Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1047

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Ji Shiting paused several times at the end of the sentence. When he finished, the woman in his arms had already closed her eyes.

He placed the collection of poems in his hands aside and quietly studied her for a while until her breathing became even.

That was true. It was already past three in the morning, and she must have been tired after the intimate session in the bathroom.

Afraid of waking her up, Ji Shiting did not move and let her lean into his arms.

I love you. Not just because of how you look, but because of how I look when I’m with you.

Ji Shiting had a good memory. Even though he had only read it once, he remembered the first line of the poem.

He recalled that on this night, her emotions went from surprise to disappointment, then from anger to calmness. All kinds of emotions arose because of him. She would be heartbroken because of a small action of his, and she would also be overjoyed because of his three-word confession, which he did not know was true or not. In front of him, her emotions would always fluctuate greatly. Ji Shiting had always found it hard to understand, but he could not deny that these emotions were so real and… desirable.

Joy, sadness, anger, excitement…

This was all about loving him.

There seemed to be a dark glint in the man’s deep eyes.

After a long time, he made sure that the woman in his arms was fast asleep before carefully putting her down and letting her lie down.


He said silently in his heart and leaned over to plant a kiss on her lips.

The next day, Ye Shengge slept until late in the morning. This was probably the best sleep she had had in the past few days.

She got out of bed and washed up. When she reached the door, she heard footsteps coming from the corridor, followed by Ah Chen’s anxious voice. “Sister, return it to me!”

“No, who asked you to go back on your words!?”

Ye Shengge quickly opened the door and saw the two little guys chasing each other in the corridor. Ye Shengge’s face turned sullen. Before she could reprimand them, Jinchen had already stopped when he heard the commotion. Qing’er also realized that something was wrong and instantly became quiet.

“Mommy, you’re awake.” Jinchen smiled ingratiatingly.” Daddy told us not to wake you up.”

Jinqing also ran over. “Mom, are you hungry? Lunch is ready!”

Ye Shengge looked at the cute and innocent faces of the two children and was so angry that she was amused. She reached out and rubbed their faces. “There’s no use acting cute. Didn’t I say that you’re not allowed to chase and fight? What if you fall, huh?”

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The servants were busy at noon and did not manage to catch them in time. The two children were mischievous.

“Mommy, we were wrong.” They lowered their heads pitifully.

Ye Shengge could not get angry at all. She reminded them not to do it again and held their hands as they went downstairs.

Just then, the sound of an engine came from the door. Before long, she saw Ji Shiting.

The two little guys immediately rebelled and went to disturb Ji Shiting.

The man picked one up with each hand and walked over to Ye Shengge. He smiled. “You just woke up?”

Ye Shengge glared at him. “Why are you back?”

This man usually did not come back for lunch.

“I missed you,” he said in a deep voice as he stared at her deeply.

Ye Shengge widened her eyes in shock. Then, her cheeks started to heat up uncontrollably.

She pretended to be calm. “Oh,” she said, and turned to walk back to the dining room. But she wasn’t calm at all.

‘Why does this man… suddenly know how to behave?’

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