Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1227

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Li Yinian bit her lip hard, feeling confused.

Why did Qiao Yanze come over to cause trouble?

However, Li Changdong turned to look at her with a scheming smile. “Is Fourth Young Master here for you?”

Li Yinian didn’t answer him. Instead, she walked past him and left the room, quickly going downstairs.

Qiao Yanze sat down on the sofa in the living room and took the tea from Mrs. Li. He thanked her and placed the cup on the coffee table. He happened to meet her gaze the moment he looked up.

Perhaps because he had just exchanged pleasantries with Mrs. Li, the man’s smile had yet to disappear, but Li Yinian felt that he was unfamiliar.

However, after seeing her, his gaze immediately changed. The faint smile on his face had melted completely, and it was replaced with a strange depth. He stared at her almost unblinkingly, as if he wanted to see the depths of her soul.

Li Yinian felt even more strange. She quickened her pace and almost jogged to him.

“What are you doing here?” She lowered her voice, breathing heavily.

Qiao Yanze’s Adam’s apple bobbed and he said hoarsely, “Get you out of here.”

“No need. This is my house. I can leave if I want to and stay if I want to. They can’t trap me.” Li Yinian sounded annoyed. “Leave now! Be careful that Li Changdong will blackmail you!”

Qiao Yanze didn’t say anything, his eyes still fixed on her face.

For a moment, Li Yinian even felt a bone-deep pain in his eyes.

Her heart skipped a beat. Just as she was about to continue persuading him, the man stood up from the sofa.

He looked behind Li Yinian and smiled. “Uncle Li.”

Li Changdong rushed over. Before he could say anything, he heard Qiao Yanze’s greeting and was overjoyed. He swallowed the words “Fourth Young Master” and changed them to “Yanze”.

“Why are you free to come to your Uncle Li’s?” Li Changdong smiled and glanced at Li Yinian. “What a coincidence. Yinian just got home today. Look, she couldn’t wait to see you as soon as she heard you were here. Girls can’t be kept at home… Why are you still standing there? Hurry up and invite Yanze to sit.”

He urged Li Yinian.

The Li family and the Qiao family had never interacted much in the past. Today, Qiao Yanze did not come personally and even gave him enough respect. Of course, Li Changdong knew why, so he was very understanding.

Li Yinian’s expression turned cold. She stared at Qiao Yanze with a fierce gaze.

“Uncle Li, Yinian is throwing a tantrum with me.” Qiao Yanze’s smile deepened. He said sincerely, “It’s my fault. She finally came back from Vienna, but I made her angry. It’s all my fault.”

Li Changdong’s face lit up. He knew that Qiao Yanze was most likely interested in Li Yinian, but he didn’t expect his daughter to be so capable. Obviously, Qiao Yanze was charmed by her. This girl really didn’t tell the truth!

He glared at Li Yinian and said, “How could that be? It must be because this girl is insensible! Sorry for troubling you. Sit down and drink your tea first. I’ll talk to this girl!”

“No, Yinian didn’t do anything wrong. Don’t scold her.” After saying that, Qiao Yanze took a step forward and grabbed Li Yinian’s wrist. His tone was low and gentle. “I’ll apologize to you. Don’t be angry with me, okay?”

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