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First Moon

Kagerou strained her eyes.

The waves were calm but the weather was partially cloudy. It’s the opposite of “The weather is clear with some high tide.” [1]. Although it isn’t something as serious as the fight.

Is there any sign of the enemy right in front. The Abyssal Fleet may suddenly appear, so caution is a necessity. That is why the girls have the importance of observation hammered into them even if it seems like it’s nothing. During the time they were unprepared, a Battleship class just had to appear, during the time they failed to notice, 16 inch shells just had to come down on them. The examples of those being negligent on lookout then disappeared to a watery grave are too many to mention.

Their name is the Abyssal Fleet. They came out of nowhere to wreak havoc on the seas, mankind’s greatest enemy.

No one knows when they appeared. In reality it is better to say that they were found to exist incidentally. The Abyssal Fleet obliterated any ship that came in their way, smashing the sea lanes into pieces. Uncountable ships were sunk and destroyed, disappearing into the depth of the sea.

There was nothing that could fight against them. No, other than the girls, there was nothing that could.

They are the Fleet girls. Those who were rushed into the sea to oppose the Abyssal Fleet equipped with armaments, the guardians who would grasp victory for mankind. Fleet girls are hard boiled chosen maidens, a title worthy of pride.

Even within those Fleet girls, Kagerou is a notably small, very agile and resolute Destroyer Fleet Girl.

She clutched her newly equipped binoculars, once again fixating her gaze to her front.

There was nothing but quietly shimmering blue sea. There is nothing. Perhaps nothing.

As a Destroyer Fleet Girl, she must not be careless. She was way different from the cruisers with their loaded seaplanes and the battleships that remained fine after getting hit by two or three shells. Her only way of scouting are her two eyes and if by any chance, she got hit from point blank range, she would be history. To act with extreme caution is a must.

Her two feet planted on the sea surface, slightly trembled.

Her anxiety also affects her feet. Usually she would never be this anxious, only for today the circumstances were different. The two main machines that she was wearing on her feet like shoes fit her well but time and time again they let out a coughing sound. The one in charge of maintenance was being stingy when oiling it. Thanks to that, her feelings came spreading out into growing unease in her heart. If only she prepared it herself, this kind of thing wouldn’t have happened, but due to her own foolishness, she overslept. When she remembered sleeping with the taste of last night’s sweet red bean soup she ate last night, she was in this mess.

“Please be a liiiittle bit quieter okay.”

She hushed the main machine with a whisper. Then she muttered, “Both sides advance forward, half speed.”

Like skating, she could feel her body moving forward.

Wind washed over her head. She knew how the ribbon on her head fluttered. So refreshing, it felt good. Even just a moment, the worry in her heart was forgotten.

Realizing, Kagerou shook her head. There is no time to be at ease. Even if she looked like this, she is the name ship of the Kagerou Class. Her bright cheerful and forward looking feature is her plus point. She couldn’t lose sight of the main objective.

Once again, continuing the watch anew, her eyes were on the look out.

The water surface in front of her bubbles. It’s still far in front of her but she could discern that the sea surface changed, looking like it was boiling. Then the whole area changed color.

Black hulls with fangs bearing mouths. The eyes were round but insect-like, in but a glance, it’s easy to know that it isn’t anything close to human.

In numbers almost uncountable, they spread out across the horizon.

The moment she saw them, Kagerou shouted.

“Abyssal Fleet insight! Such great numbers! Mmm.. It’s like that “7 part enemy against 3 part sea” thing! [2] The sea is colored black by the enemies!”

The reply via the radio was fast.

[Huh? Kagerou, what are you talking about?]

“I said, It’s 7 part enemy against 3 part seas!”

[Don’t assume it. Give an exact number]

“It’s extremely high! Really!”

Although her partner on the radio, Shiranui, was composed as always, here she felt like foaming from her mouth. It’s not like she was using the popular lines to show off. That phrase was the only thing in her mind when they appeared in that number. It looked like salmon going upstream, but the enemy just isn’t that cute.

They swam with a splashing sound. The correct term is sailing but the Fleet Girls called that “swimming”. Their eye colors remain drowned in darkness. If it was battle time, those eyes turn blue. Upon being agitated,humans will have bloodshot eyes, but for these creatures it was the opposite.

