Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1241

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Li Yinian couldn’t help but sway. Qin Hongyu subconsciously held her.

“Are you alright?” There was worry and misery in his eyes.

Li Yinian’s face was pale. She shook her head slightly, her eyes empty.

She placed most of her weight on Qin Hongyu’s arm, as if this was the only way she could barely stand steadily.

All these years, she had always thought that she was unlucky. Now, it seemed that the so-called luck was ultimately man-made. She thought to herself, ‘Actually, I shouldn’t have been surprised by this outcome. In order to prevent future trouble, Madam Qiao’s actions were completely reasonable, right?’

However, she could not help but feel hatred brewing in her heart. This hatred made her teeth start to chatter, and her internal organs tensed up because of the pain. She could not help but bend down.

Qin Hongyu was even more shocked. He subconsciously grabbed her waist and supported her body.

“Yinian! There’s a bed here. Lie down for a while!” He sounded anxious and his forehead was covered in sweat. As he spoke, he quickly helped her to the bed.

The woman’s pale face almost made his heart clench up.

Although Li Yinian sat down, she had no intention of lying down.

“I’m fine,” she said weakly. Then, she closed her eyes. When she opened them again, all the emotions in her eyes had disappeared without a trace. There was only an almost cold calmness, but her face was still as pale as a sheet of paper.

Qin Hongyu gritted his teeth, looking angry and heartbroken.

Seeing her reaction, he immediately understood that her situation was not an accident. Someone had done it on purpose.

He knew that this woman’s past was complicated, but he couldn’t think of anyone who could bear to do this to her. He wanted to find that person and take revenge—but he also knew that he wasn’t qualified yet.

“Don’t worry. Even so, it’s not impossible for you to be cured.” Qin Hongyu sounded anxious. “Trust me!”

Li Yinian’s eyelashes fluttered as she looked up and gave him a pale and weak smile. “Thank you, but don’t worry. No matter what the outcome is, I’m mentally prepared.”

In fact, she didn’t have much hope, so she hadn’t even thought about getting treatment in the past few years. However, now that she had started a new life, she had to have some hope before life could continue.

She was just surprised that she could still feel hatred. Did this mean that she wasn’t completely numb? But so what if she hated him? In the end, she couldn’t do anything. Even though Madam Qiao had completely sacrificed her, she was doing it to protect Qiao Yanze.

Qiao Yanze… This name was enough to suppress all her hatred and grievances.

Thinking of this, her smile became even more dismal.

Qin Hongyu’s eyes were filled with pain. He subconsciously said, “Yinian! Let the past be the past! I’ll take care of you in the future!”

Li Yinian suddenly snapped back to reality.

She looked at the heartache on Qin Hongyu’s face and suddenly felt bitter.

“Doctor Qin, I’m definitely not a good match for you. You should know this.”

“I’m not being impulsive! I know your situation. I don’t care about anything!” he said anxiously. “As long as you’re willing to give me this chance!”

Li Yinian was stunned.

After a long time, she said, “Doctor Qin, I can’t fall in love with anyone else. Of course, that includes you.”

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