Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1316

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Chapter 1316: 1316

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“The woman in his arms trembled violently, but she didn’t struggle or refuse. Not only that, she even opened her lips slightly and let the man smoothly enter her. ”

“At that moment, Qiao yanze felt so unreal that he even suspected that he was dreaming. But soon, he threw all these thoughts to the back of his mind-no matter what her initiative meant, it didn’t matter. ”

“He pressed and sucked on her soft lips and tongue almost ferociously. The kind of ruthlessness that made him want to tear her apart and eat her up made the kiss seem primitive and rough, as if it was only the purest and most real way to vent. However, as their breathing became heavier and heavier, the kiss was inevitably stained with lust and ambiguity. ”


“It was only when the woman in his arms clutched his shoulder so tightly that he could not ignore it that Qiao yanze let go of her with a low gasp, but his arm was still tightly wrapped around her waist. ”

“The woman’s breathing was messy. She opened her eyes wide and said incoherently, “” Qiao yanze, I’m not Yingluo. I’m just Yingluo. I don’t know Yingluo. ”

Qiao yanze almost laughed out loud when he heard the meaningless phrases.

“””I understand. This doesn’t mean that you’ve accepted me.”” He said in a hoarse voice, “” but it’s not important now, Yingluo. ”

“Before he could finish his sentence, he leaned over again and covered her lips with his. Perhaps he was trying to arouse her desire, but compared to the previous kiss, this kiss was more lingering. He sucked her lips carefully and patiently, leaving his breath and mark in every corner of her mouth. After this kiss, the woman had completely collapsed in his arms. ”

“Qiao yanze’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he carried her in his arms and strode towards the bedroom, throwing her on the soft bed. ”

“Li Yinian let out a muffled groan. She stared at the beautiful chandeliers on the ceiling, her mind still in a mess. Her rationality kept telling her that this was wrong and that it would only make things worse. However, when the man had taken advantage of her, she suddenly felt that he was right. None of that was important now. ”

“For the past three years, every time they had been intimate, she had been filled with a huge sense of guilt and self-loathing. At least for this moment, she could let go of everything and simply immerse herself in it. ”

“It was as if there was a force holding her back. By the time she reacted, she had already ripped the man’s shirt open and her hands were on his hard chest. ”

“In Qiao yanze’s eyes, her expression could even be considered fierce. ”

“He laughed hoarsely, then grabbed her hand and placed it on his lips for a kiss. His voice was low and hoarse, with a comforting tone.””Don’t worry, I’m Yours tonight.”” ”

“Li Yinian’s lips quivered. She wanted to retort, but before she could say anything, something seemed to be stuck in her throat, and her vision was a blur. ”

Qiao yanze’s throat moved and he kissed her eyes.


“Li Yinian could not remember when she had fallen asleep, or perhaps she had fainted. Her memories were in a mess, but her sensory memories were clearer than ever. The man’s burning temperature seemed to be branded on her soul, making her tremble. ”

“Qiao yanze had obviously suppressed it for a long time. Even though he wanted to slow down at the beginning, he lost control not long after, causing her to be in pain for a while. However, even though it was painful, it made her happy and satisfied. ”

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