Kagerou decided she could do it. Issuing a R Side signal (120 degree clockwise), she changed her course to be by the side of the Abyssal Fleet. Shiranui’s emotionless reply was right. If the enemy has yet to notice her, it is imperative to give an exact number.

One by one she began to count.

“Enemy, eight I-class destroyer! Sixteen Ro-class! Ha-class…”

The one who first decided the Abyssal Fleet class names to be I Ro Ha of the Japanese syllabify order was either a genius or a drunken man, there is not much of a difference. It’s more nifty than the AIUEO order but at times it is easy to get confused and mess it up.

Just when she is about to reach a total count of thirty, suddenly the eyes of the Abyssal Fleet lit up. From pitch black into blue. The blazing lights reflected on the sea surface were astonishingly clear to see. With that all together, Kagerou scowled at the sight.

“They found me out! Shiranui–”

At the moment she said it, the hull of the Abyssal Fleet sparked. Kagerou involuntarily swallowed down her words.

“…. enemy fleet, firing!”

Overhead, shells came falling.


Pillars of water rose up around her.

“Alright… that is enough.”

Pi—. The sound of buzzer echoed around the Kure bay area.

“Practice is over.”

The dummies that make up the figure of the Abyssal Fleet were collected while still being connected to strings. On the sea surface where Kagerou had been standing, many logs drifted about as substitutes to enemy shells. Being hit by them wouldn’t kill you, but it would still hurt. It looks like an after show skit, it’s shameful.

“Kagerou, please come up.”

Clad in orange uniform was Jintsuu, who shouted by a hand mike. Beside her was the one in charge of radio communications, her accomplice Shiranui.

With water trickling down from her head, Kagerou muttered “Okay…” as she moved closer to the pier.

Heaving, she got up. The armaments were heavy and her drenched clothes makes it even heavier. Her mood also weighed quite some amount.

Jintsuu was already waiting at that place.

Jintsuu dropped her eyes to the notepad she has in her hand.

“Let’s see… for this practice… the result isn’t good, I see… Until the sighting of the Abyssal Fleet, there was a one and a half second delay, and even after sighting, the report is inaccurate… that’s unusual.” Jintsuu’s eyes flickered up to meet Kagerou’s.

“Is there any kind of anxiety you are having?”


Upon hearing Kagerou’s reply, Jintsuu appeared saddened.

“Or is it because of my leadership? Like I made a mistake, ending up in putting you into a difficult situation.”

“N-No, no, it’s not like that.”

“I am after all but a second ship of the Sendai Class. I’m much too different from the energetic Kagerou Class.”

“It’s not like that! It’s not!”

Kagerous profusely denied. There was not a moment where Jintsuu’s leadership was in the wrong. Kagerou believed that her improvement in training up until now was all thanks to her.

“Well, then that’s the truth.”


“Then… whose fault is this?”

Said Jintsuu, inclining her head.

Kagerou stumbled on her words. It’s because of this the young lady before her was scary. She completely saw through her heart. In one moment she said that it was her leadership at fault, then by earning the denial she continued by pressing onto the real matter. It’s a single ship practice so it couldn’t be other’s fault. Although it’s slightly cloudy but the field of vision is satisfactory so the weather couldn’t be blamed either. Kagerou confessed honestly.

“It’s… myself.”

“Why is that?”

“My attention is a bit taken by what will happen tomorrow.”

Kagerou gave a small laugh. Intending it to be a shy laugh.

She didn’t get scolded but warned.

“That won’t do, if that’s how it is. If you are not careful, the Abyssal Fleet may destroy you, and if you got distracted the whole fleet might be wiped out.”

Then, Jintsuu continued to add.

“If you’re ordered to be a escort ship, what should you do? It’s a situation where you have to find the enemies at the foremost and attack them. Scouting is the basis of everything. Don’t leave everything to the recon seaplane, you also have to have the strong determination to find the Abyssal Fleet yourself.”


“Very well. Well then, Kagerou-san, with this your training in Kure is over. From tomorrow on you will be posted to Yokosuka. Please do it properly okay.”

Jintsuu smiled.

“Because after all, destroyers are our pride.”


With a more spirited voice, Kagerou gave a salute.

After bidding farewell to Jintsuu who had left the pier, she let out a sigh.

