"Boom! Boom..."

The evil monarch hit the ground back and forth, smashing a human-shaped pothole.


He struggled to get up, spouting blood.

He looked at Chen Daoming with a tragic smile.

"Being cultivated by a person at the Nascent Soul Stage, forced to such a degree, even if you die, you will still be proud of the world!"

"Come out, black puppet!"

Xiejun waved his right hand, and a teleportation vortex appeared in front of him.

A black puppet with blood red eyes came out of the whirlpool.

A piece of black armor is attached to his whole body, in other words, this black armor grows on his body.

The metallic luster exudes, it looks like a humanoid mecha, indestructible.

"Black puppet, stop him!"

Xiejun's right hand pointed at Chen Daoming and shouted.

After this sound.


There was a sound of bone rubbing.

The black puppet's head rotates in a circle.


Two blood-red rays, breathtaking, stared directly at Chen Daoming.

"Boom! Boom..."

The black puppet stepped on the ground and shook dust everywhere, and went straight to Chen Daoming.

"Huh, come on, hurt each other!"

Chen Daoming gave a cold snort, and the long knife in his hand was erratic.

A series of invisible sword auras gathered in front of him quickly.

Chen Daoming and the black puppet are fighting together.




Various symphony sounds continue to sound.

The black puppet's body, like a King Kong, cannot be destroyed.

The sword qi slashed on him, leaving only splash marks, and even the skin could not be broken.


In the center of the battle, explosions continued to sound.

The ground was torn apart from time to time, and the dust skyrocketed.

Under the black mist, the cultivator could not even capture their figure.

On each face, all that was left was the color of horror.

Master Liu Ruo hid in the corner, constantly wiping the cold sweat from his head.

"This... is this still an attack from a Nascent Soul Realm cultivator? I'm afraid that the God Transforming Consummation Realm is not too much!"

"It's terrible. Fortunately, I am far away. Otherwise, I will peel off my skin if I die!"

Master Liu Duo muttered to himself, folded his hands together, and kept praying.



There was an explosion.

Chen Daoming and the black puppet's body flew upside down at the same time.

At the corner of Chen Daoming's mouth, blood spilled.

He looked at the black puppet, and his fighting spirit rose.


Chen Daoming's eyes were gleaming, and he took out half of the hatchet from the space ring without any rush.

This thing came out.

The evil monarch looked stunned.



Or is it half broken?

"Boy, is it possible that you want to use a hatchet to deal with this black puppet?" Xie Jun sneered.

Chen Daoming didn't answer, he looked at the black puppet, and the corner of his mouth raised, "Next, the game is over!"

"Huh, the game is over? You are the one who ended!"

"Black puppet, stop him, I want to refine him into a human puppet!"

The evil monarch shouted loudly.


The black puppet rushed towards Chen Daoming again.

"Ha ha……"

Chen Daoming smiled coldly, and gently waved the hatchet in his hand.


The sky changes color.

All the light disappeared at this moment.

In the endless black mist, a white light flashed.

The white light looks very ordinary, without any abnormalities.


It sounded.

Space fracture.

Everyone, restore the light at this moment.

Seeing the scene before them, everyone was stunned.

The black fog all around has evaporated.

Only Chen Daoming stood there in front of everyone.

In front of Chen Daoming, the black puppet stood motionless.


The black puppet's body slowly split apart.

With the center of the eyebrow as the center, it becomes two halves and falls to the ground.

One move, the black puppet is dead.

"This is impossible, absolutely impossible!"

The evil monarch kept shaking his head, unwilling to believe the scene before him.

He knows how strong the black puppet is.

Even if it was a middle-grade spirit weapon, it couldn't hurt his body.

Not to mention the cultivators of the Nascent Soul Realm, even those in the Divine Realm, or even the strong in the Void Void Realm, can't destroy the black puppet for a while.

Your strongest puppet, just died here?

Do not!

An unwilling shout rang.

"This kid must die!"

"Must die to me!"

Xiejun's eyes were blood red, and his teeth clenched as he watched Chen Daoming.

"In that case, I will summon all the puppets to see how you cope!"

Xiejun sneered, his face changed greatly when he was preparing to move.

He sensed that his puppet was dying fast.

"How could this be? This is impossible!"

Xiejun kept shaking his head.

Every puppet is invulnerable.

How could there be a group of cultivators who can kill puppets in this small Jiangyang city? This is unreasonable!

Could it be that the news that he was about to attack Jiangyang City was leaked, and the people in the Shang Cangyuan were being killed?

Never possible!

Xiejun looked bitter and kept shaking his head.

Panic appeared on the half-human face.

Looking up, he saw Chen Daoming had already stood in front of him and grabbed the jade bottle.

He picked up half a hatchet and pointed at him, "How can you take the son's things, let's say, do you have a last word?"

"You want to kill me?" Xiejun smiled coldly.

"It looks like you have finished saying your last words, then go to death!"

After speaking, Chen Daoming picked up the hatchet, pointed it at Xiejun, and slashed it.


The world shook.

The clear sky is dim again.

Time freezes, space is still.

A white glow slowly fell from the sky, and slashed at the evil monarch.

Seeing this scene, Xiejun's scalp exploded.

Endless chill, flooded all over the body.

"Save me, Blood Fiend!"

After exhausting all his strength, the evil gentleman yelled this sentence.

At this time.


The world has changed.

Storms are everywhere.

Infinite vitality, born out of nothingness.

In the blink of an eye, the entire playing field was enveloped.


There was a tremor.

Baimang chopped onto the blood mist, causing ripples.

Pieces of blood mist burned into black smoke.

However, the blood mist rushed forward and confronted Baimang.

At last.

The white awns dispersed, and the blood mist was as thick as red paint, scarlet and terrible.

The blood mist quickly condensed and turned into a man.

He is the blood evil spirit.


Blood evil spirits surged all over his body.

Anyone who touches it is like sinking into hell, and the whole body trembles.

"It's really useless, it's really shameful to be injured like this by a baby in the Nascent Soul Realm!" said Xue Sha.

"Brother Sha, this kid is not easy!"

"You have to be careful of the hatchet in his hand!" Xiejun said.


Xue Sha smiled slightly and fixed his eyes on Chen Daoming.

With this stare, like a **** stare, Chen Daoming's back was chilly.

He looked at Xue Sha, his face full of solemnity.

"What to do? The two strikes just now are the limit!"

"Unexpectedly, this blood demon could easily block me with a knife!"

"This is trouble."

Chen Daoming's mind turned sharply, and he didn't think of a way to fight against the blood evil.


Xue Sha waved his right hand and Chen Daoming trembled uncontrollably with the hatchet in his hand.


Finally, the hatchet flew upside down like a cannonball and fell into the hands of the blood evil spirit.


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