"This...this is what you forced me!"

"I promise you!"

Lie Shang's voice shook the entire cave, buzzing.

With this sound.


The world trembled, time stood still, and space solidified.

A figure slowly condenses and takes shape.

This figure looked like a giant ape, covered with green hair up and down, and looked very crippled.

The cold, gloomy breath radiated from the green-haired monster.

The body trembles violently, and the whole body is cold.

"This this……"

Jiutian Shenluan's voice was trembling, and his face changed again and again.

The color of fear is written all over the face.


Huang Rumeng's lips trembled, standing still, murmured for a long time without uttering a word.

The whole body was shaking involuntarily.

That kind of ice-to-the-bone chill flooded all over the body.

The others, they were creeping on the ground, shivering.

Even Huang Youli is no exception.

"This kind of terrifying coercion, this is too terrible, it...what is it?"

"Could it be that you are also a strong immortal emperor?"

Huang Youli muttered to herself, her face full of horror.

The green-haired monster ignored everyone, but went straight to Lie Shang.

"Have you thought about it?" the green-haired monster asked.

"Can you not think about it? Otherwise, I will die!"

"Don't worry, I will promise your terms!" Lie Shang nodded.

"it is good!"

The green-haired monster stretched out his finger and spotted it on Lie Shang in an instant.


A black whirlpool formed on Lie Shang.


As the vortex disappeared, only Lie Shang screamed echoes that remained in place.


The green-haired monster glanced away.

The icy breath rushed over everyone.

Everyone trembled physically and despaired.

"Nine Heavens God Luan?"

The green-haired monster stared at Yingyou, with a hint of surprise in his eyes.

"Unexpectedly, you are so weak!" The green-haired monster vomited.

"Hey, is the tragedy going to happen again?"

You Ying's eyes penetrated into the distance, revealing the color of thinking.

Next second.

She flew out uncontrollably, and landed in front of the green-haired monster.

"Advise you to let me go, otherwise, you will die here!" Yingyou said.

"Does it depend on that **** and cunning man?"

"He is just..."

The words did not fall.


A sound of the piano spilled from the sky, surging throughout the cave.


The coercion that imprisoned everyone broke at the voice.


The green-haired monster retreated two steps, his pupils contracted and his face was panicked.

"Impossible, how can you be so strong?"

In the voice, it was full of unbelief.


The sound of the piano is layered on top of each other, constantly pouring in.

The colorful light pouring down like the Milky Way, flooding the entire cave.

Everyone is surrounded by colorful light.

At this moment, the infinite celestial power flooded everyone's body.

Yingyou turned into a human form, closed her eyes, quietly absorbing the colorful light, and the corners of her mouth rose.

The skin folds on her body disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The skin changes rapidly, it is supple and shiny, and it looks like a twenty-year-old girl with youthful breath.

the other side.

Huang Rumeng closed his eyes and quietly attracted these colorful lights.

On her brows, the seal of the road was looming.

"No, I don't want to be an ordinary fairy king!"

"Only by becoming stronger can you be worthy of the son!"


Huang Rumeng gave a soft sigh and began to merge the two avenues together.

Her brow furrowed tightly, and there was a look of pain on her face.

However, she did not give up.

Unlike Huang Rumeng, everyone else has a refreshing look.

"This...I recovered so soon?"

Huang Youli sat on the spot blankly, staring at the colorful light around him that was as strong as fog, and for a while, staying on the spot.

"Which senior is he who is so powerful!"

"This peerless opportunity must not be missed!"

After speaking, Huang Youli closed her eyes and continued to absorb.

Everyone's face is full of ease.


The green-haired monster fell to the ground and kept screaming.

It struggled crazily and yelled angrily, but it was useless.

It can't stand up at all.

The colorful rays of light around him burned on him like destruction.

Its breath is getting weaker and weaker.

The whole body was scarred, and it was terrible.

"Damn, you have grown to this point!"

"See you next time, I will take your life!"

The green-haired monster stretched out his claws and pressed it forward.


Around his claws, there were layers of ripples.

As soon as he saw, the green-haired monster was about to disappear.

At this time.


The sound of the piano rushed like a storm.

All the ripples in front of the green-haired monster disappeared.

Then disappeared along with the green-haired monster's arm.


It stared at its arm blankly, forgetting the pain for a while.

After a while.


The screams screamed and shattered the sky.

The green-haired monster fell to the ground, convulsing frantically.

When the piano sound stops, the colorful light disappears.

The green-haired monster was so angry and motionless.

That expression, like a random blow, could kill its life.


Yingyou opened his eyes first.

Her eyes lit up and her face was filled with joy.

She looked up at the sky with a grateful face.

"Master, I didn't expect that you have grown so much at once, which is great!"

"My strength has recovered a lot, and it is enough to deal with it!"

Yingyou looked at the green-haired monster, killing intently.


At this time, Huang Rumeng also woke up.

On her face, there was an uncontrollable surprise.

This time, listening to the song of the son, the two avenues have been merged!

Although he hasn't become an immortal king, the ordinary immortal king is by no means his opponent.

Only by becoming stronger can you be worthy of the son!

"Madam, you have merged the two avenues!" Yingyou's face was full of joy.

"Yes, all this is given by the son!"

Huang Rumeng looked at the sky above his eyes, with a grateful face.

The two walked up to the green-haired monster, with killing intent on their bodies without any disguise.

"Jie Jie..."

Seeing the two approaching, the green-haired monster recovered a trace of strength and let out a sneer.

"Go ahead, do you have a last word?" Yingyou said.

"Last words? Haha..."

The green-haired monster laughed, creepy.

"Don't be proud of you, you won't end well!"

"When my master wakes up, it will be the time when your soul is gone!"

"Your gods and treacherous men are just food raised by your master!"

"When he grows up, the master will wake up!"


The green-haired monster looked up to the sky and laughed.

On the body, dazzling green lights lit up.


There was an explosion.

The green-haired monster burst open.

The terrifying power is about to sweep through the cave.


Yingyou waved her right hand, and the shock wave of the explosion was controlled within two meters by her, without hurting others.

"Senior, does this monster still have a master?"


Yingyou sighed heavily, her face full of solemnity.


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