Having her attention being distracted as an excuse couldn’t be helped but there was a reason for that. From tomorrow on Kagerou will be leaving Kure Naval Base that she had grown accustomed to for Yokosuka Naval Base. Because of this thought in her head, every since the morning she had been restless. The order to change placement came around yesterday. Originally it wasn’t supposed to be that sudden, but somewhere within the organization it got held up and with the delay the documents didn’t arrived until the very last moment. Thanks to that she didn’t even have time for some reluctant parting with her friends, at the very least she only had herself promising to “It’s near Tokyo so send us something nice!”. When she thought about it, personnel replacement of Fleet Girls may only be the government conspiracy to empty the wallet of the girls and prevent them from going anywhere.

Although as a replacement of a farewell gift, she was treated to sweet bean soup and ate until her stomach was full. This, however, has its own demerits.

Jintsuu as well, said “then shall we celebrate the placement change” then lent her hand for training until the very end. This was also a form of love, is what Kagerou believed.

It’s just, in this spacious pier only Kagerou and Shiranui were the only ones left.

Although it’s just the two of them, or maybe it’s for the two of them, just like always Shiranui regarded her curtly.

“Taking the first transport to Yoko Base is quite hasty, isn’t it.”

Shiranui tilted her neck.

“I wonder of the reason.”

“It’s because the new type of destroyer is energetic. They want it over there as well.”

“Ahahaha,” Kagerou laughed.

By the order of recency, it has been decided that after the Kagerou Class is the Yuugumo Class.

The girl’s armaments were practically sparkling. They were equipped with a set of 12.7 cm guns and quad torpedo tubes. The torpedo tubes were loaded with assorted torpedoes capable of sinking a ship in one hit. These weapons were new, and it will prove to be reliable in a real battle. It’s unfortunate that she had to leave Kure for the assignment in Yokosuka but it has been decided for the arrangements on immediate transfer.

“They are really in a great need for me, eh. It must be so.”

“Kagerou’s great vigor and forward looking feature is certainly an advantageous charm. Even Yokosuka might have a need of that.”

“Does that mean rather than my ability it’s more for someone to liven up the atmosphere, isn’t it?”

“I believe it isn’t something as elegant as that.”


In contrast with the banter, Kagerou laughed.

“I wonder what kind of place Yokosuka is. It must be as spacious as Kure.”

“Probably it is fussy about sticking to regulations. It’s not good to say “finally I meet you” informally right after a change in placement. Getting scolded for fooling around seems to have been the drill in Tokyo Bay.”

“Uwaa, that sounds strict, as expected of Yokosuka”

To Kagerou who stiffened her shoulders in fright, Shiranui said, “Aa, it’s the ‘your guidance, your encouragement…” thing.”

“With that, there won’t be any instance of suddenly getting reprimanded. At least compared to Kagerou’s casual talk.

Since it seems legit, it has been decided for Kagerou to use it.

“What doesn’t Shiranui come over to YokoBase?”

“Shiranui is comfortable with Kure’s waters.”

Shiranui before her is also a Kagerou-class, her armament is also the same. She’s a friend that underwent practice alongside her. To be separated with her, that alone was deplorable.

“How lonely. The parting with the other is also kinda off.”

“It can’t be helped.”

There were also other destroyers that trained under Jintsuu. Perhaps because they went all out for yesterday’s farewell party, right now their figures were no where to be seen. It must be either they are studying hard in the classroom, or lounging around drinking ramune.

Shiranui destroyed the imagery with a cold tone.

“Even on the other side, there are also other Fleet Girls. They are also the same comrades. I am sure you can get along well.”

“It’d be nice if there is a lovely girl like Shiranui.”

“…. I wonder about that.”

She turned away. This emotionless girl, it seemed that just for a little bit her face blushed.

Kagerou turned her eyes to the sea. The sky of Kure is so high, the waves of Seto inland Sea were calm. Far away beyond this, she wondered how it is in the Miura peninsula. There Yokosuka is waiting for her.

She returned her gaze.

“Well then. Tomorrow I have to go early.”


“I will write you letters from there, okay.”

“Not needed.”


With Kagerou’s protest, Shiranui replied emotionless.


“Oh please.”

“Kagerou as well, please don’t cry and wail because Shiranui isn’t there. You are also forbidden from shooting your ally, or taking other people’s snacks, or throwing yourself off Kannonzaki peninsula all because you’re lonely.”

“I won’t do that!” shouted Kagerou. From tomorrow on, they won’t be able to hold this kind of conversation anymore.

