Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1298

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“Chapter 1298: Maybe We Can’t Get Married, But That Doesn’t Mean We Can’t Be Together ”

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“””No need.”” Qiao Yanze rejected. “”It concerns my reputation. It’s better to figure it out now. Father, what do you think?”” ”

“Qiao Fengnian looked at him and said, “”How much do you know about this?”” ”

“””I basically know everything.”” Qiao Yanze didn’t hide it anymore. He smiled and said sarcastically, “”But I didn’t expect this appraisal report to be saved. It’s hard for Brother to find it.”” ”


“””Does that mean this appraisal report is true?”” Qiao Fengnian’s face darkened. ”

“””I’m inclined to think that there’s something wrong with this paternity test report.”” Qiao Yanze smiled. “”If Yinian is really your daughter, how could you not notice?”” ”

“That’s right, this was also where Qiao Fengnian’s doubts lay. ”

However… there were exceptions to everything.

“Qiao Yanxun sneered. “”Something wrong with the report? Then why don’t you call Li Yinian back and do another test?”” ”

“Qiao Yanze raised an eyebrow. “”Then, if Yinian is really our sister, she’ll be qualified to split the assets under Father’s name, right?”” ”

“Qiao Yanxun couldn’t help retorting, “”Even if she’s really my father’s daughter, what right does an illegitimate daughter have to get a share of the assets?”” ”

“””Third Sister, you should really study the inheritance law.”” Qiao Yanze smiled. “”Of course, it depends on Father’s intentions, but Yinian is fully qualified.”” ”

“””We’ll talk about that later!”” Qiao Fengnian said impatiently. “”Yanze, if that girl is really my daughter, it’s not your fault… It’s my negligence. You didn’t know before, so no one can say anything about you. However, you have to draw the line in the future. You can’t meet alone!”” ”

Qiao Fengnian’s words set the tone for this matter.

“Qiao Yanxun said indignantly, “”Dad! He knew it a long time ago, but he kept pestering us! It’s meaningless even if he agrees today!”” ”

“””Yanxun!”” Qiao Fengnian glared at him coldly. “”You’re getting more and more rash!”” ”

“Perhaps it was because of many things that had happened recently, but Qiao Yanxun had become more and more unstable. Now that he had been reprimanded by Qiao Fengnian, he finally couldn’t take it anymore. ”

“””You’re biased! What’s so good about him? Do you think so highly of him? I’m clearly your eldest son! All these years, I’m the one who’s been at your beck and call and contributed to the company! If it weren’t for me, he wouldn’t even have been able to enter the board of directors!”” Qiao Yanxun roared, his index finger almost touching Qiao Yanze’s forehead. ”

“””Brother, don’t be angry.”” Qiao Yanze smiled calmly. “”You’re right. There’s no point in me making promises here because I love Yinian. I’ll still meet her in private in the future. Perhaps we can’t get married, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be together.”” ”

“After Qiao Yanze finished speaking, Qiao Yanxun immediately looked like he was being strangled by something. He looked incredulous. ”

“Qiao Fengnian also seemed furious. “”Yanze! You’re crazy!”” ”

“All the directors were shocked, and their disapproving or regretful gazes landed on Qiao Yanze. ”

“Qiao Yansen and Qiao Yanni exchanged looks of joy. Qiao Yanze had no hope now, but Qiao Yanxun’s actions would definitely make the board of directors unhappy, and their father would most likely be dissatisfied with him. If the two of them fought, they would be the ones to benefit. ”


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