"Disciple, you've got the hang of it!"

Luo Liuyan nodded secretly, her expression complimenting.

"Master, compared with you, I am far behind! The second meaning of the son is easily understood by you!" Su Yiling said.

"I also thought about it a bit more, otherwise, I almost didn't complete the Lord's test, then it would be a big trouble! Human race will be at stake too!" Luo Liuyan said.

Su Yiling nodded and let out a long sigh of relief, "In that case, the young man would have attacked the human race even if the evil race has long been there?"

"That's just enough!" Luo Liuyan said.


Su Yiling was cold, and in her eyes, she admired and admired, "How strong is the son?"

"I'm afraid it is far above Taoist Ruoxi!" Luo Liuyan said.

At this point, the two women gasped, and their faces were full of awe.

"Okay, let's send this stone tower to the son!"

"it is good!"

The two women are preparing to move.

At this time.

"it's here!"


Immediately afterwards, one after another Changhong, flew quickly.

In the blink of an eye, they surrounded Luo Liuyan and the two girls!

"I want to run when I get the inheritance? How can there be such a good thing?"

"If you don't want to die, hand over all the space rings on your body!"

"Hey, what is in her hand? A stone tower, I want this thing!"

The faces of these cultivators are full of greed.

"Master, what should I do?" Su Yiling asked.

"The son, how can you let this villain take away, even if it is dead, you must protect it!"

After speaking, Luo Liu smoked his breath, his eyes swept around.

"Don't be afraid of death, just come!"

The sound resounded through the sky, and made people's ears roar.

Many cultivators showed fear on their faces.

"No, she is Luo Liuyan, the lord of Yaochi Palace!"

"What? She? How could she be so strong?"

"Look at her aura, at least it is in the Void Hollow Realm, what should we do?"

Many cultivators showed fear and retreat.

"What a big tone!"

The sound is like thunder, coming from afar.

Then, a fat middle-aged man hurriedly arrived.

He fell in front of Luo Liuyan's two women.

The appearance of this person immediately caused an exclamation around him.

"What? It's him... him!"

"What is he?"

"He is the old monster of Tianming, the sect of the Tianming Sect. A hundred years ago, he was an expert in the Mahayana realm. Now I don't know what realm he has reached!"

"What? Heavenly Ming Sect! That is the sixth-class sect, ranking in the top ten in the Western Regions!"

"Now, Luo Liuyan and the others can't honestly offer the treasure!"

Hearing these voices, the corners of Old Monster Tianming's mouth raised slightly, full of arrogance.

Su Yiling's face changed drastically, and she whispered: "Master, you run away first, my queen!"

Luo Liuyan smiled slightly, "There is a master, don't be afraid!"

Afterwards, she walked to the old monster Tianming and clasped her fists slightly, "Senior Tianming, this stone tower is an expert who asked me to come and get it, please give me some face!"


The old monster Tianming frowned slightly, his thoughts turned sharply, "Since I am an expert, then this seat should **** you!"

"The expert is doing repairs, so please excuse me, Senior Tian Ming, please forgive me, don't make us embarrassed!"

"Otherwise, it is not easy for you to cultivate yourself, and it is really not good to be damaged by this!" Luo Liuyan said.

The words came out.

All the onlookers were stunned.


Having said so much, it turns out that there is something in the words.

She is threatening old monster Tianming, she doesn't want to live anymore?


The old monster Tianming looked up to the sky and laughed.

After laughing, he swept his eyes coldly and stared directly at Luo Liuyan, "Little baby, I want to drink away from the old man and dream in a few words!"

After speaking, the old monster Tian Ming suddenly violent.

As if he was running into thunder, he appeared in front of Luo Liuyan in the blink of an eye.

Pointing at her shoulder, a palm blasted out.


The air wave shook out.

Luo Liuyan kicked her body straight back.


After steadying his figure, he spit out a mouthful of blood.

Obviously, the injury was serious.

"I thought you were a master! It turned out to be just a little doll in the void!"

"Hand over all the space rings on your body and the stone tower, I will spare you my life!"

The old monster Tianming stood in the sky, his breath shook out.


Su Yiling ran forward and held Luo Liuyan.

"I'm fine!"

Luo Liuyan waved her hand and stood firm.

In her body, a bitter breath agitated.

"Good words to persuade, but don't know how to advance or retreat!"

"In that case, go to death!"

After speaking, Luo Liuyan waved his right hand and put it down gently.

The whole action, like drinking tea, is natural.


The world shook.

Countless spiritual energy rushed out.

A huge transparent palm is condensed into the sky.

This palm covers the world.

Infinite power and turbulence.

The faces of the cultivators below changed dramatically.

"This...this is?"

Boss Tianming, his scalp exploded.

He hurried and ran wildly.

"Since you insist on taking things from the son, go to death!"

The cold voice came from the sky.

Covering the sky with big hands, fell quickly.

"This... how is this possible?"

The old monster Tianming used all his methods, several spiritual weapons, thrown out at once, blocking his head.


There was an explosion.

The spirit weapon was made like shredded paper, bursting into pieces.

"Do not……"

Old Monster Tian Ming let out an unwilling roar.

Immediately after.


The scream stopped abruptly.

Old Monster Tianming's body shattered and exploded into blood mist.


The big hands slowly dissipated.

A group of cultivators stood stupidly.

The look of consternation was beyond description.

After a while.


The sound of air-conditioning was pumping, one after another.

"Dead...dead? Old monster Tianming just died like this?"

"Palace Master Yaochi killed the old monster Tianming? Fake it!"

"Dreaming must be dreaming!"

Even Su Yiling was standing in place at the moment, her mouth opened into an O shape, and she did not react for a long time.

When did Master become so powerful?

Why don't you know?

Su Yiling stepped forward, "Master, what is your trick? Where did you learn it?"

"Called the Hand of Great Love! My name!"

"This is what I realized when I drank enlightenment tea that day and saw the movements of the son!" Luo Liuyan said.


Su Yiling looked admiring, "Master, you are really amazing! You can understand this kind of magical skill!"

"Hey, talent is limited, and only possesses the power of the son!" Luo Liuyan said.

"The son is too strong!"

A strange glow flashed on Su Yiling's face.

"Okay, don't froze, let's go find the son first!"


The two women stood forward, and the cultivators evaded one after another, their faces were full of fear.


The two women turned into Changhong and left quickly.

Not long after the two disappeared.


Two transparent phantoms slowly condense into shape.

No one could notice the crowd of cultivators nearby.

"There is such a genius. If I swallow her, isn't her cultivation base mine?"

"Fen Zhao, come here less, there must be a strong one by her side!"

"What if there is? The fairy can't find us! Can I still be afraid of her? I will go!


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