood in his hand, he couldn't even see the rank.

It must be very difficult!

"My son, I'm about to start, what's wrong, please point it out!"

Mo Haoshi took out the carving knife and began to carve.


It sounded.

The carving knife cracked.

Mo Haoshi stood silly on the spot, unable to believe it.


This was created by Xianjin, and it took hundreds of Xianjing.

It was so broken?

Then this fairy wood, isn't it the best fairy wood?


Mo Haoshi took a breath.

The son throws it away, and it is a piece of fine fairy wood.

The son is so rich!

"My son, I...My carving knife is too bad to carve!" Mo Haoshi looked ashamed.

Hearing this, Sun Hao raised the corner of his mouth.

Zhengzhou has no value for luck, just right.

"It's okay, I have!"

Sun Hao took out a set of carving knives and threw them in front of Mo Haoshi.

These carving knives were all made by him.

Although it can't be compared with the one produced by the system, it is much stronger than Mo Haoshi's set.

"This this……"

Mo Haoshi held the carving knife, and his whole body trembled slightly with excitement.

These carving knives do not show the grade at all.

But Mo Haoshi can confirm that the Supreme Immortal Wood can easily carve various shapes in their hands.

"My son, you... Are you sure to give it to me?"

"of course!"

"Thank you son!"

Mo Haoshi is very grateful and grateful.

"Okay, let's start carving!"

"Yes, son!"

Mo Haoshi picked up the carving knife and began to carve.

The whole action, although not a genius, but it is also smooth and flowing.

Every pattern is done in one go.

Two hours later.

"It's done!"

Mo Haoshi held the immortal wooden boat core, his eyes gleaming.

This time, I have grown a lot, and I am afraid it is several times stronger than the previous one.

In addition to the immortal wood contribution, the other is his own carving skills.

Sun Hao looked at the boat core and nodded secretly.

This guy is really not talented.

Unexpectedly, after a few days of absence, it grew to this level.

It seems that I did not practice much.

That perseverance is beyond the reach of ordinary people.

In the future, on the road of carving, I have the opportunity to catch up with myself.

"My son, take a look, how is it?"

"There is progress, but it takes a lot of effort. You see, you have paused a few times here, it seems very stiff!"

"And here, you don't seem to remember it!"


Sun Hao pointed to the boat core, picking it decently.

Mo Haoshi was in a cold sweat when he heard these words.

I thought it was perfect, but I didn't expect it to have so many problems.

The son is amazing!

"Thank you for your advice!" Mo Haoshi said.

"No need!"

Sun Hao looked at Mo Haoshi's appearance and nodded secretly.

He looked at the blessing value panel with a smile on his face.

Now, the value of good fortune has reached more than 60,000.

I believe it will be full in the near future!

"I heard that you can build a flying boat?" Sun Hao asked.

"Yes, son!" Mo Haoshi nodded.

"Will the fairy boat be built?"

"My son, this...this!"

"The principle of building an immortal boat is the same as that of a flying boat, but the materials needed are different!"

"The most important thing about Xianzhou is Zhouhe!"

"As long as there is the Xianzhou nuclear, and then there must be materials that can withstand the power of the Xianzhou nuclear, then there is no problem in building the Xianzhou!" Mo Haoshi said.

Hearing this, Sun Hao nodded secretly.

In that case, as long as Mo Haoshi builds a flying boat, can he build one himself?

At that time, build an immortal boat, and you can follow Rumeng back to Yaozu Mountain.

After being out for so long, Rumeng should be homesick, right?

Who is this apprentice?

Thinking about this, Sun Hao smiled slightly.

"Then can you build one?" Sun Hao said.

"Of course you can! Excuse me, where did you make it?" Mo Haoshi asked.

"Come with me to the backyard!"

"Yes, son!"

Following Sun Hao to the backyard, Mo Haoshi's consciousness swept away, his scalp was numb, cold sweat was flowing.

"That...that's a fairy fruit!"

"What? A piece of enlightened tea tree, so many leaves, how many 100,000 pieces!"

"That's the supreme elixir, is that? Ancestor, it turned out to be a pill of immortality!"

Mo Haoshi's voice was trembling, cold sweat was flowing.

What kind of existence is the son? This kind of peerless treasure appears in pieces?

"I'm afraid that the identity of the son is not the fairy king at all, it is very likely to be the fairy lord!"

"It feels so dreamy!"

Mo Haoshi muttered, shaking his face.

Suddenly, his consciousness swept into a pool, and his scalp exploded.

I saw five dragons lying in the pool, their expressions wilted and motionless.

"What? Dragons?"

"There is still a fairy dragon?"

"Is this a pet raised by the son?"


Mo Haoshi's eyes were full of panic.

It took a long time before he calmed down.

"My son, are you still raising fish?" Mo Haoshi asked.

"You mean those rice eels? They weren't raised, they were caught!"

"Prepared to eat, since you are here today, let's eat one!" Sun Hao said.

The words came out.


Mo Haoshi took a heavy blow and backed away a few steps.

His face was full of panic.

His lips trembled and he murmured for a long time without uttering a word.


Is this for eating?

Son, you want to eat dragon?

Don't scare me, okay?

Although the old man is not afraid of death, he can finally learn by your side.

It's so dead, not worth it!

"My son, when... really want to eat?" Mo Haoshi asked.

"Not bad!"

Sun Hao nodded, "Don't look down on these rice eels! This tastes very good!"

"My son, I..."

Mo Haoshi helplessly shook his head.

Looking at the son, he thought it was a rice field eel, but didn't understand that it was a dragon.

The son is repairing, so he can't break it!

How should this be done?

Could it be that the son is not afraid of the dragon at all?

Or is it that the son is testing his guts?

That being the case, let's fight it!

This dragon meat must be eaten!

Mo Haoshi nodded secretly.

"Okay, let's get started!"

Sun Hao's voice came.

"Yes, son!"

Mo Haoshi took the furnace and put it aside.

After the fire was lighted, he took out a piece of spirit iron, placed it in the furnace, and began forging to remove impurities.

Sun Hao stood by, frowning slightly.


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