Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1130

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Xu Xiangjie suddenly found her and said, “Did you offend someone, Shengge?”

“What?” Ye Shengge was dazed.

“The production company under my name and Star Han invested in ‘The World’, but the person in charge of Star Han called me and hinted that I would swap you out. Otherwise, they would withdraw their investments.” Xu Xiangjie frowned. “There’s a lot of investment in this show. If Star Han withdraws, the current funds won’t last long.”

Ye Shengge was surprised, but not panicked.

It must be Tang Ranran.

“What’s your investment share with Star Han?”

“Star Han accounts for 70%,” Xu Xiangjie said. “Although I lead this show, I only invested 30%. After all, the total investment for this show is almost 400 million.”

“There’s a deficit of more than 200 million yuan… If Star Han really withdraws, it’ll be very troublesome.” Ye Shengge frowned.

Generally speaking, such a high-profile TV show was most afraid of withdrawing investments midway. The gap was too big, and a single investment company might not be able to fork out so much cash at once, so the only way was to invest separately, but with too many investors, there would be more constraints on each other, affecting the operation of the project.

Many times, the failure of a show was because of this.

“That’s right.” Xu Xiangjie knew that very well. “So, do you know who you’ve offended? Can you reconcile with him in private? Or ask Mr. Ji to do it…”

“I’m afraid not.” Ye Shengge blinked. “She’s my rival in love. I can’t reconcile with her, and I can’t let Shiting show up.”

Xu Xiangjie froze.

“But don’t worry. I’ll think of a way to get the funds,” Ye Shengge said with a smile.

Xu Xiangjie wasn’t worried at all. After all, T.S. Corporation had the backing of T.S. Corporation. If ordinary producers couldn’t produce more than 200 million yuan in cash, it would be a piece of cake for T.S. Corporation.

“Then I’ll leave it to you.” Xu Xiangjie sighed. “Fortunately, Mr. Ji is here. Otherwise, I would’ve pulled my hair.”

“No, you can still obey Star Han’s arrangements and replace me,” Ye Shengge said with a smile.

Xu Xiangjie would probably do that if Ji Shiting wasn’t behind her.

“Why would I?” He said righteously. “Am I that kind of person? Besides, this show has been shooting for so long. If I replace you, all your scenes will have to be reshot. How much money would that be wasted?”

Ye Shengge just smiled and didn’t expose him. “But don’t worry. T.S. Corporation won’t show up. Although the 200 million yuan gap isn’t difficult for T.S. Corporation, we need the approval of the board of directors to give us the money at the last minute. I don’t want to trouble him.”

“Huh?” Xu Xiangjie was dazed again. “Then how are you going to fill in the gaps?”

“Looking for Shang Tianyi!” Ye Shengge smiled.

Shi Sheng Studio’s management business was at a bottleneck, and she and Shang Tianyi had long wanted to change their direction of production. However, for an entertainment company like theirs that didn’t have a stable foundation, the risk of investing in movie and television was very high, so the first investment had to be guaranteed to be profitable.

Originally, it was impossible for Shi Sheng Studio to invest in such a big production with their size, but now, Star Han Corporation was going to withdraw their investment. If the studio wanted to cooperate with Xu Xiangjie from the start, Xu Xiangjie would definitely not agree. After all, even Ye Shengge felt guilty. Not only would she have to fork out 200 million in cash, but she would also face the risk of additional investment in the future. It was unknown whether the studio could handle it or not.

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