With the insecurities welling up in her heart, Kagerou hugged Shiranui tightly. An act done quite spontaneously.

“Goodbye, Shiranui.”


Shiranui also slowly hugged her back. With a bit more force than Kagerou.

“Be safe.”

At Kure Naval base where human figures began to disappear, they embraced each other.

Their 12.7cm gun mount hit one another, creating a sound similar to a ringing bell.

Kagerou felt that she shouldn’t be looked down upon.

If on the first day of arrival she replied with a stupid response, they would make fun of her and she would remain inferior for the rest of her life. She shouldn’t let people think that “this village girl from Kure is eating so much oyster her head is going nuts”. Kure might have been a splendid port but Yokosuka is even bigger.

Just by being a naval base in itself, there is the pride of being the base of Tokyo Bay.

While using the connecting train from Kure, all thanks to sleeping, she missed her station and upon realizing it, she hurriedly jumped off the train. This time she rode in the wrong bus and only after she arrived at Kurihama however, in confusion she retraced her path. She asked an elderly and when she walked to the direction they pointed, she found herself by an unbelievable cliff, then after thinking really hard she realized she must have been mistaken as a tourist. While trying to somehow make it by her own strength and half wanting to cry, she finally arrived. By then she was drenched in sweat.

When she checked the time, it was surprising how she arrived earlier than the appointed time. Fleet Girls had been drilled that no what the case, they had to mobilize themselves five minutes earlier, however in Kagerou’s case even if it’s far from five minutes, she had intended to arrived two hours earlier. The waiting time had reduced significantly but the fact that she was on time still had not change.

A bronze signboard with [Yokosuka Naval Base] written on it hang by the front gate. Of course because it was a port, the place faced to the sea, but there is no way that she’d come in by swimming then making her landing there. That is why, the most common way will be to use the gate to get inside.

The equipment was being delivered by separate post so it’s almost the same as going in empty handed. It was forbidden for Fleet Girls to move on land with their equipment on. According to a plausible reasoning, if they got into the public transportation with their shells and torpedoes still equipped as is, panic would occur.

Kagerou stood still. First, she had to get in then report about her post to the admiral. She checked if her uniform is disheveled.It’s hard to say that she looks neat. Thanks to her going here and there previously. For the time being, she stretched out the wrinkles by her skirt, straightening the necktie before her breast, and brushing off any dust.

With this, it’s supposed to work out somehow. From clothes discordance, the Fleet Girls’ own discordance could be seen. Even if she might have being teased by bluffs, supposedly there would be no chance for her to be made fun of. Breathing out, she passed the gate. To the soldier who was stationed at the gate, she showed her identification papers.

The gate guard was a gorilla looking male, with gorilla looking physique. However, upon seeing her identification card, as if taking off on a flight he quickly gave a salute.

“Please come in!”

Fleet Girls are respected as much as they are feared. They were the only ones that could rescue mankind, everyone knows it. With her mood somewhat turning good, Kagerou walked into the premises. As expected of Yokosuka, even at the guard gate, they were attentive to discipline. It was also an important issue in Kure, but there the voice was a little smaller.

So as to not block the cars running around, she walked by the edge of the road, and finally after many turns, she found the building pointed by the guide.

“… it’s here, right.”

Kagerou said to herself. The said building was small. Or rather, poor. No matter how one saw it,it looks prefabricated, and on top of that, it’s still in the middle of construction. Perhaps it is more appropriate to say that it’s in the shape of a hut.

Is this really the admiral’s office? She was about to think that she was wrong, but no matter how she thought of it, it was right. However, did she really have to deliver her placement report here?

With the construction still going on, this must only be a temporary building. Yes, let’s leave it at that.

A case of insecurity; the door was left opened. Kagerou stood in right in front of the door, saying, “Kagerou, coming in!” then after doing a ten degree bow [3], she walked in.
“Kagerou Class Destroyer, Kagerou. From 0900 today, I will take up the post in Yokosuka Naval Base! I beg of your guidance, and you encoura—”

Just when she was finally saying the borrowed lines from Shiranui, she couldn’t say it until the end.

The room was empty.

Kagerou stared dumbfounded at the room that had not a single person inside.

Before her eyes, there was only a table with blue tablecloth spread on top, but not a soul existed. By the wall there was a hanging scroll with the words “Marine Escort”, but there’s no way that anyone had ever said that line.

