Pulling out a small cabbage, Huang Youli held it in her hand and looked at it for a while.

She stared blankly, feeling that all this was like a dream.

"Mother, please hurry up, the son is going to bake it!"

Huang Rumeng's voice awakened several people.

Everyone looked at each other, and there was an embarrassed smile on their faces.

"Meng'er, you usually have to eat one of these, right?"

Huang Youli uses divine consciousness to transmit sound.

"One plant? Where is enough! You have to eat hundreds of plants every day!" Huang Rumeng said.

The words came out.


Huang Youli's heart beat violently as if being hit hard.

Eat hundreds of plants every day?


"Mother, don't make a fuss. In the eyes of the son, these are just side dishes, so you can grow them if you want to grow them!" Huang Rumeng said.

"Mother knows, but mother can't help being excited!"

Huang Youli let out a few breaths, unable to calm down for a long time.

"Hurry up, wash the vegetables together!"

"it is good!"

Shortly after.

Everyone washed the dishes and served them to the table.

Looking at Sun Hao, he couldn't help but stared, his eyes blooming with strange glow.

I see.

Sun Hao set up the stove and grilled the eagles.

The golden skin strongly attracts everyone's attention.

When the meat is grilled on a charcoal fire, the oil will burst into four bursts, bursting into the nasal cavity with a burst of scorched aroma, which makes the mouth full.

Taste buds that have been covered in dust for countless years are active at this moment.

Just seeing and smelling made everyone move their index fingers, swallowing saliva.

Sun Hao smiled slightly when he saw the crowd.

"Don't worry, it will be done soon."

Sun Hao took a brush, dipped it with the nectar from Hua Xianzi, and evenly applied it to the body of the vulture.

As it turned, everyone was surprised to find that none of these nectar had ever dripped onto the charcoal fire.

As time passed, the golden eagle's golden appearance was enveloped in nectar, giving off a crystal luster.

The extreme smell of meat, bursts into the nose.


Everyone swallowed their saliva from time to time, and looked wistfully.

"Okay, the roast chicken is ready!"

Sun Hao put the eagle on a large plate, then shredded the meat and put it in the plate.

Pour the secret sauce, coat it evenly, and stir for a while.

Shortly after.

Stir-fried cabbage, vinegar potato shreds...

A full table was placed in front of everyone.

When Sun Hao sat down, everyone sat down one by one.

"Don't froze, it's cold, hurry up and eat!"

Under the leadership of Sun Hao, Huang Youli picked up a piece of vulture meat with an excited expression.

"The perfect combination of undead medicine and animal meat?"

Huang Youli stared at the piece of meat on the chopsticks in a daze.

The flesh of the vulture is golden in appearance, and it makes people secrete saliva.

With one bite, the burnt fragrant and crispy, the meat is firm, and the mouth is elastic.

It is sweet in salty, sour in sweet, spicy in sour...

All kinds of complex tastes come from the tongue.

Every taste is just right, not much, not a lot.

It is so delicious that it is beyond description.

Swallowed into the abdomen, a surging celestial power turned into a warm current, rushing all over the body.

The whole person is immersed in an indescribable comfort.

Huang Youli closed her eyes and felt it quietly.

After absorbing Xianli, she unceremoniously picked up a piece of carrot.

the other side.

Hu Liena picked up a piece of vulture meat, excited.

"Mythical beast meat is just the son's food!"

"I, Hu Liena, still have a day to eat magical animal meat and undead magical medicine!"

"Even the horror behind the Dragon Race, I'm afraid it is far incomparable, right?"

Hu Liena murmured to herself, the eagle meat accidentally slipped from the chopsticks, and it took a lot of time to pick it up again.

After one bite, after chewing, the mouth is full of fragrance.

"too delicious!"

Hu Liena's eyes bloomed with strange glow, a color of enjoyment.


Suddenly, there was a shock.

In the center of the eyebrows, one seems to have no mark condensed and formed.

"I...I am going to condense the Dao Yin?"

"Eat a piece of meat, and you will soon become a fairy king? God!"

Hu Liena was completely stunned.

She looked at Sun Hao, with a look of admiration, gratitude, and mystery constantly intertwined on her face.

a long time.

She calmed down and continued to eat vegetables.

Beside her.

Hu Luociao's eyes widened, shocked.

"I...I actually reached the peak of the Heavenly Wonderland?"

"Just eating a bite of meat is so powerful?"

"My son, what kind of existence are you? What kind of effect do you cook?"

Hu Luociao looked excited, and for a while, it was impossible to calm down.

Everyone was shocked.

Looking at Sun Hao's eyes, he was full of admiration and gratitude.

The expressions on everyone's faces were clearly captured by Sun Hao.

The corners of Sun Hao's mouth raised slightly, his face showing a trace of arrogance.

From time to time, his eyes swept over Huang Youli's body, and he nodded secretly.

It seemed that Aunt Huang was very satisfied.

That's enough!

After a meal.

Everyone feels a round stomach, a look of satisfaction.

Sun Hao looked at everyone and opened the Fu Yuan value panel.

"Just right, let's collect a wave of good luck!"

Sun Hao thought to himself, turning his gaze on Huang Rumeng.

"Rumeng, how about we play a song for everyone?" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!" Huang Rumeng nodded.

Hear what Sun Hao said.

Huang Youli was startled, her eyes filled with excitement.

This time the son said he would play for everyone.

There must be that kind of effect, right?

Not long ago, in Golden Crow City, I had heard the song of Gongzidan.

She is very clear about the effect.

It was just one song, and all his injuries recovered and he became the fairy king.

just now.

Just after eating a meal, he broke through to the fifth grade immortal king.

If you say this, I'm afraid to scare a group of bosses to death.

Even if it is the ruler of Thunder Tribulation, if he learns of the methods of the son, he will kneel in front of the son in fear!

"My son is worthy of such existence?"

"Isn't the son really a god?"

Thinking of this, Huang Youli's body trembled.

For a million years, I have never heard of a god.

Even the horror behind the dragon clan seems to be the Supreme Immortal Emperor.

"If the son is not a god, but with such a horrible method, the immortal emperor may not be able to do it!"

"The son must be a god!"

Huang Youli thought secretly, looking at Huang Rumeng.

But seeing the two look at each other, they flirted with each other.

At this time, an idea formed in Huang Youli's heart.

"Since the son is interested in Meng'er, then I want to create a chance for them!"

Huang Youli thought secretly, staring at the top of Divine Phoenix Mountain.

There is a fairy spring.

If the two of them go there together, something pleasant will happen!

Thinking about this, Huang Youli nodded secretly.


At this moment, the piano sounded.

Huang Youli's inner thoughts shattered instantly.


A stream of extremely rich colorful light quickly enveloped Huang Youli.

this moment.

She closed her eyes and began to absorb the colorful light.


With the piano sound.

The endless colorful light envelops everyone present.

Everyone closed their eyes and absorbed it quietly.

In their eyebrows, Dao Yin is quickly gathering.


The sound of the piano became more and more rapid, and the colorful light became more and more intense.

These colorful rays of light, like flowing clouds, slowly gush out.

Wrap the entire Shenhuang Mountain.


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