Outside the Great Demon Mountain.

Two women, standing on a mountain peak.

They looked into the distance, their faces full of caution.

One of them looks sweet, looks vague and void, and does not eat fireworks.

She is the saint of Yaochi Palace-Su Yiling.

"Senior Sister, are we really going to the Great Demon Mountain?"

Beside Su Yiling, a woman wearing blue gauze spoke.

"Xiao Ruo."

Su Yiling looked at the blue yarn woman, "Master's Dao heart is damaged, you go back and stay by your side! Just leave it to me about the medicine collection!"

"Senior Sister, Master is guarded by other junior sisters, I don't need me!"

"Since I want to enter the Great Demon Mountain, I naturally can't stand by, and one more person has one more effort!" said the blue yarn woman.

"Xiao Ruo, the Big Demon Mountain is extremely dangerous, you follow me in, I'm afraid it will hurt me!"

The dimples on Su Yiling's face disappeared, becoming majestic.

"Sister, I..."

"Don't hurry up and stand by the master, so I can feel at ease!"

"Yes, Senior Sister!"

After speaking, the blue yarn woman set up a long sword and left quickly.

After the blue yarn woman left, Su Yiling turned into a wisp of smoke, and for an instant, she sank into the Great Demon Mountain.


The blue yarn woman went back and forth, watching the direction Su Yiling disappeared, "Senior Sister, want to leave me behind?"

After speaking, the blue yarn woman flew to the Great Demon Mountain.



Time flies, and one day is in the blink of an eye.

Thousands of miles away from the Great Demon Mountain Range, Chen Daoming flew with his sword, a touch of joy on his face.

In front of him is his sect-Tyrant Sword Sect.

The Overlord Sect belongs to the ninth-class sect, and in the Tianluo Continent, it is the last sect.

The Zongmen population, including Zongzun, is more than a hundred people, which can be described as a bleak depression.

However, this is only temporary.

Having obtained such good fortune, his strength is not weaker than the sovereign.

When I return this time, I will definitely shine, and I will impress Master.


After landing, Chen Daoming walked to the gate.

He stroked a handful of silver hair, with a long knife resting on his shoulders, domineering.

"No, why is no one guarding the gate?"

Chen Daoming raised his eyebrows and walked into the door.

Inside the sect, gray mist shrouded all directions, making it impossible to distinguish the direction.

"not good!"

Chen Daoming retreated two steps violently and drew himself into hiding.


He was where he was, exploding a piece of dust.

A big knife lay firmly on the ground.

Then, a figure rushed over quickly.

"Haha, the response is very fast!"

A man appeared.

The corners of his mouth are crooked, and it looks a bit evil.

"Mu Ku, is it you?"

Chen Daoming's face showed a little surprise.

"Jie Jie..."

The man looked up to the sky and smiled, holding a big knife in his hand, pointing at Chen Daoming, "It turns out that this little guy with a body is called Miao Ku, a good name!"

Hearing this, Chen Daoming's scalp numb, "Puppet?"

"Little guy, I have some knowledge, but what about that? You will also become this puppet!"

After speaking, the man rushed towards Chen Daoming.


The sword hummed, and the air wave shook out.

Seeing this scene, Chen Daoming let out a cold snort, not retreating but advancing.

The knife flashed.


It sounded.

The man was split in half and died tragically on the spot.

Then Chen Daoming ran forward.

Whenever you see a human puppet, no matter what identity it was before, the sword will drop with the hand and the head will roll.

After becoming a puppet, he has lost his original consciousness and has no possibility of recovery.

Before long, dozens of disciples were slaughtered by him.

All around.

The gray fog became thicker and thicker, and a faint rancid smell floated in the air.

Crisis is everywhere.

Chen Daoming looked solemn.

"Jie Jie..."

A strange laugh came.

Then, a black shadow floated in front of Chen Daoming.

Chen Daoming picked up the long knife, pointed it at the shadow, and slashed it away.


It sounded.

A long slit was cut in the ground.

The black shadow was standing there, unharmed.

"Interesting, so interesting."

"A little baby has reached the Golden Core Realm!"

"Unexpectedly, my evil seal still has such luck!"

"This flesh body, I want it."

After the black shadow finished speaking, he appeared in front of Chen Daoming in an instant, raised his palm, and gently pressed it on his chest.


Chen Daoming flew upside down like a broken kite.


There was a loud noise.

Chen Daoming fell heavily to the ground and made a humiliated face.


Endless pain flooded all over the body.

The Golden Core Realm, seemingly very strong, is nothing in front of real masters.

"Damn it!"

Chen Daoming cursed secretly and struggled to stand up.

Holding the long knife in both hands, pointing at the shadow, "Monster, come on, hurt each other!"

"Jie Jie..."

The black shadow burst into laughter, "This seat is reluctant to hurt you! Your physical body will belong to this seat from today."


Chen Daoming rushed over again, aimed at the shadow, and slashed it down.


The sword slashed through the shadow, but did not leave him any harm.

Instead, the shadow patted lightly, and Chen Daoming's body seemed to be cracking.

There was endless pain on his body.

The long knife was trembling slightly in his hand.

"It hurts, isn't it?"

"Uncomfortable, right?"

"That's right, this is the palm of the **** of transformation, specifically dealing with souls!"

"A few more palms, your soul will be wiped out!"

The black shadow said without any hurry, it looked like he had eaten everything.


No matter how hard Chen Daoming worked, he couldn't hurt the shadow at all.

And he, panting, his face pale, he was on the verge of collapse.

"You...who are you?" Chen Daoming asked.

"It looks like you didn't listen to this seat attentively, this seat is evil!"

"Now that you know the name of this seat, then you can go to die too!"

After speaking, the shadow rushed towards Chen Daoming.

"Xie Feng, I won't let you go when I die!"

Seeing the evil seal rushing, Chen Daoming's face was full of unwillingness.

I just got a shocking chance, but I didn't expect to die in only two days.

Not resigned!

Master Tongtian, son, you wait for Daen to report again in the next life!

He closed his eyes, quietly thinking about the moment he had tea with Sun Hao yesterday.

"Since Brother Li is leaving, I don't want to stay. With this, I can avoid wind and rain."

When Chen Daoming thought of this sentence, he raised his eyebrows, as if thinking of something.

"Avoid the wind, evil seal?"

"It turns out that the son gave me a hat and a suit to avoid this evil seal!"

"My son, I understand!"

One thought ends here.

Chen Daoming took out the hat and fur clothes of the space ring and put them on.

Seeing Chen Daoming in despair, he once again revealed vitality.

Xie Feng's expression stagnated, when he saw the hat and the clothes.

A joking smile appeared.

"Little guy, do you want to deal with this seat with a hat and a dress?" Xie Feng said.

"Hehe, ignorant guy!"

Chen Daoming sneered coldly.

"Little guy, since you want to die like this, this seat will fulfill you!"

After speaking, Xie Feng's body was filled with black energy.

The palm of the **** of transformation quickly blasted towards Chen Dao.


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