"Second...Second brother?"

Qing Jia looked at the golden giant with a daze.

That's right, this golden giant is Qing Chi's second brother-Huo Tun.

Huo Tun looked at the blue eyes and shook his head for a while.

"Hmph, being bullied by a few ants to such an extent, you still have the face to call me second brother!"

"You lose all your face!"

Huo Tun's eyes swept away, staring directly at Flower Fairy.


The shield on Hua Fairy's body cracked.


A mouthful of blood spurted out.

Hua Fairy's face was pale, and she held her chest to support herself not to fall.

It was just a look in the eyes, and he was seriously injured.

Is this the power of the fairy king?

Wherever his eyes came, Dadao resorted to it.

too strong!

"not dead?"

Huo Tun's eyes showed a trace of consternation.

"It's interesting, Little Flower Fairy, can the physical body be so strong?"

"It's not wrong to lose Qing Chi in your hands!"

"Give you a chance, surrender to this seat, you can spare your life!"

The sound of Huo Tun was like thunder, shaking out.

These voices blasted into Hua Fairy's ears, and she was shocked.

"Surrender? Haha..."

"I advise you to escape quickly, otherwise, you will confess your life here!"

There was a cold smile on Hua Fairy's face.

That kind of contempt, without any disguise.

"court death!"

Huo Tun was full of anger, and golden flames rose from his body.

"In that case, you all go to death!"

Huo Tun's eyes shot out a cloud of emptiness.

This group of flames rose into the air and quickly condensed into a golden fire dragon phantom, covering the entire world.

Infinite coercion radiated from the phantom of the fire dragon, whizzing everywhere.


There was a dull loud noise.

The moat formation broke directly into powder and disappeared without a trace.

The coercion spread downward, covering the entire Zhongfu Xiancheng.

this moment.

All the cultivators seemed to be carrying a huge mountain on their backs, and their bodies trembled violently.


One by one, kneeling down involuntarily.

Finally, crawling on the ground, shivering.

"God, fairy...The fairy king is coming, are we going to finish it?"

"No, the gods will save me, let's pray!"

"Haha, although it's dead, dragon meat is really fragrant, I really want to eat it again!"

"That is! That reptile, don't be arrogant! Gods and treacherous people will make you pay the price!"

This kind of sound is heard in Huo Tun's ears from time to time.

"God treacherous man? Make me pay the price?"

"Ha ha……"

"I have never heard of such a name! No matter how big an ant is, it is still an ant."

"You wait for the ants, all go to death!"

The phantom of the fire dragon opened its big mouth and spewed out a flame of nothingness, covering the whole world.

The extreme high temperature seems to be able to melt the world and spill down.

Seeing that, everyone was to be burned on the spot.

At this time.


The void shook layers of ripples, and a fish hook fell from the sky.


The phantom of the fire dragon broke directly into light and shadow and disappeared.

All the coercion disappeared.

At this moment, everyone was free.

They stared at the fish hooks in the sky with all doubts.

"That's a fish hook, what is it for?"

"Could it be that it was thrown by the gods and treacherous men? He saved us?!"

"That's not nonsense, except for the gods and treacherous people, who is capable of such things today!"

Everyone's faces are full of adoration, and they stay for a long time.

"My son, your methods are really unimaginable!"

Flower Fairy looked at the fish hook, smiling.

Afterwards, she retracted her gaze, looked at Huo Tun, and shook her head secretly.

"Let's go, it's enough to have a son here!"

After Hua Fairy finished speaking, he flew out.

Mu Shijie looked dazed, and after nodding, followed Hua Fairy and flew away.

"Want to run?"

Huo Tun was sober from his consternation, and he couldn't help being angry when he saw the two fleeing.

Two golden beams shot out from the center of the eyebrows, and they rushed straight to the two of them.



The fish hook trembled slightly, and the golden light beam disappeared.

Huo Tun's mind trembled, and a tingling pain came from his forehead.

He looked at the fishhook in the sky with a look of jealousy.

"Damn it, what the **** is this?"

Huo Tun looked at Qing Chi and roared loudly.

"Second...Second brother, I...I don't know, it must be the means of the gods and cunning men!" Qing Jia said.

"God treacherous man?"

"Whoever cares about you, let me die!"

Huo Tun roared, and the flames on his body rose, bursting with dazzling light.

At this moment, even the sunlight has lost its color and cannot be compared with it.

These flames, condensed together, to form a kilometer-long golden giant sword.

"call out……"

The golden giant sword swept the air, aimed at the hook, and pierced it.



Like an egg hitting a stone.

The golden giant sword split at the sound, collapsed into countless lights and shadows, and disappeared.


Huo Tun's eyes widened, he couldn't believe it.

For a long time, he never recovered from his consternation.

"This fishhook is weird and can swallow any avenue!"

"In other words, he is the king of the Tao!"

"Since the main road is not good, what can't you do with this flesh body?"

Thinking like this, Huo Tun stretched out his sky-covering fist, aimed at the fish hook, and blasted it over.


The sky and the earth shook, shaking and deafening.

Huo Tun's body flew upside down like a broken kite.

Finally, it fell outside of Zhongfu Xiancheng and exploded a mountain range.


The dull sound, continuous world, for a long time.

Dust rises into the sky, covering everything.


Qing Jia watched this scene, opened his mouth wide, and mumbled for a long time without returning.

"Lian Er...Second brother is defeated?"

"This is impossible, this is a dream!"

Qing Jia kept shaking his head, unwilling to believe the scene before him.

the other side.

Xuan Luo stayed in place, with white beards at the corners of his mouth, shaking slightly.

He looked at the fishhook in the sky, took a step forward, and ran away quickly.


"call out……"

The fish hook suddenly accelerated, descended from the sky, and in an instant, it fell in front of Xuan Luo.

Hyun Lao's scalp exploded, cold sweat.

When he was about to turn around and escape.

His face changed, and his eyes bloomed with strange glow.

The look was like seeing a piece of extreme deliciousness.

Without even thinking about it, he opened his mouth and bit down.


The fish hook quickly flew into the sky with Xuan Lao.

Xuan Lao's body changed rapidly, and after turning into a turtle, he shrank quickly.

"Do not……"

"Dragon Lord, save me, save me!"

The fishhook took him and disappeared into the void.

His voice kept reverberating between heaven and earth for a long time.


Qing Jia looked at this scene, his face changed drastically.

He shrank his neck, his face looked terrified.



There was a loud noise.

The earth is shaking.

Huo Tun flew out of the dust, standing high in the sky.

"Damn, damn!"

"I don't care who you are, you must die today!"

"If you are acquainted, get out of me quickly, otherwise, all these ants will be buried for you!"

Huo Tun's voice vibrated out for a long time.

However, there was no response in the four weeks.

"Okay, very good, in that case, you wait for the ants, go to death!"


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