"Meng'er, in that case, we are wrong to suppress the cracking of Konggu?"

A look of shame on Huang Youli's face showed Yue Lu's shame.

"Not bad!"

Huang Rumeng nodded, "Split Konggu is suppressing the misfortune, and we suppressed the misfortune, just helping the misfortune!"

"If it weren't for the son, I'm afraid you today..."

At this point, Huang Rumeng's expression was sad.

"Hey, I didn't expect that we were all wrong!"

"However, I am still a little puzzled, why does it want to create spatial turbulence?"

Having said this, Huang Youli asked, looking at the Rift Space Gu lying in front of Sun Hao in the distance.

The words just fell silent.

"That was not made by this seat, it was a mess!"

"When this seat fought with it, it swallowed up a lot of the power of this seat, released it into the sky and created chaos to confuse you!"

Two roars rang in their ears.

Upon hearing this, Huang Youli's face changed slightly.

"Senior, so to speak, when Beiluocheng, it was caused by accident?" Huang Rumeng asked.

"Don't call me seniors, I'm only 1 million years old and very young!"

"You call me Xiaogu, the same as the master!"

"You are right, those in Beiluocheng were also caused by accidents!" said Li Konggu.

Hearing this, Huang Rumeng nodded slightly, suddenly enlightened, "That's it!"

All this makes sense.

"It turns out that it's all like this, Senior, I'm really sorry!" Huang Youli apologized.

"No need!"

"This seat did not expect that the souls of so many ancient powerhouses were sealed in Hengcai's body!"

Likong Gu murmured, said in his eyes.

"Ancient strong soul?"

The two were puzzled.

"Those strong people, in the ancient times, were all famous for moving the Three Realms. Unexpectedly, their souls were sealed in the body of Hengcai!" said Li Konggu.

"Senior, isn't it that Rift Konggu swallowed it?" Huang Youli asked.

"Swallow? Haha..."

"It's just broken, and I don't have the ability yet!"

"It seems that those who have such means are by no means simple!"

"This world is going to change drastically again!"

Cracking the sky murmured, in the voice, full of worry.

Huang Youli frowned slightly when she heard this.

There was a look of remembrance in his eyes, as if he had returned to ten thousand years ago.

"You Li, I'm leaving!"

"Our child has been sealed by me. She will not be born until 10,000 years later. During this time, I will work hard for you!"

"Remember, after the baby is born, you must find someone to marry!"

"Don't pay too much attention to our children!"

"In this way, there will be less cause and effect between our children and us!"

"The world is going to change drastically, distorting the universe, it's her!"

"You Li, I'm sorry!"

"I'm gone, you have to live well!"

"You must be strong!"


The lines of sound, like a heavy hammer, hit Huang Youli's chest hard.

Tears fell unconsciously.

"Mother, what's wrong with you?"

Huang Rumeng's face changed slightly, and she lightly held Huang Youli's hands.

"Meng'er, it's okay!"

"Mother just thought of some things, and that's all gone!"

Huang Youli wiped away her tears and showed a smile on her face.

"Let's go, the son has been waiting for a long time!" Huang Youli said.

"Mother, don't worry!"

Huang Rumeng grabbed Huang Youli and said.

"You still have something?"

"of course!"

Huang Rumeng nodded, "Mother, since the crisis of the Demon Ancestor Mountain has been resolved, you continue to be the position of the Demon Emperor!"

After speaking, Huang Rumeng waved his right hand and prepared to take out the demon seal.

The next second, she couldn't help but stared, her face was full of unbelief.


"Hey, the demon seal is gone!"

"what happened?"

Huang Rumeng searched the soul space many times, but no trace of the demon seal was found.

When Huang Youli heard this, a panic flashed on her face.

Soon, she returned to her normal look.

"If you don't see it, you won't see it! It's the same whether there is a Demon Seal!"

"Mother promise you, I will continue to be the Demon Emperor, let's go!" Huang Youli said.

"Mother, you are so kind to me!"

Huang Rumeng jumped up happily, and plunged into Huang Youli's arms.

After embracing, Huang Rumeng turned into a haste and rushed towards Sun Hao.

Huang Youli looked at Huang Rumeng's back, her face full of solemnity.


After that, she sighed heavily, "Meng'er, mother hopes to have a happy life!"

"The next thing, leave it to my mother!"

Huang Youli turned around and looked back at the giant hole not far away. After that, she withdrew her gaze, followed Hu Liena and others, and walked towards Sun Hao.


Huang Rumeng ran over quickly, with a bright smile on his face, and plunged into Sun Hao's arms.

"Rumeng, what is so happy?" Sun Hao asked.

"My son, I don't need to be the Demon Emperor. I can travel the world with you, wherever I want to go?" Huang Rumeng said.

Hearing this, Sun Hao nodded secretly, "Okay, then we will travel the world!"

Sun Hao stroked Huang Rumeng's blonde hair like a waterfall, feeling the intoxicating fragrance, squinting his eyes, closing his eyes to enjoy.

When everyone gathered around, the two separated.

"Thank you son!"

The six people bowed and saluted together.

"You don't have to be polite!" Sun Hao said.

"My son, our Demon Ancestor Mountain owes you too much!" Huang Youli said.

"Aunt Huang, don't say that!"

"Say what you owe or not!"

"Since Rumeng is not the Demon Emperor, then we will leave first."

"Please accept this little thing!"

After speaking, Sun Hao waved his right hand and took out all the fruit wine and sent it to Huang Youli.

Looking at these fairy brews, Huang Youli's expression changed drastically, and she waved her hands again and again, "Gong, this... how can this be!"

"Aunt Huang, this is nothing, we can brew it anytime!"

"Maybe useful to you!"

After speaking, Sun Hao summoned out the immortal boat.

Huang Rumeng took Sun Hao and quickly ascended into the air.

Behind the two of them, Li Konggu and Blood Wolf followed closely.


The light flashed, and the immortal boat shook layer after layer and disappeared.

Hu Luoxian looked at the sky and mumbled for a long time without uttering a word.

He looked down with a sad expression, "Actually, where am I qualified to follow the son!"

"It's okay, it's not bad to practice harder!"

Hu Luochan patted him on the shoulder, "Help Aunt Huang take care of the Yaozu Mountain, and I will see the son often in the future!"

"Well, I will!" Hu Luoxian nodded heavily.

Huang Youli looked at the clear sky, "As soon as the son comes, the crisis of Yaozu Mountain is resolved!"

"Let's go, let's go back on the immortal boat, and now we can open the space to jump!" Huang Youli said.

"it is good!"

Summon Xianzhou, several people walked inside one by one.


The world trembled, and the fairy boat disappeared in place.

After everyone left, a figure slowly gathered and formed.

This person is Yingyou.

She looked at the sky with an extremely solemn expression on her face.

"Master, the old leave without saying goodbye, and please forgive me!"

"There are some things that must be done, and I cannot stay with you in the future!"

"You have to take care!"

Yingyou looked at the direction of Big Demon Mountain and bowed deeply.

After a long time, he straightened up.

"call out……"

Yingyou turned into a stream of light and left quickly.

Not long after Yingyou left.


In the deep hole on the ground, ray of red light lit up.

It is the demon seal that emits red light.


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