Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1390

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Chapter 1390: 1390

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No wonder her teachers used to say that she wasn’t stupid, she just didn’t put in the effort.

Jiang Yu glanced at her and nodded slightly. “That’s right. Good luck in the exam. ”


“Don’t worry, I won’t let you lose face!” Jing Tong patted his chest. you should go back and rest. I’ll have to trouble you tonight.

Jiang Yu looked at the time and nodded.

He stood up and habitually pushed the chair to the desk. Jing Tong happened to stand up as well, but for some reason, she tripped over the chair.

ah! Jing Tong screamed, but she still couldn’t stop herself. She threw herself at him. Jiang Yu subconsciously held her waist to support her body, but the woman’s soft chest hit him directly. The man was in a daze and lost his balance from the impact, forced to fall back.

With his skills, he could easily resolve this crisis, but if he did that, Jing Tong would inevitably fall to the ground. He could only resist the urge to turn over and stand up, allowing himself to fall to the ground firmly, becoming a human cushion for this woman.

Although the floor was carpeted, he still groaned in pain, and his brows furrowed-it had been many years since he had been in such a sorry state.

At this moment, Jing Tong’s entire person was a little dazed. Although she didn’t fall to the ground, it was still uncomfortable to fall on this man. However, she quickly met the man’s dark and deep eyes. She shuddered and her face immediately turned red.

I didn’t mean it, ” she explained as she tried to get up. However, when she tried to move, she fell back onto the man’s body.

She soon found the reason-Jiang Yu’s arm was firmly wrapped around her waist, and his palm was hurting her waist. Moreover, the pajamas were light, and the temperature of the man’s palm passed through the thin layer of clothing to her body. It was so hot that the skin on her waist seemed to be on fire.

She was embarrassed and angry, struggling to push his arm away.”Let go!”

Jiang Yu furrowed his brows and said hoarsely, ” “Don’t move!”

The woman’s soft body rubbed against his body, and his tense nerves almost broke.

Although Jing Tong didn’t know what had happened, seeing the man’s expression of forbearance, she guessed that he must have fallen quite badly, so scared that she didn’t dare to move.

She stammered,”Yingluo, are you alright?” Are you alright?”

Jiang Yu’s throat moved, and his chest heaved up and down slightly as if he was trying to suppress something. After a while, he released his palm.

“It’s done.”

Jing Tong heaved a sigh of relief and hurriedly climbed up with both her hands and feet. Who knew that the chair that was in the way was right behind her? when she got up, her left foot was hooked on the chair again, so she very unluckily fell back onto the man’s body.

Jiang Yu groaned again, his expression pained.

Jing Tong’s face was almost burning.

I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean to, ” she explained with a sad face. She kicked the chair away and tried to get up again.

However, when she moved her legs, she touched an indescribable existence. She was stunned for a moment. Two seconds later, she suddenly understood what it was.

Jing Tong screamed again, rolling and crawling to the side. Unfortunately, she happened to see that terrifying existence from the corner of her eye. She quickly covered her eyes with her hands and screamed, ” “Jiang Yu, you hooligan!”

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