Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1364

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Qiao yanze, you’re being unreasonable. li Yinian was a little angry. She had wanted to clear things up with him, but to her surprise, the man’s eyes were already red and his breathing was unusually heavy as if his emotions were extremely tense.

She was suddenly stunned.

Qiao yanze, ” she said in a low voice, putting her hand on the back of his.

The man held both of her hands tightly in his palms. His tightly pursed thin lips moved, but in the end, he did not say anything. Only his throat moved.

hubby Yingluo, ” she called again, her voice getting softer. don’t be afraid, I’ll be fine. I can’t bear to leave you and the child behind.”


Qiao yanze pressed his hand against her forehead, only spitting out a word hoarsely after a long while, ” “Yes, you’re not allowed to be hurt.” She was like a child who had finally calmed down after getting a promise.

why don’t we go to the hospital tomorrow? ” she raised her head and kissed his chin. just in case.

Qiao yanze exhaled slowly. “I was too impatient. Since you don’t like the hospital, you can still go a few days later.”

However, li Yinian’s heart felt extremely sour. She knew that the man had been very irascible recently, but she did not expect him to be so afraid and worried.

It was probably because everything they had now was hard to come by, and they didn’t want to bear any more parting.

Fortunately, fate had decided to be kind to the end.

Half a month later, li Yinian gave birth to a baby girl who weighed 1.5 kilograms. Qiao yanze, who had been waiting outside the delivery room for a few hours, felt tears welling up in his eyes when he heard that the mother and daughter were safe. The nurse had just finished tidying up and he rushed to the delivery room without even looking at the baby. When he saw li Yinian who had fallen asleep from exhaustion, his tensed nerves finally relaxed.

When the good news reached the Qiao family, Qiao fengnian mumbled why it wasn’t a boy, but he ended up getting a beating from Madam Qiao, who ordered him to never mention the child’s gender again.

“So what if she’s your granddaughter? My granddaughter can still achieve great things! I won’t let her be like me, only knowing how to revolve around men and children her entire life, almost forcing herself to become a pervert!”

Qiao fengnian stammered in agreement, but he didn’t dare to say a word of rebuttal.

Of course, li Yinian and Qiao yanze had no idea about this conversation.

Qiao yanze did not care about the child’s gender at all. He stayed by the bed, looking at the woman’s pale but still beautiful face, but his mind was filled with the bits and pieces of their acquaintance. The beauty who seemed to be out of this world back then was not only his wife but also the mother of his child.

He took her hand and brought it to his lips, realizing how lucky he was.

After a while, the nurse came in with the baby in swaddling clothes. She chuckled. Mr. Qiao, your daughter is so beautiful. She’ll definitely be a beauty in the future.

Qiao yanze was stunned. Looking at the swaddle in the nurse’s hand and the little person in the swaddle, his heart suddenly started beating wildly.

He took a deep breath, reached out, and carefully held the child in his arms. Fortunately, he had some experience in carrying Ah Chen and Qing ‘er, so although his movements were stiff, he was not unfamiliar with them.

The little girl was only five pounds and looked unbelievably small, so he didn’t dare to use any strength. How could a newborn be good-looking? with red skin and small facial features, besides a sharp nose, Qiao yanze could not see any potential for the child to be a beauty.

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