(…. As I thought, I came to the wrong place?)

No, no, supposedly it is not. The room was here and she had also properly informed of the time she take post. Then, why is that no one was around.

It is either no one was around, or that they ran away outside from the window with the hanging teruterubozu. From there she could clearly see the port of Yokosuka.

Right at that time, there was a loud voice.

“Take shelter! Go take shelter!”

Just as she thought eh what? what?, outside people started to run, scattering about like spider offsprings. Kagerou watched, going “pokaaaan” as her mind went blank.

A while later.

“Byuuuruu byuuruu byuuruu” sound came. Just as she absentmindedly thought, “ah, that sounds like shells…”, suddenly the ceiling exploded.


Kagerou was thrown by the impact. The wall collapsed, tumbling over to the outside.

“What the?! What?! what?!”

She literally got up as her eyes turned. The prefabricated building that existed until a while ago had been completed destroyed. The “Marine Escort” hanging scroll was blown by the wind and fell on Kagerou’s head.

When she took it off her head, before her she saw a girl gathering mass.

“Oh, come on, how could it be this bad. Where is the girl who directly hit Admiral’s home office with 12.7cm gun?”

Isn’t that a Fleet girl’s equipment, thought Kagerou. Since it’s a 12.7 cm, the it must be equipped by a Destroyer.

Although it’s called a 12.7 cm gun mount, in reality it’s not like the barrel is 127 mm. It’s a name that meant the firepower it has is comparable to that amount. In addition, a 12.7 cm gun is classified as small gun. Because it’s something to be equipped by Destroyers, it can’t be too big.

Even then, lucky that just now it was only a 12.7 cm, and that it blew up midair. If that was the 41 cm used by battleships, it would be inexcusable to say it was just another explosion.

That being said, to have the home office of the admiral be fired at, is not a common occurrence.

“Where’s the girl!”

The girl in front, shouted until her face turned red at the group of girls in front of her.

“She’s not here,” a reply said. “She has gone somewhere.”

“Go find her. If you can’t find her within one hour, none of you will receive your meals!”

The girls flustered then started to run about.

The girl who gave the order was still mad. For that reason, Kagerou found a little bit of courage to call out.

“Excuse me.”


The girl finally noticed Kagerou.

Blue cap with blue uniform. White scarf to her breast. Within one glance, it is easy to know that she is a Heavy Cruiser Fleet Girl. Her height was tall, with kind features. However, from what she had said earlier, it is known that she could be scary when she is mad.

The girl scrutinized Kagerou from top to bottom.

“Ah, a destroyer. I’ve never seen your face before.”

“I am the first ship of Kagerou class, Kagerou. From today, I will be taking post in Yokosuka Naval Ba…”

“Aa, my apologies. The girl who contacted us from Kure, right.”

Without letting Kagerou finish her sentence, the young woman raised her hand lightly in interruption.

“My name is Takao. I’m the first ship of Takao Class. The second ship is also in Yoko Base so I guess you’ll eventually meet her. I’m in charge of practice and far away excursions with the battleships. Pleased to meet you.”


Since she is a heavy cruiser, she must have sortied with together with the battleships and the carriers, at times functioning as the flagship.

That aside, what big breasts. The uniform could barely hold them in. She wondered if there was any kind of regulations that says unless you have big breasts you won’t be able to became heavy cruisers.

“Then, is Takao-san my flagship….”

“I’m not. You’re a destroyer, aren’t you?”

“Yes. If so, then I…”

“More importantly, see.”

Takao firmly grabbed Kagerou’s shoulders.

“Will you help me search for that girl?”

“…. who is this about?”

“Just now, the one who just shelled this office, that idiot– no, that unique Fleet Girl. In just this month it’s already the third time. Every time getting shelled, the admiral always sulked and went to be spoiled at by the carrier dorm, you know. Last week the admiral had a change of heart and went to the battleship dorm, and then the lady from carrier division came out complaining. All the time it’s always me who’s on the short end of the stick, okay.”


With a voice still in shock from what had been happening numerous times, Kagerou stood up. What’s up with this naval base.

“And so with that, please help . That girl,this time I will moored her with a bowline knot so that she can’t move.”

“For that, who am I supposed to look for?”

“An impertinent destroyer with slanted eyes. You will know right away.”

“What’s the ship name?”

With this, Takao finally told Kagerou the warship’s name.


