Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1168

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Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow and looked at the woman beside him.

Ye Shengge looked at him, grabbed his hand and smiled. “Thank you for your concern, everyone. Mr. Ji is my husband.”

The host took a deep breath and held his chest. “When did you two get married… Why didn’t you announce it?”

“We’ve been married for…” Ye Shengge thought for a bit. “It’s been more than four years.”

“Four and a half years,” Ji Shiting said as he stared at her face. “Do you not remember the date of our wedding at all?”

Ye Shengge couldn’t help explaining, “Of course I remember, but it takes time to calculate.”

Ji Shiting raised an eyebrow and said, “Tell me.”

“Um… I remember it was Nov… early November…” It was the third or the fifth. Ye Shengge couldn’t remember the specific date, so she changed the topic. “But I remember the date we met!”

Speaking of which, her affinity with Ji Shiting had started with the Prime Prize five years ago, but the Prime Prize was held in autumn, and it had moved to the end of spring these two years. It seemed that it had indeed been four and a half years.

Ji Shiting curled his lips and stroked her face, letting her go for now.

Ye Shengge stuck her tongue out at him.

The host felt tears welling up in her eyes. As an insider of the entertainment world, she had heard some rumors and had been skeptical, but now that she had seen the two of them interact, she realized that what her friend had described to her was true…

Mr. Ji came to the set to have dinner with Ye Shengge. He took care of her and doted on her.

There was no such thing as a class difference between them.

This was more shocking than the fact that Ye Shengge was Ji Shiting’s wife.

“As for why it wasn’t announced…” Ji Shiting suddenly said and smiled at Ye Shengge ambiguously.

The host was thrilled. “Why?”

Ye Shengge had to take the blame. “I didn’t want to. I had just debuted, and I just wanted to focus on acting.”

“No.” Ji Shiting exposed her. “Because you were prepared to divorce me at that time.”

Ye Shengge couldn’t help glaring at him. ‘Don’t mention that again.’

The man’s smile widened. “Isn’t that so?”

“Not in the future.” Ye Shengge lowered her voice and made a promise. That man was too scheming to use public opinion to suppress her.

Ji Shiting nodded and looked at the host. “Did you hear that?”

The host nodded and said, “We all heard it…”

The interview was also live-streamed, and she wasn’t the only one who heard it. The tens of millions of viewers watching the live-stream had also heard it clearly.

It turned out that Mr. Ji was the more proactive one in their relationship… This was even more unbelievable!

Ye Shengge coughed and said, “We’re about to enter the venue.”

The award ceremony was about ten meters in front.

The host said, “Okay… I’m honored to be able to interview the two of you. I wish you a blissful marriage and conjugal bliss.”

Ji Shiting smiled, probably because the host’s praise made him feel good. He said, “You’re welcome to my wedding with Shengge. Shengge will send you an invitation.”

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