God's main courtyard, in the forbidden ground.

Sun Hao stopped playing the qin and sat there, letting out a long sigh of relief.

After playing a song "Meditation Song", I felt much more comfortable.

I looked up, but saw everyone sitting cross-legged on the ground, with eyes closed for cultivation.

It was Huang Rumeng who opened his eyes first.

She looked at Sun Hao with a grateful face.

At the same time, a worried look appeared in the middle of his eyebrows.

"Rumeng, do you have something to tell me?"

Sun Hao seemed to see what Huang Rumeng thought, and asked.

"My son, I..."

Huang Rumeng wanted to speak but stopped.

"Rumeng, you and I are so familiar, there is nothing I dare to say!"

Sun Hao pulled Huang Rumeng to his side, and the two sat together.

"My son, I want to bid you farewell!"

After speaking, Huang Rumeng lowered his head, not daring to look at Sun Hao's gaze.

The words came out.

Sun Hao looked startled.

This girl, good, why is she saying goodbye again?

Is she going back to Yaozu Mountain.

She told herself last time, is it now that she has achieved her strength?

"Rumeng, are you going back to Demon Zu Mountain?" Sun Hao asked.

"Yes, son!" Huang Rumeng nodded.

"I'll stay with you!" Sun Hao said.

Upon hearing this, the expression on Huang Rumeng's face changed uncertainly.

Excited, excited, grateful...

Finally, she looked sad, "Master, aren't you going to Penglai mainland?"

"It's okay to go to Penglai Continent later. Anyway, I'm going to sell immortal wine!"

"Presumably there are a lot of strong people above Demon Ancestral Mountain's Ascension Stage, right?" Sun Hao asked.

"Master, there are many, and the overall strength is not weaker than Penglai mainland!" Huang Rumeng said.

"That's great! Anyway, I also go to sell fairy wine, where I sell it is the same!"

"That's how it is decided, we will go back tonight to prepare and go tomorrow, what do you think?" Sun Hao said.

"My son, thank you!"

There was a look of gratitude on Huang Rumeng's face.

She threw into Sun Hao's arms and hugged him tightly.

The two soft **** made Sun Hao's heart rippling.

In some places, they don’t let their orders go straight to the sky.

Violent and brutal, as if to tear the sky apart.

Huang Rumeng felt the strange change in Sun Hao, his face flushed, and he put his head in Sun Hao's arms, not daring to look at Sun Hao's fiery eyes.

"I broke through, I broke through!"

At this time, a cry of exclamation shocked Huang Rumeng, and quickly broke free from Sun Hao's arms.

It was Zhong Lilang who exclaimed.

When he saw Sun Hao's strange eyes, he quickly took back his ecstasy.

He stood up, walked over to Sun Hao, clasped his fists and saluted: "Thank you, son!"

"You're welcome, it's nothing to live with you for so long!"

Having said this, Sun Hao's face gradually became serious, "However, my ability must not be spread, can you understand?"

"My son, don't worry, even if it's dead, it won't be passed on!" Zhong Lilang looked firm.

Hearing this, Sun Hao let out a long sigh of relief.

Now, it's more at ease.

Otherwise, the spread of such a shocking means of oneself would surely attract some peerless powerhouses, but it would be a great disadvantage to oneself.

If it wasn't for being flustered, I wouldn't be able to play music.

Shortly after.

Luo Liuyan and others woke up in turn, walked forward, and saluted Sun Hao in turn.

"Thank you son!"

"You are welcome!" Sun Hao waved his hand slightly.

Luo Liuyan showed an anxious look on his face, "My son, when I have something to do, I will leave first!"

"Are you going back to the Great Demon Mountain?" Sun Hao asked.

Luo Liuyan's expression was stagnant, and then he nodded slightly, "If that's the case, let's go together, anyway!"

"Thank you, son!" Luo Liuyan bowed and saluted.

"Girl Ruoxi, how about you? Are you going to the Great Demon Mountain?" Sun Hao asked.

If Xi Taoist frowned slightly, after a little thought, he nodded slightly, "Well!"

"Then let's go together!"

Sun Hao winked at Huang Rumeng.

Huang Rumeng immediately summoned the immortal boat and flew up with Sun Hao.

In the process of flying towards the sky, Huang Rumeng waved his right hand and rolled up Xuan Luo, the ancestor of the Divine Turtle Clan, and took it into the sky.

Blood wolf, Luo Liuyan and Ruoxi Taoist followed closely and walked into the immortal boat.

"My son, are we going to make a space jump?" Huang Rumeng asked.

"No, it's so close anyway, it won't take long to get there!"

"Let's take advantage of this time to play some poker. What do you think?" Sun Hao asked.


Luo Liuyan and the Taoist Ruoxi said in unison, obviously, they don't know what poker is.

"You'll know when you come with me!"

The four walked into a chess and card room.

"Master, don't you only need three people to play poker? Then I will stand by and watch!" Huang Rumeng said.

"That's not necessary, the four of us play together!"

"There are many ways to play poker. This time, we need two pairs of poker for an upgrade!" Sun Hao said.

"Upgrade? What kind of gameplay is this?" Huang Rumeng's eyes glistened.

"Upgrade is..."

Sun Hao explained the upgrade rules in detail, and after the three girls heard it, their eyes were sharp.

The son actually has such a fun game.

This is simply wonderful, it seems more interesting than Xiu Xian.

"My son, let me be with you!" Huang Rumeng sat opposite Sun Hao first.

"Yes!" Sun Hao nodded.

Then, the four of them started to play with the upgrade, which is simply a joy.

At this moment, they all put their worries behind.



Big Demon Mountain, at the foot of the mountain west of Sun Hao's residence.


The sky suddenly shook layers of ripples, and a teleporting vortex took shape rapidly.

Immediately afterwards, five figures walked out one by one.

These five people are Chen Daoming and others.

"Elder Wen, it's okay, you will be here in the future, these two demons, don't dare to be presumptuous!" Chen Daoming said.

"Leader Chen, I...I'm here this time to bid farewell to the son!"

Wen Renshi clenched his fists, his face full of worry.

"Farewell, Elder Wen, you..."

Seeing Wen Renshi's expression change, Chen Daoming stopped talking, "What's the matter? Can you tell us?"


Wen Renshi sighed heavily.

"Everyone, in fact, I am not from Ziyang Star. I am carrying a sea of ​​blood and deep hatred on my body. It is good for you not to know my identity, otherwise, I'm afraid..."

Speaking of this, Wen Renshi couldn't continue.

"Elder Wen, if that's the case, then you have to cherish the opportunity to be by your side!"

"The stronger you are, the more beneficial it will be for you to avenge your blood!" Chen Daoming said.

"I know the truth, but I have sensed the call of my lover these days!"

"She must be waiting for me somewhere to save!" Wen Renshi said.

Chen Daoming nodded again and again, "So, no wonder you look at the stars every day and sigh!"

"Then why don't you just say it? You can go back!" Chen Daoming said.

"The strength was not enough at that time!"

Wen Renshi looked solemn, tears brewing in his eyes, "The son gave me such good luck, with my current strength, it must be easier to find her!"

Speaking of this, Wen Renshi's face slid two lines of tears, "It's been two thousand years, don't you know how are you?"

"Elder Wen, then you have to take care!" Chen Daoming patted Wen Renshi's shoulder and said.

"Elder Wen, take care!"

Several people stepped forward and began to comfort them.


In the sky, layers of ripples suddenly appeared.

"Look at it, that is the young master Xianzhou, let's go up together!"

"it is good!"


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