Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1162

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“That’s nonsense.” Ye Shengge raised an eyebrow and said indifferently. “The studio can fork out this investment. Do you think I need to use the unspoken rules?”

The journalists were all stunned to hear her words.

That’s right. Shi Sheng Studio had been developing very well these past few years. As the boss, Ye Shengge already had the ability to invest in major productions, so why would she need to sleep with the rules? If she didn’t do it for money or for people… Thinking about the pride of the president of Star Han, they were all embarrassed.

Shouldn’t the answer to that question be obvious? Why hadn’t anyone thought of it? Perhaps it was because Ye Shengge kept a low profile and rarely emphasized the fact that she was the studio’s largest shareholder, and the CEO of the studio was Shang Tianyi. Shang Tianyi had always been the one stepping in, so many of them had ignored that fact.

“Um… Then you, Su Yao, and Mr. Xiao…”

“Su Yao and I are just partners, and he’s an artist signed by me.” Ye Shengge raised an eyebrow. “I won’t be romantically involved with him now or in the future. Please rest assured.”

All the journalists fell silent, and there was a frenzy of comments!

“Ah, no! I just started to ship this couple!”

“That’s great. How can such a woman be worthy of our beloved Su Yao?”

“Hehe, it’s our Shengge who doesn’t like Su Yao, okay? Su Yao’s die-hard fans are not only blind, but also deaf. I’m dying of laughter!”

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“Ye Shengge’s fans are so shameless!”

Su Yao’s fans refused to admit that Ye Shengge didn’t like their idol. The comments got louder, and the number of people watching the live-stream was increasing.

Shang Tianyi could only sigh when he heard Ye Shengge firmly refute the scandal with Su Yao. At this moment, the journalists asked Xiao Ruilang again, and Ye Shengge denied it.

“I don’t know Mr. Xiao very well, and we’ve only met a few times. He hasn’t pursued me before, so don’t misunderstand. Mr. Xiao said that to help me out. I’m very grateful for his loyalty,” Ye Shengge explained.

“She’s indirectly rejecting Mr. Xiao…” The comments were incoherent.

“She rejected both of them… Does she think she’s a fairy?”

“I think Ye Shengge said that to save her pride. Heh heh. If she really has so many suitors, why doesn’t she have a partner?”

“That’s right!” The haters were shocked. “Why didn’t Su Yao or Mr. Xiao come help her? They were all there, right? I saw Mr. Xiao when the camera flashed!”

A journalist asked about her partner after seeing the comments. Ye Shengge said she would walk the red carpet alone. She was being too calm, so the journalists didn’t want to be sarcastic and mock her.

Someone recalled that she hadn’t answered another question, so he asked, “Then, you and Mr. Ji…”

However, Ye Shengge pretended not to hear that question. “Sorry, the red carpet segment is about to begin.” She then lifted her dress and left, with Shang Tianyi walking behind her to protect her.

Ye Shengge was about to meet the crew of ‘The World’, but she was stopped by a tall figure after taking only a few steps.

“I heard your partner is absent?” The man said lazily with a frivolous-looking smile.

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