Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1396

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Chapter 1396: You will probably not be able to get a wife in this lifetime.

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This question made Jiang Yu fall into silence. He frowned slightly. With one hand on the desk and the other still holding the empty cup, he seemed to be in deep thought.


Jing Tong waited for a while but did not get an answer, and her heart felt even more stifled.

She raised her head and took in the man’s thoughtful expression.

“Is this a difficult question?” She suddenly sneered and asked in a hoarse voice.

Only then did Jiang Yu look at her. After a moment of hesitation, he said slowly, ” “I don’t know how to explain it.”

Jing Tong put her feet on the chair. This position not only made it convenient for her to hug her knees, but also gave her a sense of security.

“Explain it however you think.” She looked up at him, her tone unconsciously tinged with ridicule.

Jiang Yu looked at her for a few seconds and finally said, ” you know, I’ve never had many members of the opposite sex in my life, and I don’t have much time to maintain a relationship with them.

Jing Tong raised an eyebrow and made a gesture of listening attentively.

“And I’m going to start a new family. Relatively speaking, you’re the most suitable candidate. After all, you were the only girl who participated in my life back then.” Jiang Yu paused and continued, ” we grew up in a similar environment, and you happen to be familiar with my circle and understand my work. At the same time, our personalities complement each other, so we won’t have too much trouble getting along.

Jing Tong’s expression still did not change much. After waiting for a few seconds and not hearing the next sentence, she smiled.”Are you done?”

Jiang Yu keenly sensed danger from these three words.

“I know you’re doubting whether I can be a good husband. I will prove this to you in the future. The condition is that you’re willing to give me the chance.” After he finished speaking, he looked at her deeply with his dark eyes.

“I understand.” Jing Tong nodded.

then, Yingluo. Jiang Yu’s voice sounded more tense.

“You want to know my answer?” Jing Tong suddenly revealed a big smile, but there was no trace of a smile in his eyes. I have to say, your explanation is not out of my expectations at all. I’m starting to feel that unless it’s a political marriage, you’ll probably never get a wife in your life.”

Jiang Yu’s eyes darkened and his expression grew colder.

“So, you’re going to reject me.” He calmly said, ” again? ”

“Are you surprised?” Jing Tong gritted his teeth. you’ve said so much, but in summary, you feel that I’m very suitable for you, and the starting point is also what you need! May I ask why I should agree to your proposal? Do I look like an idiot? Jiang Yu, look into my eyes. Do I look stupid?”

Jiang Yu’s pupils contracted and his breathing became heavier.

“You’re more likely to use this excuse to deceive those ordinary little girls.” Jing Tong raised her chin, her expression haughty. get this straight, I’ve been the eldest daughter of the Jing family for twenty-two years. It’s always been others who are satisfied and accommodate me. When was it my turn to accommodate others? ” Do you think my domineering reputation is for nothing? When I pursued you, it was because I was young and insensible. I was blinded by the so-called love. But I’m sorry, my rationality has returned.”

“You might have misunderstood me. I’m not asking you to accommodate me.” Jiang Yu explained calmly, ” to be honest, if you agree, I won’t ask for anything from you after we get married.

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