Yokosuka naval base is big. Kure, having a different duty as it concentrates on training, pales in comparison in size. Before her departure, her other Fleet Girl comrades told her harshly “It’s unfortunate that it’s Yokosuka” “the strictness there can’t be compared with Kure” “Going abroad is still better”. No matter how you put it, those were all just sentences thrown based on imagination but since she had nothing to object with, the only thing she could do was listen.

It’s not that she really had no basic conjecture, Yokosuka Naval Base was constantly being said as a base built especially to fight the Abyssal Fleet, thus there was a sense of urgency in it.

That was how it was supposedly.

Why in the world am I in the middle of manhunt now, thought Kagerou. That may be because she is a Destroyer that specializes in search investigation or rescue, but isn’t it strange to right away, use someone who has just changed posts. Thanks to that, without even a tour, she was stuck walking around searching.

On that note, what it means by “tour” here is, the act of accompanying the newly appointed Fleet Girl all around the Naval Base for her to remember the position of the facilities. If one couldn’t remember where a facilities exists and what it does after one round, she could get scolded at.

Without a tour, it’s similar as being a lost girl herself. She wondered in what way could she even search.

“Since it’s a Naval Base the same as Kure, the facilities are supposed to be the same…”

Kagerou muttered in her mouth.

For example, if she were to shell the Admiral’s office and then create a commotion, after that where would she go?

Usually in a serial killer style, one will run into the depth of the mountain, or carry their equipment over to coral island to escape. If it’s in the southern area, there are many small islands that seem unknown to everyone, it’s possible to pull of a Robinson Crusoe lifestyle.

However, with the way Takao said it, until now there had been several shellings. With that in mind, the idea of going to the south on the contrary sounds unlikely. Just to be sure, she stretched her back and looked around the bay area but there wasn’t any Fleet Girls’ wake.

With that, let’s assume she’s still on land. Maybe in the military equipment storage. Ah no, there is a guard there. Then, what about the dock? Over there, there’s also the previous visitor so there is no meaning. Port task division quarantine building. It’s possible to be threatened by, “do you want to be infected by a kind of pathogen?” so it’s a no. Bay area degassing facility. If you hide in that kind of facility it’s the same as saying goodbye.

She imagined what she would do if it was her.During time when she pilfered ramune and bananas from the cafeteria then was discovered by the one in charge of weekly duty, she concealed herself until the floor of the lecture hall. When she was caught bringing in packed ohagi and peaches and got chased for excessive rations, she pretended to be the one in charge of repairs from the Construction department. By the way, it’s not like she did all of this solely because she wanted to. It was for Shiranui who caught a cold had wanted them.

(but I wonder if she would hide in such an obvious place…)

If the one who hid is a pro, the one who searched should also be a pro. Especially Destroyer Fleet Girls, who will welcome searching for anything whether on the sea or on the land. No matter which Naval Base, battles around towels or notes borrowed from the battleships or heavy cruisers or even underwear, is an everyday occurrence.

Once more, she remembered what Takao had said a while ago. Just within this month, it’s the third time. Then that means she had already been found out two times. Most likely she was in a place easy to find. Why was she in a place easy to find. Perhaps she wants someone to search for her. However for that part she must not have done it with no goal in mind. She should have wanted to know the movement from this side as well. As far as it is concerned.

“Maybe there.”

The girl ran towards a building near her field of vision.

A three-story western building in brick colored. Within the many modern architectural building, its color used for exterior appearance is clearly distinguishable from the others.

It’s a Yokosuka Naval Base Government Office building.

Kagerou gave a bow in a hurry before she went in. It’s a good thing that she saw no one, she ran up the stairs skipping one staircase in each leap.

She got out into the rooftop. This place is used to hoist flags, so it’s not that spacious.

Right there was a lone Fleet Girl.

A classic looking Sailor uniform with a blue ribbon tie. Her long hair was tied by the right side of her head, a bell on her hair clip. The profile of her side face is childish, for a certainty her expression wasn’t pleasant, as she gave a tense impression.

Kagerou was convinced that this girl was Akebono.

Without facing Kagerou, Akebono took out a pocket watch from her breast pocket.

“…. Ten minutes. Hmph. Until now this is the fastest, aren’t you..”

Her wording, really gave the feeling of making fun of others.

“All the others are being incompetent, but at least you learn a bit huh. For cruisers and destroyer this is preferable.”

