Fangjia mine, mine entrance.

"Brother Fang, since you and I are cooperating, I will be responsible for safety matters!"

With a look in Chai Shijin's eyes, nearly ten thousand disciples stood at the entrance of the mine.

"Listen well, even a mosquito can't be put in, can you understand?" Chai Shijin said.

"Yes, Patriarch!"

The disciples clasped fists and saluted.


Fang Xiao's chest was stagnant and his joints exploded.

"Brother Fang, let's go, take me inside to see it!" Chai Shijin hugged Fang Xiao's shoulder and said.

"Brother Chai, it's too dangerous inside, so let's go in!" Fang Xiao said.

"It's okay, only danger requires more people, let's go!"

Regardless of whether Fang Xiao wanted it or not, Chai Shijin took him and walked inside.

Half-immortals, elders, and elite children from other families followed in one after another.

"Damn it!"

Fang Xiaoxiao was unwilling to see this scene.

"All follow me in!"

Fang Xiaoxiao waved his right hand.

Bring a group of elders and family elites to follow closely.

There are also 10,000 of these people, no less than the Chai family.

Entering the mine, a faint light came from the front of the mine.

Just so everyone can see the surroundings.

Along the way, not to mention the danger, not even a monster beast.

Inside the mine, it was extremely quiet.

All I heard was the sound of everyone's footsteps.

"Brother Fang, is this the danger you mentioned?"

Chai Shijin smiled and clung to Fang Xiao's shoulders tightly.

"Impossible, when we came in, we killed a lot of monsters!" Fang Xiao said.

"It turns out that the monster beast was killed by Brother Fang!"

The two voices echoed faintly in the mine.

A few hours later.

Everyone stood there stupidly, looking ahead, unbelievable.

Even Fang Xiao's expression was slightly stunned.

"Oh my god, a lot of immortal gold, all of them are five-spirit immortal gold, sent, sent!"

"Great, so many, at least worth tens of millions of fairy crystals!"

"I don't think it will stop. Now, our Fang family is going to rise!"

Everyone couldn't help walking inside.

I saw that in front of them, there was an extremely huge cave, which was hundreds of square kilometers long, and there were millions of people standing there. There was no problem.

On the ground, colorful light flows constantly.

The five-spirit fairy gold, one by one, was exposed on the surface, blooming with strange brilliance, and strongly attracted everyone's eyes.


Suddenly, a scream sounded.

A man fell to the ground, blood spurting wildly.

A long sword penetrated into the back and pierced out of the chest.

After a few twitches, the man stopped moving.

It was the elders of Mr. Chai who shot, and it was Mrs. Fang who died tragically.

Such a scene directly stunned the Fang family's children.

Did not wait for their response.


Dozens of screams again.

Dozens of Fang family children were beheaded.

"Chai Shijin, what do you want to do?"

Fang Xiao shouted vigorously, broke free, pointed at Chai Shijin, and shouted.

"Hehe, what do you think?"

Chai Shijin showed a nonchalant look.

"It is said that June 4th will be divided, do you want to regret it?" Fang Xiao roared.

"Haha, divided? Only you can believe this! Kill, kill me! One can't let go!"

With a wave of Chai Shijin, more than 20,000 children of the Chai family attacked at the same time.

These children are all elites among the elite, and they can kill the Fang family's children with a wave of hands.

The whole thing looked like a massacre.


Fang Xiao looked up to the sky and laughed, pointing to Chai Shijin, "Zi Shijin, do you think I am not prepared?"

"Since you've killed everything, don't blame the old boss for being cruel, come out, Iron Blood Guard!" Fang Xiao roared.

With this sound.

Many of the Chai family's children looked stagnant, and their faces were full of jealousy.

Even Chai Shijin's face changed slightly at this moment, and he was on guard.


After waiting for a long time, there was no movement.


"I obviously ambushed ten thousand Iron Guards!"

Fang Xiao kept shaking his head, completely unbelieving on his face.

There was a sense of anxiety on his face.

"Ha ha……"

"I thought you had some shocking methods, it turned out to be bluffing."

"It looks like I don't need to keep you!"

After that, Chai Shijin body was like lightning, and instantly appeared in front of Fang Xiao, raising his hand with a blow.

"Wait, don't..."

Fang Xiao's face changed drastically, and he waved his hand quickly.

However, it was too late.

Chai Shijin punched it directly in his heart.


Fang Xiao flew upside down and hit the rock wall hard.

He struggled to get up and pointed to Chai Shijin, " is..."

The words are not finished.


Blood spurts wildly.

After struggling a few times, Fang Xiao fainted!


Fang Xiaoxiao's expression changed drastically, she drew out her long sword, and went straight to Chai Shi.

"Chai Shijin, you old man, die for me!"

Fang Xiaoxiao roared.

"Huh, overwhelming!"

With a light wave of Chai Shijin, an air current struck Fang Xiaoxiao instantly.


Fang Xiaoxiao's shield broke.

She flew upside down and hit the rock wall hard.


After struggling a few times, he couldn't stand up, his head tilted, and he passed out.

All around.


The screams kept ringing.

The children of the Fang family kept falling to the ground.

Soon after.

More than 10,000 children from Fang's family all fell to the ground and died tragically on the spot.

The blood flowed everywhere, slowly deep into the ground, disappearing.


Chai Shijin let out a burst of hearty laughter, like crazy.

"Our Chai family is going to rise!"

"With these immortal golds, Xuanyuan family and Mu family are just a joke!"

"We don't need to nest in Tianluo Continent anymore, we can go to Penglai!"

"Everyone, okay?" Chai Shijin shouted.

"it is good!"

Neatly roaring, the whole cave was buzzing and shaking.

After a long time, everyone calmed down.

"Patriarch, look!"

At this time, there was a sound, attracting everyone's attention.

Following the direction of this person's fingers, Chai Shijin narrowed his eyes and couldn't help but shrink his pupils.

I saw a corpse, pale, as if sucked dry.

There is no trace of blood on the ground.

Such a scene strongly stimulated Chai Shijin's eyeballs, and a wave of anxiety surged into his heart.

"Quit, everyone refunds me!"

Chai Shijin yelled.




A gust of wind passed.

Immediately afterwards, red smoke rose from the ground.

Red smoke is like blood, shielding everything.


A scream sounded from the red smoke.

Even Chai Shijin is no exception.

He hugged his head and screamed bitterly, "Ah..."

The screams lasted for half an instant.

When the screams stopped, the red smoke gradually sank to the ground and disappeared.

What the red smoke took away was not only the screams of the people, but also their bones.

The ground is not stained with dust.

Everything just now looked like a dream.

The only ones left on the ground were the radiant five-spirit fairy gold.


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