Sun Hao is in the room.

"Well, drink tea, we will play together later." Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

Huang Rumeng nodded, with a smile on his face.

She is about to sit down.

At this time, his face changed drastically.

"Damn evil race, how dare you come to the city to wreak havoc and seek death!"

Huang Rumeng is preparing to move.

She quickly withdrew her expression, her face showed a trace of jealousy.

"No, not only the evil race, but also the blood demon race!"

"There is even an aura that is much stronger than me. If I rashly shoot, I'm afraid it will attract the attention of that person!"

"At that time, I will definitely be invincible! The young man must take action. If so, the young man's moral heart will definitely be damaged!"

"This is absolutely not possible! Hey, I can only save the son and keep him out of trouble!"

After some thinking, Huang Rumeng made a decision.

With a wave of her right hand, an invisible wave of air envelops the room, and outside sounds are completely blocked.

"Rumeng, I seemed to hear a scream just now, did you hear it?" Sun Hao asked.


Huang Rumeng pretended to be calm, listening with upright ears, and then shook his head, "Is there any? Son!"

Sun Hao listened carefully for a while, and then smiled slightly, "It seems that I heard it wrong, come, have tea, after drinking this cup, we will play the piano!"

"Okay, son!"



"It's over, it's over!"

Ning Mingzhi slumped on the ground, his entire face filled with despair.

Around him, lantern-like eyes were staring at him.

Throughout the eighth floor, the screams were continuous, quickly and suddenly stopped.

Presumably the son, also died in the hands of the monster.

Now, only myself is left.

"If I could practice, how could I ever fall into this field? I'm not reconciled!"

Ning Mingzhi hugged his head with his hands, and curled up into a ball.

Next second.

He will be torn into pieces by these monsters.

Then, being eaten by them, the adult monster has a pile of feces.


A roar.

All the monsters moved at once and rushed towards him.


Ning Mingzhi let out a scream.

Seeing that, the monster was about to pounce on Ning Mingzhi.

At this time.


A piano sound came.

All the monsters looked stagnant, and their eyes were red and dim.


The surrounding black mist evaporated.


A monster woke up and rushed towards the direction of the sound of the piano.

The other monsters roared and followed.


The piano sound continued.

Every sound wave rushed towards the monster.


The monster roared and struggled frantically, but it was difficult to make progress.

As the piano sounds become more and more rapid.

The puppet gradually calmed down.

They all fell to the ground.

Their bodies, like boiling water and melting snow, quickly melt into a pool of pus, flowing on the ground.

Ning Mingzhi's body trembled lightly and screamed loudly.

After waiting for a long time, there was no pain of body tearing.

He tried to open his eyes and saw the scene before him, completely blankly.

"Dead, the monsters are all dead?"

"Could it be these piano sounds?"

Ning Mingming took the courage and went around in the Yuejun Inn.

He found that apart from pus and stench, the ground was a tragic corpse.

Finally, Ning Mingzhi stood outside Sun Hao's room, his eyes gleaming.

"This is the son's room, it's intact, it looks like the son is fine!"

"Using the sound of the piano to extinguish the monsters and disperse the black mist, this strength is extremely powerful!"

"It seems that the son is not a mortal at all, but a master who practices the piano!"

"No sooner or later, save me when I am most dangerous, the grace of the son is wise and unforgettable!"

Ning Mingzhi muttered to himself, standing outside Sun Hao's room, trying to knock on the door, but was afraid of interruption.

"Forget it, thank you for coming next time!"

Ning Mingzhi walked back to his room and let out a long sigh of relief.

He opened the window and looked inside Jiangyang City, his pupils constricted.

I saw that Jiangyang City was completely shrouded in black mist.

There was an invisible air wave shrouded in the Yuejun Inn where I was staying. Within two meters, the black mist could not get close.

"The son is controlling the sound of the piano, not spreading out!"

"This strength must be a peerless expert!"

"Young Master, why should you give me a copy of "Praying Buddha"?"

Thinking this way, Ning Mingzhi opened the picture scroll and began to look at it.



The playing field.

Chen Daoming stared at his right hand blankly, staring at the same place.

"Jie Jie..."

At this time, a strange laugh came.

A dark shadow, erratic.

Finally, it turned into a man.

This man, half a skull face, half a human face, looked terrifying.

He is the evil monarch.

He took the jade bottle, opened the cap, and laughed when he saw the contents.


"Sure enough, Rank Nine Profound Spirit Pill, good thing, good thing!"

"This kind of thing should be enjoyed by this seat!"

After the evil monarch finished speaking, he laughed again.

"No, he is from the human puppet clan!"

"What? Human puppet clan? Isn't he a member of the evil clan?"

"God, the evil race is here, run away, help!"

After a moment of stunner, the repairers were in chaos in the audience.

Many people squeezed the crowd and ran out.

the other side.

Lord Liu Ruo looked at the evil monarch, with a fat body, trembling slightly.

On his face, there is full of jealousy.


Master Liu Duo took the courage and shouted.


Dozens of golden guards around him moved together.

The golden light flew from the golden armor guard, forming a golden shield, covering the whole body of Liu Ruo.

Afterwards, the Jin Jiawei guarded Liu Ruozhu and slowly backed away, with no intention of fighting at all.

Regarding these, the evil monarch did not care at all.

In his eyes, there is only the best spirit pill.

Chen Daoming looked at Xiejun, his joints creaked.

"You can grab your son's things, die!"

After speaking, Chen Daoming slowly withdrew his long sword.


The knife sounded.

The air shook.

The air wave shook out.

The whole space is like solidification.

Infinite sword intent, like a tsunami, followed Chen Daoming's movements and quickly rushed towards the evil monarch.

this moment.

The evil monarch felt like a giant mountain was pressing down, breathing hard.

He capped the jade bottle and looked at Chen Daoming, with a hint of surprise in his eyes, "Sword Intent, a boy of Yuan Ying Realm who knows how to sword intent?"

"God helps me too, you body, I want it!"

Xiejun licked his lips, as if looking at a treasure.


At this moment, Chen Daoming completely pulled out the long knife in his hand.

An invisible knife quickly condenses into shape.

Aiming at the evil monarch, he slashed over.

It is silent, but it contains infinite power.

"What? Sword Intent Transformed!"

"He... he actually got to this level, what a monster! This is a bit troublesome!"

The face of Xiejun was full of solemnity.

Use all kinds of protection methods quickly.


The invisible sword came quickly.

Slashed to the evil monarch at once.

Obviously, the sound was very slight, but it shook the practitioners around, his ears were tingling, and the seven orifices were bleeding.

Even if the shield on Master Liu Ruo's body was constantly shaking, it would burst open at any time.


The evil monarch is like a broken kite, flying upside down, raining blood in the sky.


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