The girl turned around. After that she made a puzzled expression.

“…. who are you.”

“Kagerou.” – Was how she replied. Akebono seemed to be even more puzzled.

“Kagerou as in, the first ship of Kagerou class? What business you have with me?”

“Because from today I change posts here…”

‘Yoroshiku’ is what she wanted to say but Akebono wasn’t in the mood for some greetings.

Openly, Kagerou was barraged with suspicious stares.

“Then what for did you come here?”

Against such contentious way of talking, Kagerou answered as she remembered the confusion.

“I was told to search for you. The other fleet girls are being told that they wont get any meals if they don’t find you, you know.”

“You can just ignore it. Since at best all destroyer can do is just making uproar and going here and there in confusion and be useless.”

“Aren’t you yourself a destroyer?”


Akebono threw a glare. Kagerou unsure of what to say.

“….. well.”

“If it’s ‘changed post” that means you come from Kure or Sasebo, right. At best you must have failed on something and got thrown here. It’s must be one of those, either you screwed up in your lookout and got done in by a dive bomber, or you got wrecked by salvos. Once again those frauds pushed the scraps here, it’s getting crowded.”

Rather than getting mad, Kagerou was bewildered. Just who is this Fleet Girl who since a while ago say nothing but abusing others.

“Mere Destroyers can’t be used to fight against the Abyssal Fleet anyway, so it’s better for you to just retire right away. Not getting any post is the same as getting drowned right away anyway. Well, after sinking, there’s still scratching your name from the register so there are two steps labor of official papers, so discontinuing right away is better.”

Kagerou attempted to somehow give rebuttals to those statements fully loaded with spite.

“A…. I come here to properly fight, you know.”

“Ha? Fighting with Abyssal Fleet as an enemy are words that only battleships and carriers used you know.”

Akebono gave a mocking laughter.

“If we’re talking about what destroyer do, it’s either escorting expedition, or being expendables for escaping the battles. From the very beginning, there are no expectations out of us.”

“Without auxiliary vessel, there can’t be any battles!”

“That was too bad. Being the outrider in a fleet is not a leading role. If you wanna say what Destroyers do, they don’t expect anything more than being expendables. Those cruisers are all thinking like that.”

“That’s not true!”

Kagerou shouted. At Kure, the light cruiser girls were all gentle, valuing them. Especially Jintsuu, as kind as she is strict, saying, “Destroyers are our pride.”

“Destroyers are not useless!”

“Oooh, yes, you are right. Around the level of finding me, its still a role, right.”

Too snappish there is no way to get the conversation along with her.

Pissed off, Kagerou mouthed a “he”. If it’s going to be like this, she would have practice foul words. To begin with, in Kure there were no such perverse Kanmusu so there had never been any need to practice it. Her partner Shiranui, being cool, calm, and collected, may appeared cynical but she would never say any upfront foul words.

It’s obvious but Akebono has not a single care in Kagerou’s circumstances.

“… I’m going to bring you with me.”

It came out low, akin to a groan.

“Since if I don’t, I will also get dragged into skipping meals.”

“It’s better if you lessen your eating you know, it counts as diet.”

“I’m not getting fat!”

She forcibly grabbed Akebono’s arm.

“We’re going!”

“Uwa, how rude. So the rumour about Kagerou Class being all brawn and no brain is true.”

“Shut up!”

Trying her best so as not to let her face be seen, Kagerou pulled Akebono.

Kagerou brought Akebono to Takao. While Akebono continue badmouthing her, she didn’t give any resistance.

“I brought her.”

“Thanks for your hard work. So it’s true that those in the Kagerou class are fast.”

Takao was impressed. Remaining disappointed, Kagerou bowed.

“With this, I will excuse my self.”

“Aah, wait. Take her too.”

The “her” of course meant Akebono. Kagerou gave a baffled expression.

“Is it to detention?”

“Unfortunately for that, a while ago the admiral left an instruction to deal with this as something irrelevant.”

“Haa? She shelled the Admiral’s office, you know?!”

“Our admiral, is not only a masochist, but also loves fireworks so it seems like that person was watching it from somewhere else. And said something along the line of the spark of the explosion was beautiful, so she’s innocent.”

Kagerou thought, “so irresponsible”. Normally, without fail it would end up with the equipment being dismantled. The Fleet Girl herself would undergo trial then sent to Kurihama penitentiary. That aside, before there could be any wrongdoing done, Kagerou didn’t want to be with this Destroyer girl.

