Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1291

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Chapter 1291: Untitled

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“This information recorded the woman’s short life in detail. Of course, it also included her experience as Qiao Fengnian’s lover and… her pregnancy and childbirth.”

“However, from the date, it was probably before and after she broke up with Qiao Fengnian.”

This didn’t seem to mean that Li Yinian wasn’t Qiao Fengnian’s daughter.


“Moreover, this information showed that Wen Yan had never dated another man after Qiao Fengnian. At least, it wasn’t a long-term relationship. Otherwise, it would be impossible for T.S. to not be able to find out with its information security system.”

Qiao Yanze pursed his lips and fell into deep thought.

“Although he had obtained Li Yinian’s DNA sample, Qiao Fengnian’s hair was not easy to obtain. After all, there was very little intimacy between father and son. Qiao Fengnian would at most pat his children’s shoulders to express his admiration.”

“Qiao Fengnian’s assistants were also loyal. If he wanted to be an assistant, it would be difficult for him not to alert the enemy.”

“Perhaps there was another way, which was to ask his mother.”

“But if all of this was really Madam Qiao’s scheme… After all, she was his biological mother. How should he face her in the future?”

“Qiao Yanze pursed his lips and frowned. Although he had raised this possibility to Li Yinian and it sounded very likely, he would rather the results be wrong.”

“He closed the email, closed his eyes, and let out a long breath.”

He could only find another opportunity.

He picked up his phone and called Gu Yimo.

“Gu Yimo had also been injured in the car accident, but his condition was even better than Qiao Yanze’s. He had stayed in the hospital for a night before being discharged after Qiao Yanze woke up. Then, he had been alive and kicking after resting for less than two days.”

“However, it was a car accident after all. His parents had caught him and he had to stay at home to recuperate for many days. His ears even hurt from the calls. Now that he received Qiao Yanze’s call, he immediately found an opportunity to slip out.”

He arrived at the Jade Spring Palace in less than an hour.

“””Don’t tell me you want to have a drink with me again? My parents told me not to get too close to you for the time being lest I get implicated by you.”” Gu Yimo sat down in front of him. “”Your family’s internal strife is very serious. Even people like my parents have heard about it.”””

“Gu Yimo’s family was not rich, but he was related to the Li family after all. At least he could hear the gossip.”

Qiao Yanze pursed his lips in response. He frowned slightly and seemed to be pondering something.

“Gu Yimo stared at him for a while and said hesitantly, “”Are you alright? Didn’t the doctor say that you only had a slight concussion after the car accident? Why do you look so haggard?”””

The man’s eyes were bloodshot. He looked like he hadn’t slept for at least two days.

“””Is it possible for there to be errors in a DNA test to check if someone is my half-sister?”” Qiao Yanze suddenly asked.”

“Gu Yimo was stunned for a moment and said hesitantly, “”Half-siblings… It’s not impossible, but it’ll be more troublesome and not accurate. We usually run DNA tests determine the biological relationship between individuals and their biological father. That would help determine if you are half-siblings.”” “””

“Qiao Yanze’s pupils constricted and his fingers tightened. “”In other words… the results might not be credible if we appraise it directly?”””

“””Uh… You can’t say that.”” Gu Yimo thought for a bit and said, “”Actually, the results of DNA tests always depend on the possibility. Medical science can’t provide a 100% certainty.”””


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