Heavenly Demon Continent, in a **** hall.

Xueye sat in the main seat, looking at the two bottles of blood in his hand, the spirit glowing.

He looked at Tiansha, who was kneeling on the ground, his eyes motionless.

"God, how did you get these two bottles of blood?" Xue Ye asked.

"Back to the Lord, these two bottles of blood were given to me by the ancestor Yinggou!" Tian Sha said.

"For you?"

As soon as the breath of the **** night was released, the coercion whistled, "As far as I know, the ancestor Yinggou is not easy to get along with!"

"Lord, you are right!"

"When I saw the ancestor Yinggou, he killed all of our men, and only I and the ghost survived!"

"Seeing that our strength is okay, he didn't kill us, he said that waste doesn't need to survive!"

"After that, he took out two bottles of essence and blood and let us keep them, just in case, so that the ancestor Yinggou has the hope of resurrection!"


"However, the Flower Fairy was too terrifying. He used a single trick to kill the ancestor town on the spot. Even the soul is no exception!"

"Even Brother Soul Evil, he died tragically on the spot."

"Fortunately, I hid far enough and used the evil talisman in the first place, so that I was spared!"

"However, the consciousness of the two ancestors is all broken!"

"Master, blame me, please punish me!"

After speaking, Tiansha kept kowtow.

When Xue Ye heard this, he nodded slightly.

"It's really God who helped me, I'm only two drops of my blood before I can do that big thing!"

"Next, it's time to collect the blood of the generals and ancestors!"

Bloody Night muttered to himself, red light flashed in his eyes.

For a long time, he stared at Tiansha.

"Good job! You made a great contribution this time. From today on, you will follow me!" said Xue Ye.

"Thank you, Lord!"

Tiansha bowed to the ground, his face was moved.

"Well, let me do something big with this seat!" said Xue Ye.

"Yes, Lord!"

Tiansha stood up and looked respectful.


Xue Ye waved his right hand, and the air was rippling.

The two figures disappeared instantly.



Tianluo Continent, southwest of the Western Regions, there is an endless desert called Geer Desert.

Although it has entered winter, the Geer Desert is still steaming with heat, and at first glance, there is no half-person figure.

In the depths of the earth, there is another scene.

Dark, cold...

The passages, like a maze, spread everywhere, making people unable to find a way out.

In a huge tomb, a red metal coffin nearly a hundred high lies in the center of the tomb like a mountain.

The coffin is a thousand meters long, and there are countless complicated ancient patterns on it, which makes people dizzy at first sight.

Around the coffin, there are a group of **** Mozu generals.

"Squeaky show Karma..."

Words of incomprehensible spells came out of their mouths.

The red awns fluttered from the palms of their hands, straight into the ancient pattern of the coffin.

On the coffin, the formation pattern glowed with blood-red light, and then gradually disappeared, like a firefly.

At this time.


Two figures appeared out of thin air.

These two people are the **** night and the gods.

Seeing this scene, Tian Sha's eyes widened, with a look of disbelief.

"Master, is this?" Tian Sha asked.

Xue Ye smiled slightly, pretending to be mysterious, "Don't worry, you will know soon!"

After speaking, Xue Ye waved his right hand, took out a stool, and sat on it.

"You can help!" said Xue Ye.

"Yes, Lord!"

Tian Sha retired, sitting in front of the coffin, muttering words.

Streaks of red light flew out of Tiansha's palm and went straight into the coffin.


The metal coffin quivered slightly, and it seemed that some kind of monster was about to break through the ground.

Seeing this scene, Xue Ye nodded secretly, and the corners of his mouth raised a seemingly unsmiling smile.

"If this continues, the general ancestor will be able to resurrect for up to five days!"

"By then, hey..."

A smile, a flash on Zi Xue Ye's face.



"Big slacker, get up!"

Sun Hao was having a sweet dream, a gentle voice tingled in his ears.

When I opened it, I just saw two beautiful eyes staring at me.

Seeing Sun Hao's gaze swept, Huang Rumeng hurriedly retracted his gaze, his face turned red, and stood up, "My son, the sun is basking! Are you okay today?"

Hearing this, Sun Hao patted his forehead, "By the way, there is business today, and I must find a place where no one has to do the experiment!"

Sun Haoteng stood up and quickly dressed.

The strong muscles saw Huang Rumeng's eyes, his face was pink, and he quickly lowered his head.

Wash, eat, sit on the Xianzhou.

All processes are methodical.

Sitting in the immortal boat, Sun Hao looked at Huang Rumeng and asked, "Rumeng, which place in Tianluo Continent has the least people or no one!"

"My son, where there are no people in the Tianluo Continent, that is the five restricted life zones!" Huang Rumeng said.

"Life restricted zone?"

Sun Hao frowned slightly.

This kind of place is too dangerous, it is better to go less.

I often walk by the river, so how can I not wet my shoes?

"Rumeng, except for the restricted area of ​​life? Where are there no people, such as the Western Regions, where are few people?" Sun Hao asked.

"The son, in the words of the Western Regions, in addition to the restricted life zone, there are three dangerous places: Geer Desert, Chiling Void, and Deep Secluded Coast."

"These places, usually no one dares to enter!" Huang Rumeng said.

"So many places, that's OK, experiment one by one! Like a dream, let's go to the Geer Desert first!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

Huang Rumeng nodded, connecting the immortal boat with his mind.

Open space jump.


The immortal boat disappeared into the sky instantly, and when it reappeared, it had already come to the center of the Geer Desert.

Taking back the flying boat, Huang Rumeng led Sun Hao down and stood on the desert.

The heat wave is transpiring, and the wind and sand roar.

It looks like a bleak scene.

"Rumeng, help me see if there is anyone around?" Sun Hao asked.

"Master, wait a minute!"

Huang Rumeng released his spiritual thoughts and swept around.

Within a thousand li, all came to mind.

No figure was found.

This kind of place is extremely barren, not to mention cultivators, even mortals are unwilling to come here.

"Master, within a thousand miles, there is no one!" Huang Rumeng said.

"That's fine, give me that hammer!"

"Okay, son!"

Huang Rumeng took out the hammer from the soul space.

This hammer was produced by the system and was used by Sun Hao to strike iron.

The supreme iron technique, but requires a lot of effort.

Over the years, I have explored a set of hammer methods and named it the sky-cracking hammer method.

The sky-splitting hammer method has a total of 108 hammers. The hammers are superimposed and the power is doubled.

No iron ore can withstand 108 hammers in his own hands.

Generally speaking, it only takes a few hammers to remove the impurities inside.

After so long, no metal has allowed me to swing 10 hammers.

I don't know what the effect would be if I bombed the desert.

Will it tear the earth apart and smash the earth directly?


Sun Hao held the hammer, his expression a little nervous.

Once successful, it means that there is no need to collect blessing values ​​in the future.

If you fail, then you can only collect blessings.

"No matter, come on!"

Sun Hao took a deep breath, clenched his fists, and his entire waist strength, split strength, and hand strength gathered together.


He roared, holding a hammer, aimed at the ground, and smashed it down.


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