Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 136

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Chapter 136: I’m Afraid You’ll Bully Her

On stage, the host was posing questions to the cast in order, and Su Han was the one speaking now.

Xu Xiangjie was smiling as he listened. Suddenly, he felt his phone ring.

He had specially set the message notification for a certain big boss.

Xu Xiangjie broke out in a cold sweat. Was the big boss displeased?

Xu Xiangjie immediately pretended to cough, bent down and drew out his phone.

Indeed… something had happened.

He couldn’t see the comments on the stage, so he didn’t know that Mu Xiaoya’s die-hard fan had made this scandal public. If he didn’t do something to turn the situation around, he might end up dead.

He coughed and picked up the phone, “Is it Shengge’s turn next?”

The host was momentarily stumped. “Yes.”

“Shengge is the lead actress I’ve chosen. Let me do it.” Xu Xiangjie smiled and said. “I’m afraid you’ll bully her.”

Although the host didn’t understand what was going on, he could tell that Xu Xiangjie was trying to defend her. Thus, he smiled and said, “Okay, Director Xu.”

Ye Shengge was slightly confused, and she looked towards Xu Xiangjie.

Xu Xiangjie first asked a few regular questions about whether he liked the role or not, then he changed the topic, “Shengge, the dress you’re wearing today is Valentino right?”

“That’s right.” Ye Shengge was a bit surprised, then she smiled and said, “I prepared a gown from M Family, but I don’t know why it got damaged. So I could only ask my family for help to prepare another one.”

She looked a bit embarrassed and continued. “Isn’t this a bit too grand? I didn’t expect my family to send this.”

“It isn’t too grand at all. You can only blame yourself for damaging the gown you prepared in the first place.” Xu Xiangjie chuckled. “But it’s such a pity that your dress is torn.”

“It’s a shame…” Ye Shengge felt sorry for him.

She didn’t have the rights to the dress, so she would have to pay if Ji Shiting got mad.

“Thank God Xiaoya is willing to pay.” She smiled at Mu Xiaoya.

The two of them talked to Mu Xiaoya, and Mu Xiaoya couldn’t take it anymore. “I wasn’t the one who damaged your gown!”

“Ah!” Ye Shengge’s eyes widened. “Are you going to deny it, Xiaoya? Everyone saw it…”

Mu Xiaoya had only wanted to say that she had nothing to do with the gown from M Family, but Ye Shengge had twisted it and cheated on her. She was about to explode!

However, she still remembered that it was a live broadcast, so she said through gritted teeth, “That’s not what I meant… I’ll pay up.”

However, all the audience saw how upset she looked through the live broadcast.

All of a sudden, the public opinion on the comments changed.

“Is Mu Xiaoya really a nice person? How shameless of her to try to deny it after tearing the gown.”

“She’s such a schemer and even pretended to look like she was wronged when she was actually the one in the wrong.”

“Fans who were feeling sorry for Mu Xiaoya are you ashamed now?” Someone who disliked Mu Xiaoya mocked.

“I really like Ye Shengge! She’s so beautiful and nice. She was just a little shy when Director Xu asked her that question.”

“Yes, yes. So cute.”

“She’s only stepped onto this stage, and I reckon Valentino is just a regular dress to her. She doesn’t even have the self-awareness of a super big shot. She’s got a great air about her!”

“I’m looking forward to her role of Xue Ning!”

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