Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1257

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6:30 p.m. Vienna time.

Li Yinian went to the supermarket to buy some groceries after class. When she returned, she went straight to the kitchen and started cooking dinner.

As she was cutting the vegetables, her heart suddenly skipped a beat. This sudden heartbeat made her lose focus for a moment and she accidentally cut her finger.

She quickly put down the kitchen knife and took a tissue to wrap the wound.

The wound wasn’t deep, so she didn’t feel any pain. However, the throbbing in her heart hadn’t subsided, as if something extremely bad was happening, making her feel uneasy.

This strange feeling even made her think of telepathy. However, just as this thought appeared in her mind, she could not help but laugh.

Qin Hongyu entered at this moment.

He was on duty in the afternoon, so he came back later than usual. He didn’t see Li Yinian in the living room, so he went straight to the kitchen.

“I knew you were here. Let me do it… What’s wrong?” Qin Hongyu smiled when he saw her. However, he suddenly realized that something was wrong.

Then, his gaze landed on Li Yinian’s index finger, which was wrapped in the tissue. There was red blood seeping through the tissue.

His expression changed as he strode over to her and grabbed her hand. “Did you cut your hand? Didn’t I tell you not to cook and to do it when I get back?”

“I have nothing to do anyway…” Li Yinian answered reluctantly, still feeling uneasy.

However, Qin Hongyu thought that it was because her wound hurt.

“Come, sit down and rest first. I’ll get you the first aid kit,” Qin Hongyu said decisively and pulled her out of the kitchen.

Li Yinian didn’t refuse.

After she sat on the sofa, the man immediately turned around to look for the first aid kit. Li Yinian looked at her phone.

She subconsciously picked up her phone with her uninjured hand and clicked into Weibo to take a look. No, there was no news at all. After all, Qiao Yanze was a public figure. If anything had happened to him, it was impossible for the media not to report any news.

At this moment, all her social media tools were silent. There were no messages or calls.

She was indeed worrying for nothing.

Li Yinian found it ridiculous. It was indeed ridiculous for her to worry about the safety of this man because of just a random palpitation.

After a while, Qin Hongyu came over with a medical kit and grabbed her hand to disinfect it.

She was amused. “It’s not that serious.”

“Be careful. The kitchen knife comes into contact with so many bacteria every day. What if you catch tetanus?” Qin Hongyu said sternly. “I’m a doctor. You should listen to me.”

Li Yinian had no choice but to let him be.

When Qin Hongyu was bandaging her wound, Li Yinian couldn’t help but look at his face.

He was indeed a very, very good man. He was handsome, successful in his career, gentle, attentive, and patient. Most importantly, he respected her very much. Although Qin Hongyu would enter her house almost every day, he would always take the initiative to leave at night. He had never made things difficult for Li Yinian.

He was a man who made her feel safe. Li Yinian believed that if she could accept him, her future life would definitely be very peaceful and warm.

However, that was all. In the end, she still couldn’t fall for him. They were good together, but they lacked passion.

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