Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1170

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She raised an eyebrow and looked up. Three seconds later, her eyes widened.

“I almost thought you forgot me,” the man said with a forced smile.

Ye Shengge almost didn’t recognize him.

It had been more than three years since they last met, and the man was no longer as high-spirited as before. He seemed to have aged many years, and the corners of his eyes and lips were drooping. He looked decadent and weak, and his body was a bit stooped. He couldn’t carry the branded suit well at all, and the clothes looked ridiculous on him.

“How could I forget you?” Ye Shengge smiled. “You’ve given me an important lesson.”

Mu Yanhuai forced a smile.

He had seen Ye Shengge and Ji Shiting together from afar, and his heart was filled with mixed emotions. He had known that Ye Shengge had found Ji Shiting as her backer, but he hadn’t known that the two of them were not only married, but also so intimate. Ji Shiting couldn’t lie to himself when he looked at her.

Besides, that woman was completely different from before. She was beautiful, noble, confident, and calm. Even the smile on her lips was inviolable. If he had had some dirty thoughts about her before, he didn’t even dare to have any now. He didn’t want to admit it, and now, he was even a bit afraid standing in front of her.

He realized that he and Ye Shengge were no longer people of the same world. His ex-fiancee, whom he had abandoned like trash, couldn’t help curling his hands.

“Shengge, I’ve always owed you an apology. If it weren’t for Xiaoya, I wouldn’t have…”

“Enough. You’ve been trying to trick me and use me from the start. Don’t use Mu Xiaoya as a pretense,” Ye Shengge interrupted him. “Please make way.”

“I…” Mu Yanhuai gritted his teeth and said. “Can you do me a favor and ask Mr. Xiao to let me go? I signed a gambling agreement with Mr. Xiao four years ago, but I failed… I’ll pay back what I owe, but can you ask him not to rush me? I don’t want Star Brilliance to go bankrupt. You put in a lot of effort into Star Brilliance, didn’t you?”

“That’s right.” Ye Shengge smiled. “But Star Brilliance has nothing to do with me anymore. I have no reason to help you. Also… I contributed to your failure of the bet. You’re welcome.”

Mu Yanhuai gritted his teeth. “Shengge…”

“One more word and I’ll ask Xiao Ruilang to make you go bankrupt completely.” Ye Shengge smiled again. “Although you and Mu Xiaoya are despicable, to a certain extent, I have to thank you. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have met Ji Shiting.”

Mu Yanhuai’s face turned even more sullen.

Ye Shengge had actually thought he was sincere in apologizing, but it seemed that she was too naive. That’s right. How could such a despicable and shameless person be so easily enlightened? That man probably only felt that he was unlucky and wouldn’t reflect on whether something had happened to him.

Before Mu Yanhuai could say anything, Ye Shengge lifted her dress and left. The hem of the dress flowed over Mu Yanhuai’s feet. He stared at his feet as if he was possessed.

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