“Then, I don’t know about the destination but as long as I take her along it’s enough, right?”

“There’s still more. There’s a notice for you. I wonder where it went….”

Takao turned over a bundle of documents she had in her hand, making ruffling sounds.

“Here it is. Let’s see, Kagerou of Kagerou Class is appointed to be on command of the destroyers listed below. Fourteenth Destroyer Division.”

With her mouth, Kagerou repeated the present notice. 14… 14… she had never heard of it. Did such fleet exist?

“In case of embezzlement is it Fourteen?”

“I wonder. I guess it was decided by darts or something like.”

Seemingly to have no idea about it, Takao gave a nonchalant answer.

Based on ministerial ordinance, the destroyers division in Yokosuka Naval Base was decided to be from One up until Ten. For Fourteen to exist in Yokosuka is nearing exceptional.

Ten series was allocated for destroyer of Kure. Kagerou thought maybe because she was from Kure, it turned it Fourteen. Or if other reason exist.

“Somehow it sounds like a fleet for leftovers, isn’t it.”

“You understand it very well, huh.”

“Please don’t say something unpleasant. Other than me, who are they?”

Takao pointed to the one beside Kagerou.

“There she is.”



Kagerou didn’t understand what Takao was saying. No, actually she comprehend it. It’s just that she didn’t want to believe it. Because she is the newly produced Kagerou Class that she got called to Yokosuka. She thought that wouldn’t go through something unreasonable.

She gingerly looked beside her, then turned her face back.

“It can’t possibly be… with Akebono…..?”


Kagerou jumped.

“Uuuuuuu this is a lie, right?!”

“Why would I tell you a lie? Weren’t you the one saying things about leftovers?”

“I can’t believe that it’s true….”

“I thought that Kure Base fleet girls have good reasoning.”

As if to end it, Takao circled the documents.

Clinging on, Kagerou said forcefully.

“L-Lead ship, who is the lead ship?! It’s Takao-san right?!”



“The lead ship for the Fourteenth Destroyer Division is Kagerou.”


The lead ship is the one in charge of giving commands and directions to the destroyers. Normally it is assigned to the light cruisers, who has better speed and communication abilities. For a destroyer to be assigned as one is an exception under exceptional circumstances.

To the flabbergasted Kagerou, Takao continued.

“Until now there has been a number of people trying to lead Akebono and failed. I am temporarily in charge, but finally I’m relieved of the position.”

“That’s why, someone like me…”

“You now, the admiral said that because she came from Kure she’ll be able to do it.”

She had never heard of such a thing. If only by coming from Hiroshima one could lead, then by now the stars would have been either Carp or Sanfrecce. [4]

Assaulted by dizziness, Kagerou felt like sitting down. With a relieved expression, Takao began to chatter.

“I feel like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders. Somehow the sea looks more blue than it usually is, don’t you think?”

“For me it doesn’t look much different than a ditch…”

“There are still other girls in the Fourteenth Destroyer Division, it’ll be good to search for them. Please get along.”

After saying that, Takao left while saying, “Perhaps I shall party with canned beef today.”

After that, only the two Kanmusu was left.

Kagerou took a peek beside her with a sidelong glance. The Kanmusu with a foul mouth and attitude, seemed to look bored.

After a while, Akebono talked to herself.

“….. pulled out the bad number huh.”

“Aren’t you understanding.”

Just when Kagerou was about to think how surprisingly honest Akebono was, the later glared at her.

“It’s about me!”

Kagerou instantly shouted, “Shut up you stinking idiot!”

What’s up with this bad mannered destroyer. Despite hearing that there are many good girls in Ayanami class, this brat is way lower than the lowest of the lows. Who would even want to get along.It would have preferred if she just got hit by a skip-bomb and sunk in the Solomon sea.

Akebono had no idea about what was going on in Kageoru’s heart. Her figure already disappeared.

Translator’s Notes and References

1.  Often said in weather forecast, if I am not mistaken.
2.  It’s a popular phrase in a movie “the Battle of Okinawa” said by a watchman when American warships filled the horizon. And been used in anime and such ever since.(
3.  a bow done by bending your upper body about 10 degree to the front while keeping your head straight with your body, as written in Japan SDF guide
4. both are professional baseball team from Hiroshima

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