Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1374

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“I can see that teacher Ji is looking forward to it.” Li Yinian broke into laughter. you’re the one who finds it troublesome.

Ye Shengge chuckled.

Lin Qi could not help but add, ” Qing ‘er, let me tell you. It’s not hard to be a bride. Although it takes a long time to put on makeup, the bride will still be very beautiful! You guys go out first, you’ll see the effect later.”

Qing ‘er blinked in anticipation.

“There’s still half an hour left. Hurry up.” Li Yinian reminded them with a smile as she held the children’s hands. let’s go. We’ll get uncle Jin to bring you some desserts.


The two little guys nodded obediently. Ye Shengge waved her hand, and ye Shengge could only blink back.

After the two children left, she waited for another five minutes before her makeup was finally done.

“Hurry, put on your wedding dress!” Lin Qi commanded again.

The stylists hurriedly helped ye Shengge up and helped her put on the wedding dress. This task alone took 15 minutes, and then they put on all kinds of headwear and jewelry. It was a mess again.

After it was done, the stylist held ye Shengge in front of the mirror in a secret and excited tone, ” “Madam, how are you feeling?”

Ye Shengge didn’t have time to look at herself in the mirror before she heard gasps behind her.

It was Lin Qi and Jing Tong.

Jing Tong had just walked in and couldn’t help but exclaim when he saw the newly-minted bride in the mirror.

Ye Shengge finally saw herself in the mirror.

For a moment, she even felt that the woman in the mirror was a stranger.

She was indeed a top makeup artist and stylist. Her makeup today was not heavy and she looked very fresh and natural. However, it cleverly highlighted all her strengths. The woman’s eyes were bright, her lips were smiling, and her face was light pink. One look and you could tell that she was a woman immersed in happiness. It complemented the exquisite and luxurious wedding dress.

“Shengge, teacher Ji is coming in.” Jing Tong finally recovered from his shock and remembered his mission. are you ready? ”

Ye Shengge chuckled at herself in the mirror and said, ” “I’m ready, let him in.”

Jing Tong’s heart was filled with a faint sense of envy and disappointment, but she quickly suppressed these emotions. She smiled slightly, turned around, and opened the dressing room door.

Ji shiting walked in. Ye Shengge also turned around and looked at him with a smile.

The man was dressed in his usual suit. Perhaps it was the gentleness in his eyes that made him look more noble and elegant than ever. His eyes darkened when he saw the bride dressed in such a splendid attire. His gaze moved from her Grand dress to her slender waist that was outlined by the wedding dress, then to her chest, then to her slender neck like a Swan, and finally to her face.

It was only now that their eyes met.

Ji shiting’s Adam’s apple moved, he exhaled slowly, and his lips curved up.

The dressing room was extremely quiet. Whether it was the stylist, Lin Qi, or Jing Tong, they all felt breathless. It was not only because of their outstanding appearances, but also because of the aura between the two.

Whether it was the curve of their lips or the gentle look in their eyes, it made them a world of their own, and no one could interfere.

That kind of purity where they only had each other in their eyes made Jing Tong even have an impulse to cry.

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