"call out……"

The tentacles on Hengcao's body quickly became longer by waving at home.

In an instant, he wrapped the blood wolf and tied it into zongzi.


The blood wolf struggled frantically and kept attacking.

However, it has no effect.

The golden light on the blood wolf's body became increasingly dim.


It sounded.

In the center of Hengcai's body, a crack that grew up to several kilometers opened.

It looks like a super big mouth.

Inside the big mouth, chaos and darkness, like an abyss, can swallow everything.

A glance makes a headache.

"call out……"

The sound burst into the air.

Countless black silk fluttered out of the big mouth, and quickly wrapped around the blood wolf. In an instant, it wrapped the blood wolf.

Pull it and send it into the gap.

At this time.

"call out……"

A sound of breaking through the air came quickly.

A beam of flame slashed on the black silk in an instant.

"call out……"

The black wire is broken.

The blood wolf rolled down and fell to the ground.


Hengcao's body shook a layer of air, which spread out in a spherical shape.

One black giant eye, covering the whole body.


The giant black eyes moved in unison, all staring at Huang Rumeng, locking her down.


Strange calls sounded.

That voice seemed to be laughing freely.

"Little baby, you actually have the blood of the Divine Phoenix, not bad, not bad!"

"Hey, you still have a life divine body, is this the rhythm you want to send?"


"God really loves this seat too much, this kind of luck is absolutely against the sky!"

Hengcai's body was shaking violently, and the whole world was shaking with it.

Huang Rumeng was struggling frantically, but unable to move even though his strength was exhausted.

Those eyes have the power of terrifying imprisonment.

Don't talk about yourself, even Xianzun can't break free.


Huang Rumeng's gaze swept through Hengcai's body, watching Huang Youli and the others in it, tears falling down.

Hengcai's body, Huang Youli and the others, were filled with black tubes, and these tubes were frantically devouring their power.

Over time, several people became weaker and weaker.

"Little baby, come on! Become our food!"

The words fell silent.

Hengcai split a big mouth, and countless black threads entangled quickly.

the other side.

Sun Hao looked at this scene, his body trembled.

He took the scriptures and read them quickly.

"The relic, the emptiness is full of color..."

Sentences of Scripture fluttered out of his mouth.

Such as the sky full of king butterflies shrouded the world.

These scriptures were quickly stacked and intertwined, quickly stacking a golden giant Buddha.

However, there is no time.

The black thread wrapped around Huang Rumeng, wrapped her up, and quickly dragged it into the giant mouth.

Seeing it, he has to pull it into his mouth.



A beast roar, shaking the earth.

All the black threads are cracked layer by layer.

In Heng Mi Ju's eyes, black blood was all over it, slowly flowing down.

The power of imprisonment disappeared.

Huang Rumeng retreated quickly, away from the disaster.

In her eyes, there was a deep look of horror.

Looking up, his pupils contracted and his face changed drastically.

I see.

on the other side.

A giant beast with a dragon head and a tiger body is roaring towards the sky.

Around it, the space around it bursts from time to time, creating a turbulent flow of space, tearing the world apart.

"Splitting the ancients?"

Huang Rumeng's scalp exploded, cold sweat.

An ancient fierce beast could no longer deal with it.

The two ancient fierce beasts were even weaker.


"Unexpectedly, you are not dead yet in Rikong Gu!"

The sound of misfortune roared, causing the air to roar constantly.


Lei Konggu let out a roar, the vertical eye in his eyebrows, emitting golden light from time to time.

"You are not dead, how can this seat die!"

"This seat is born to deny you, die!"

After speaking, Rikong Gu hurriedly ran into the misfortune.

The sharp corner of his head directly smashed the space.

With endless space turbulence and fragments, it hit the disaster.


The earth is shaking.

The loud noise continued, making people's ears roar.

The golden light rushed straight into the sky.

The earth trembled violently, sinking in chunks.

The terrifying power, earth-shaking, has not been calm for a long time.

a long time.

The dust dissipated and recovered all around.

I see.

Hengcao sank directly on his body.

Countless tentacles and giant eyes were torn into dust in the turbulence of space.

It seems that he was seriously injured.



A loud sound resounded from the accident.

Its disappearing tentacles and giant eyes grew rapidly.

In less than a moment, it returned to its original state.

"call out……"

Thousands of tentacles entangled Rikonggu in an instant.

Let it struggle, and it won't work.

"Damn, damn!"

"How could you be your opponent!"

Crack Konggu roared, his voice getting weaker and weaker.


"If it hadn't been for those little dolls to suppress you once, it would be impossible for you to escape!"

"You have been sealed by the Great Array for so long, it is not easy to live!"

"However, don't worry, they have been swallowed by this seat!"

"I helped you get revenge, then dedicate your body to this seat!"

"Don't worry, when this seat swallows you, you will continue your mission and mess up the world!"

Speaking of this, countless human-shaped mouths grow out of Hengcai.

Every mouth has bursts of weird smiles, which is creepy.

"Fart! This seat is an ancient blessed beast! It is your talent to mess with this world!" Crack Kong Gu shouted.

"It doesn't matter, it's all the same!"

"call out……"

Hengcao dragged the cracking hole and quickly sent it into the body.

Seeing, it will be swallowed.

At this time.

"Naughty animal!"

It blew up.

Hengcai's tentacles stand up.

In those huge eyes, there was a color of horror.

"call out……"

The huge eyes swept toward the source of the sound, and his rounded body began to tremble violently.

"Why... is it you?"

The misfortune gaze penetrated the giant Buddha's body and stared at Sun Hao.

That kind of horror and unbelief were all over his face.

"My lord, yes... I'm sorry, I will leave immediately!"

Hengcao's tentacles immediately retracted, turning into a return ball, and quickly rolled into the distance.

However, it was too late.

I saw that the golden giant Buddha stood horizontally in the sky, all over his body, emitting strands of golden light, spreading all over the world.


A big hand covering the sky, pressing down from the sky.

Under the big hand, golden light poured down, shrouded in misfortune.

Suffering his body was immediately set in place.


When the golden light hits, Hengcao's body is bursting with black smoke, which is rapidly cracking.


Hengcai made waves of strange screams, as if suffering extreme torture.

"Spare, spare..."

He was full of misfortune, and he made waves of begging for mercy.

Above the huge eyes, there was panic and despair.

It kept struggling, as if to break free from the golden light.

However, it was useless.

With all the means available, it cannot break free.


The big hand that covered the sky hurriedly arrived, and immediately pressed Hengcai on his body.


Hengcao's tentacles and giant eyes collapsed piece by piece, exploded into powder, and disappeared without a trace.

Cover the sky with a big hand, hold it in your hand at once.


A scream and scream, shaking the world.


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