Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 134

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Chapter 134:

Sorry for Making You Wait

At this moment, Su Han was walking up to the stage with an experienced actor.

Qin Youhui was a bit anxious. His partner was Ye Shengge, but she hadn’t shown up yet.

He suddenly saw a red figure from the corner of his eyes.

He looked over, and even though he’d seen countless beauties before, he still couldn’t help gasping.

Ye Shengge was wearing a red satin gown, and she walked over with a smile. As she walked, the black and gold embroidery on the gown was both mysterious and luxurious, and the white silk on it made her look more innocent and seductive.

She was tall, had exquisite makeup on, and her sweet smile looked a bit lazy. Even the rose on her face looked alluring. Even the luxurious gown didn’t make her look timid at all.

Ye Shengge walked to him and smiled. “Sorry for making you wait.”

She then grabbed his arm.

The host announced their names.

Qin Youhui coughed lightly and said, “Let’s go.”

Following behind were Mu Xiaoya and Ying Xiaoyu.

Mu Xiaoya had been quite satisfied with the arrangement as she was going to be the finale, but her face changed when she saw Ye Shengge.

Especially so when she thought that the gown belonged to her. She couldn’t have felt more humiliated.

“Ms. Mu…” Ying Xiaoyu said awkwardly. “It’s our turn.”

Mu Xiaoya clenched her teeth, trying her best to hold in her jealousy and indignation.

However, she couldn’t figure out why Ye Shengge was like that. A month ago, that woman was just a manager who had been helping her arrange everything like a mother. Yet now, that woman had become the lead actress of ‘Xue Ning’ and stolen her limelight multiple times.

Particularly when she walked onto the runway with Ying Xiaoyu. No one paid any attention to her.

“Where did Ye Shengge come from? She’s had an aura like a superstar, yet she’s been a manager for three years.”

“Besides, did you notice her gown? It’s Valentino. I saw it at the show in Milan a month ago. How did she get her hands on that?”

“Right right. I know. This gown isn’t even on sale. Who exactly is she?”

“Did you guys notice? She always paints a flower on her face when she shows up in public. Previously, it was peony. What a weird hobby.”

Mu Xiaoya smiled a little upon hearing that.

Huh? Strange hobby? That’s because Ye Shengge had an ugly birthmark on her face! Did you all think it’s because of her personality?

Mu Xiaoya finally walked onto the stage.

Ye Shengge was already seated, and she was listening to Director Xu with a smile on her face.

Mu Xiaoya had a strange smile on her face. When she walked past Ye Shengge, she accidentally stepped on the corner of her dress.

And then, there was a loud tearing sound.

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