Over the Yaochi Palace, a flying boat floats in the sky.

On the flying boat, a blue-clothed woman held a jade slip in the hands of a letter and checked it carefully.

On the jade slip, it was written: The rumors of Jiangyang City are true, there is a sea of ​​blood, and the evil spirits were killed by the Buddha.

Seeing this news, the blue-clothed woman nodded slightly, "Elysium is really born? Then this matter is easy to understand!"

The woman in blue is no one else, she is Mu Bing, a student of the Cangyuan Academy.

There was no sadness or joy on her face, as if nothing in the whole world could make waves in her.

"In this way, the gods and treacherous men are indeed imaginary!"

"Liu Yan, I don't know what realm the expert you mentioned has reached? Can he catch my palm?"

"However, you really surprised me a little bit, you have reached the Void Realm!"

Mu Bing muttered to himself, drifting slowly from the sky, "Follow me!"


Hundreds of men and women wearing blue clothes and holding long swords followed Mu Bing and flew down.

The whole look, like a fairy descending to the earth, handsome to the sky.

After a while.

They fell on the square of Yaochi Palace.

"Friend Mu, coming here, really makes the Palace of Yaochi alive!"

At this time, Luo Liuyan brought all the disciples forward, holding his fists and saluting.

When she saw Luo Liuyan, Mu Bing's pupils contracted slightly.

"How come you have reached the Mahayana Consummation Realm?"

Mu Bing murmured, his mind turned sharply.

She remembered that when Luo Liuyan left the Shang Cangyuan, he was in the Yuan Ying realm.

At that time, he had already reached the perfection.

After so many years, I have only reached the initial stage of the Tribulation, although in recent years, I have been suppressing the state.

But overall, progress has been quite slow.

And she actually reached the Mahayana Consummation Realm, and she was only one step away from catching up with herself.

You know, although he and Luo Liuyan are good friends, they are geniuses of the Supreme Court, and Luo Liuyan is just a trash disciple.

Mu Bing said lightly, "Why? Not welcome?"


Luo Liuyan laughed, "Friend Mu, you still don't eat the fireworks like this! What you practice is kendo, not ruthless Dao!"

"What does that matter?" Mu Bing nodded.

"Friend Mu, please inside! Let's have tea and chat!" Luo Liuyan said.

"You don't have to drink tea. I am looking for you this time because I have something to ask you!" Mu Bing said.

Luo Liuyan shook his head secretly, and he planned to borrow a piece of enlightened tea from Daoyou Chen.

Since she doesn't drink, she can save this favor.

"Talk inside!"

A few people entered the hall and after sitting down, Mu Bing first spoke: "Friend Luo, have you heard about the invasion of Jiangyang City by evil demons?"

"Naturally, I was there at the time," Luo Liuyan said.

"In that way, you are the one who saved the entire Jiangyang City?" Mu Bing asked.


Luo Liuyan shook his head for a while, "It has nothing to do with me!"

"What's the answer to this?" Mu Bing asked.

"Because of all this, it was an expert who gave instructions to destroy the evil spirit, and that is also the expert!"

"And I'm just a thug at best," Luo Liuyan said.

"In that case, is there really a treacherous person?" Mu Bing asked.

"God and cunning man?" Luo Liuyan looked puzzled.

"Oh, this is the name the world cultivator gave to the expert behind you." Mu Bing said.

"Understand." Luo Liuyan nodded.

"Friend Luo, can you take me to meet that expert?" Mu Bing said.


Luo Liuyan looked embarrassed, and then she shook her head secretly, "Friend Mu, I'm really sorry, that expert likes to be quiet and doesn't like to interrupt, I rashly take you there, I'm afraid it is wrong!"

Like quietness?

Good excuse!

It seems that there is no superior at all.

Destroy the evil spirits, that is a master of bliss.

Take this kind of credit to the superior behind?

Ha ha.

Mu Bing laughed secretly, but there was no change on his face.

She was about to get up and leave.

At this time.

"Friend Luo, I understand!"

Chen Daoming rushed into the hall and said loudly.

When he saw Mu Bing, he clasped his fists and saluted, "I have seen Friends of Dao Mu!"

Seeing Chen Daoming, Mu Bing changed slightly, "There is a male practitioner in this Yaochi Palace? Has she changed the sentimental way?"

Mu Bing nodded slightly, her expression unchanged.


Luo Liuyan stood up quickly and ran to Chen Daoming, "Go."

The two quickly walked out of the hall and came to a secret room.

"Friend Luo, isn't this "Green Pine Picture" referring to Mu Bing?" Chen Daoming said.

"Mu Bing? Is this related to Mu Bing?"

Luo Liuyan frowned secretly, and then showed a look of surprise, "This green pine refers to wood, Mu Tongmu! And the ice-bound Wanli means ice, which happens to be Mu Bing."

"It turns out that the son, even if Mu Bing would come, has already hinted at everything by giving us these two paintings!"

"Unexpectedly, we were too dull, and only now understand!"

Luo Liuyan let out a few long breaths, showing a happy expression, "Daoyou Chen, thank you!"

"You are polite, I realized it only after seeing Mu Bing's arrival, and I am ashamed." Chen Daoming said.

"Speaking of which, Young Master wants us to join Mu Bing to fight the evil race together?" Luo Liuyan said.

"It looks like it is!"

"Then I will take her to see the son, and ask Daoyou Chen to help Yi Ling to arrange the Yaochi Palace together to prevent the evil race from taking advantage of it!" Luo Liuyan said.

"Master, I want to go with you too!" Su Yiling said.

"What are you going to do?" Luo Liuyan said.

"I'm going……"

I wanted to talk about going to Cengfan, but Su Yiling really couldn't hold back her face.

Besides, now the belly is quite swollen and not fully absorbed.

"You want to go to Cengfan again, don't you? There are no gifts for the son, are you embarrassed to go?" Luo Liuyan said.


Su Yiling was dumb, helpless.

"Stay well in the Yaochi Palace to practice and fight against the evil race. It's up to you!"

"Keep your son's paintings with you. If you encounter danger, you will surely save your life!"

After speaking, Luo Liuyan ran out.

Back in the hall, Mu Bing was gone.

Without further ado, ran out quickly.

"Friend Mu, wait!"

Seeing Mu Bing had already flew up, Luo Liuyan spoke quickly.

"Something?" Mu Bing said.

"Friend Mu, something is indeed happening!"

"This is not a place to talk, let's talk inside!" Luo Liuyan said.


Led by Luo Liuyan, the two took them to a secret room.

"Friend Mu, I didn't understand the son's meaning before, now I understand!" Luo Liuyan said.

When Mu Bing heard this, there was a cloud of mist, "What son? What do you understand?"

"Sorry, I said too hastily!"

"The son is the expert behind me!"

"He is an unimaginable existence, and now, he is practicing as a mortal!"

"He pointed us to destroy the whole evil race!"

"He calculated that the evil race will soon attack my Jade Chi Palace and let you and me unite against the evil race!"


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