In the Southern Territory, thousands of miles south of Baihua Valley, there is a life restricted zone called Youze.

Inside the Youze, it was dim and there was no sunlight.

Dead wood, black mud, corrosion...

The air is filled with methane, and mortals cannot live for a few minutes here.

The middle-level location to the north of Youze.


Suddenly, bubbles surged violently in the black mud.


With a sound, the black mist surged.

The black mud trembled, and the whole ground seemed to be gushing.

A pitch-black claw, like a mountain, drilled out of the black mud, slowly rising.

In the blink of an eye, it lifted several hundred meters.

It looks like an axe chopping a mountain.


On the paws, pieces of black mud fell down and hit the ground.

The black mud vibrated, and the explosion sounded continuously.

The giant claw vibrated vigorously, and the blood-red breath rolled out from the claw, wrapping the entire claw.

The terrifying anger, rushed straight into the sky.

The sky instantly turned blood.

"call out……"

At this time, hundreds of figures arrived quickly.

The headed man was wearing a blood robe, his face was pale, and his two blood-red eyes seemed to be able to see through everything.

He is exactly the warlord of Xue Ye's-Soul Sha.

Behind Soul Sha, hundreds of blood-robed figures followed.

"Congratulations, General, the big thing is done!"

The corner of Soul Sha's mouth raised, and he waved his hand softly, "It's too early to talk about it. I'll wait for the ancestor to resurrect!"

"General, you are too humble!"

"That is, General, you have brought back the ancestor Yinggou in just five hundred years. Let the Lord know that you will definitely remember your great achievements!"

Hearing this, the corner of Soul Sha's mouth raised slightly.

"This is my own contribution. If it weren't for everyone's hard work, it would be impossible to find that there is a **** pulse underneath that can swallow the vitality of the Quartet and be used by the ancestors, which greatly saves time!"

"Moreover, it won't arouse Human Race's alert!" Soul Sha said.

"General, I can't stand up to myself, this is obviously your contribution!"

"Yes, General, your heart is enough to support the world!"

The sound of a crowd of beating horses kept ringing.

The corners of Soul Sha's mouth raised slightly and his face was smug.

He looked at the giant claw several hundred meters high and nodded slightly.


The ground continued to shake, and a huge body slowly sat up.

Immediately afterwards, this body stood up.

Thousand-meter body, straight into the sky.

He shakes the black mud off his body and reveals his original appearance.

The giant wears blood armor, a mask on his face, and two huge horns of a hundred meters above his head, which seem to be able to tear the sky apart.

The terrifying suffocation rushed around like a tsunami.

Behind the horned giant is a giant hook several hundred meters long.

That kind of heavy and irresistible is daunting.

Seeing this scene, the evil spirit's eyes bloomed with strange glow.

They knelt down at the same time.

"Welcome the ancestors return!"

The voice was long and vibrating.

The long-horned giant turned his head, looked at Soul Sha and the others, and sighed heavily.

"The descendants of this seat are so weak that they are so weak!"

"Trash, you don't need to live!"

After finishing speaking, the long-horned giant raised his big foot, stomped down from the sky and stomped heavily.


The air was smashed and the explosion sounded continuously.

See this scene.

The complexion of the men in blood robes changed drastically.

They resorted to various means to flee quickly.

It's just that there is still time.

"Do not!"

The shouts kept ringing.


There was a loud noise, shaking the earth.

A shock wave mixed with mud, centered on the long-horned giant, oscillated in all directions.

"Boom! Boom..."

The bodies of the men in blood robes exploded and burst into blood mist.

The formation of blood lines gathered together and was swallowed by the long-horned giant.

"So thin, too weak!"

The long-horned giant muttered to himself, shaking his head for a while.

I lowered my head and looked, but I saw that the soul fell on the ground, struggling.

"You are not bad, worth living!"

The long-horned giant looked at the ghost eyes and nodded slightly.

"Let's go!" said the long-horned giant.

"Yes, ancestor!" Soul Sha nodded repeatedly.

The long-horned giant stepped forward and walked forward.

However, he has just taken a step.


A sound of the piano spread from the ground.

The sound of the piano is like silk, entwined with the long-horned giant.


There was a loud noise.

The long-horned giant fell headlong in the mire.


His body trembled frantically, like an electric shock, unable to move at all.

"Quickly...break through the underground evil veins, it is sucking my strength!"

Do your best to finish this sentence.

After that, the horned giant continued to tremble crazily.

Every time it trembles, the surrounding mud water can splash up to 100 meters high.

Soul Sha's face changed drastically.

Without even thinking about it, he resorted to various means to madly attack the underground evil veins.

"No, this shame pulse has changed, it has become the supreme blessing pulse!"

"Damn, what kind of sound is this, it sounds so uncomfortable!"

"Who is playing the piano below, **** it, stop!"

"Who did it? Get out of here!"

The Soul Shaman roared and roared again and again, no matter how exhausted it was, it didn't work.

All attacks are like clay cows entering the sea, swallowed by the supreme blessing veins.

"Do not……"

The evil spirit let out an unwilling roar.

After five hundred years of hard work, I went back to the beginning.

Looking at the long-horned giant whose breath is getting weaker and weaker, Soul Sha's face is full of unwillingness.

"I'll help you!"

At this moment, a figure in a blood robe hurriedly appeared in front of Soul Sha.

Looking at this figure, the evil spirit looked shocked, "God evil, did you break through?"

"Yes, with the help of the Lord, I have reached the Demon Realm!"

After finishing speaking, Tian Sha grabbed his right hand, a blood-red breath rushed into the long-horned giant crazily.


The evil spirit roared towards the sky, grabbed the horned giant, soared into the sky, and rushed out.

After a while, they finally walked out of Youze.

Putting down the horned giant, Tiansha secretly wiped a cold sweat.

"Brother Tiansha, thank you!" Soul Sha's face was full of gratitude.

"No, they are all doing things for the Lord, it should be!" Tian Sha said.

"Shall we take the ancestor back now?" asked the ghost.

"it is good!"

When the two walked to the side of the giant horns, they were about to lift him.

"Let go of this seat!"

At this time, a roar shook them back a few steps.

The horned giant sat up, his face full of anger.

He clenched his fists, his joints exploded, "Damn, ninety-nine percent of the strength that this seat has managed to recover has been swallowed!"

"If this continues, it won't last long!"

The long-horned giant swept his eyes on the two Tiansha, "You two, do you know the nearest place, where is the most human race and the strongest cultivation base?"

"Ancestor, the nearest one is Nanfu Xiancheng, where there are millions of people!" Tian Sha said.

"Then you two, let's play some small games with this seat!" said the Long Horn Giant.

Hearing this, Tian Sha's face changed slightly, "Ancestor, no!"


"Ancestor, the human race is guarded by gods and treacherous people, he can do everything, and I will be caught in his trap if I rush forward!" Tian Sha said.

"God and cunning man? Never heard of it! Where did the little bug come from?"

"This seat is just swallowing millions of people, it's not a big deal, let's go!"

After finishing speaking, the long-horned giant stepped forward, step by step towards Nanfu Xiancheng.


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