Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1401

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Chapter 1401: With you around, Sir’s appetite is better.

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Jing Tong, however, only felt baffled. She silently cursed him as a “lunatic” before burying her head to eat breakfast.

The Jiang residence’s breakfast was very simple. It was just ordinary soy milk, deep-fried dough sticks, soup buns, and the like, but it was made very exquisitely and delicious. Jing Tong ate it very contentedly.


Ever since her father’s accident, it had been a long time since she had such an appetizing breakfast. She had been pampered since she was a child and could not eat Western food, nor could she stand takeaway. Although she cooked by herself, she did not even like her own skills. She had been eating for the past few years just to not starve to death. It was really not an enjoyment.

It was rare for her to be able to eat to her heart’s content at Jiang Yu’s place, so of course she wouldn’t hold back. As for her image, she didn’t need to care about it in front of this man.

Jiang Yu didn’t pick up his chopsticks at first. Instead, he stared at her intently. When he saw the woman squinting her eyes and looking happy, his Adam’s apple bobbed and he suddenly had an appetite.

He smiled and picked up his chopsticks.


The two of them finished their breakfast.

After the meal, Jing Tong rubbed her belly in satisfaction. When Jiang Yu bid him farewell, she didn’t even glance at him.

However, when the servant came over to clean up the table, she was all smiles. “Miss Jing, with you around, Sir’s appetite is better.”

“He has always had a good appetite.” Jing Tong didn’t think so.

Men had a lot of activity, and their metabolism was particularly fast. No matter how much they ate, they wouldn’t lose their figure.

“No, I haven’t. Since the start of the election, Sir’s appetite had been plummeting. Even though he didn’t say it, I could tell that he was under a lot of pressure.” The maid sighed. didn’t you notice that Sir has lost weight? ”

Jing Tong was stunned for a moment, and then decisively shook his head. “I didn’t find anything.”

She didn’t care about this man at all. Why would she notice if he had gained weight or lost weight?

The maid was a little disappointed, but she didn’t say much. She just smiled and said, ” brother Duan has brought your luggage over. It’s in the living room.

Brother Duan’s name was Duan Zhe, and he was one of Jiang Yu’s guards. When Jing Tong walked into the living room, she realized that he was the one who had accompanied Jiang Yu to the wedding in Sun City two days ago.

She looked at the luggage on the ground and nodded. “Thank you. Please help me deliver it to my room.”

“You’re too polite.” Duan Zhe nodded. He carried a huge suitcase in each hand and went up to the second floor, leaving Jing Tong speechless.

Jiang Yu’s guards used to be his subordinates in the Army. They were his Administrative Secretaries, his personal secretaries, and his bodyguards and confidants. Once Jiang Yu became the president, these people would be placed in key departments and become Jiang Yu’s important team. Therefore, although this position didn’t sound good, in fact, it wasn’t suitable for non-comprehensive talents. Hence, having boundless strength was only a basic configuration.

Thinking like this, Jing Tong felt at ease.

“Miss Jing, where do you think I should put it?” Duan Zhe asked.

“Just leave it here.” Jing Tong casually pointed to a place. you don’t have to pack up. Anyway, I’ll be moving out in two days, Yingluo. Speaking of moving out, I remember Jiang Yu ordered you to do so, right? ” Yingluo, how’s the search for my apartment going?”

uh … Duan Zhe was stunned for a moment, and a suspicious blush appeared on his face. I’m looking, I’m looking.

“I’ll have to trouble you!” Jing Tong didn’t notice anything wrong and instead said sincerely, ” as long as the transportation and facilities are complete, it’s fine. I’m not picky about anything else. Try to keep the budget within five thousand Yuan, Yingluo.

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