Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1080

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“Are you scalded?” The man carefully examined the back of her hand and asked anxiously.

Ye Shengge was stunned for a moment. It was probably because the man’s concern for her immediately made her anger subside a little. Her voice also softened a little. “I’m fine. Assistant Tang got scalded.”

Ji Shiting then looked at Tang Ranran and frowned. “Is it serious?”

Tang Ranran was still sitting on the ground. The burning pain on the back of her hand made her furious. She had never suffered like this before.

But when she heard Ji Shiting’s question, she immediately showed a pained and aggrieved expression.

“It’s alright, it’s not that serious. I’l just apply some ointment later.” She tried her best to force a smile as she exhaled. “I believe Madam didn’t do it on purpose.”

Ye Shengge placed the empty cup on the coffee table and smiled at her. “You’re wrong. I did it on purpose.”

Even Tang Ranran looked shocked.

She had thought that Ye Shengge was using such a cheap trick to provoke her to complain to Ji Shiting, so she had already made up her mind to take the loss. She did not expect this woman to admit it without hesitation.

Ji Shiting looked at Ye Shengge helplessly. “Shengge?”

“Thate her,” Ye Shengge said as she picked up the tiramisu. “If she was the first person you showed concern to just now, this dessert would be on her face now.”

Her self-righteous tone left Ji Shiting caught between laughter and tears.

The man sat down beside her and took the dessert from her hand. “Why waste a good dessert?”

He then said to Tang Ranran, “I’ll apologize to you on Shengge’s behalf. Go and tidy up. If it’s serious, remember to go to the hospital.”

Tang Ranran bit her lips angrily.

She could not believe it. Ye Shengge was obviously targeting her, but Ji Shiting did not take it to heart at all.

Perhaps Ye Shengge’s smug and slightly provocative gaze had provoked her, causing her to lose her rationality for a moment. She could not help but blurt out, “Mrs. Ji, if I did anything wrong, you can just say it out loud. But why did you use such a method to humiliate me?”

Ye Shengge raised her eyebrows with interest. “From what I see, you did everything wrong.”

Tang Ranran stood up from the ground with difficulty and held her reddened hands. She looked at Ji Shiting with tears in her eyes. “Mr. Ji, if Mrs. Ji was just careless, I would definitely not let her off. But Mrs. Ji is clearly targeting me… Shouldn’t you give me an explanation?”

Ji Shiting frowned slightly.

“Explanation? What explanation do you want?” Ye Shengge tilted her head.

“Mrs. Ji, please apologize to me,” she coldly said.

Ye Shengge smiled. “I won’t.”

Tang Ranran was so angry that her face turned pale. She suddenly looked at Ji Shiting. “Mr. Ji, although I’m your subordinate, I’m still a human. I have my dignity. Mrs. Ji humiliated me, so I can’t just let it go!”

Seeing her in such a sorry state, Ji Shiting decided not to be too biased.

“Shengge, can you apologize to her? Don’t pick on her, okay?” He picked up a spoon, picked up a small piece of tiramisu with it, and brought it to her lips.

Ye Shengge glanced at him but did not accept his goodwill.

“Since you feel aggrieved, just resign.” Ye Shengge looked coldly at the woman opposite her. Miss Tang, with your resume, you can find a better job in minutes.”

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