Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1597

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Chapter 1597: Could it be that his relationship with miss Jing Tong is in danger?

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“That’s right.” Jing Tong also quickly understood this logic. She raised her head, and although her eyes were still red, her expression was much more relaxed. we’ve all wrongly blamed Grandpa Jiang.

No matter what, this matter had nothing to do with Grandpa Jiang, and she felt very gratified.


“The old man’s usual style is there, you can’t blame us for this.” Jiang Yu pushed the responsibility away rudely.

Jing Tong couldn’t help but smile, and the last heavy stone in his heart was finally lifted.

“You don’t have to be secretly conflicted.” Jiang Yu chuckled.

I’m not conflicted at all, Yingluo. Jing Tong suddenly thought of something. did Chen Zhengfei tell you? ”

“No, I didn’t,” Jiang Yu raised his eyebrows. what happened? ”

Jing Tong was very satisfied. It seemed like Chen Zhengfei was still willing to become her man.

Since Tang Ranran had been lying from the beginning to the end, Jing Tong naturally had no need to hide anything, so he told her everything about his encounter with Tang Ranran in the morning.

After hearing this, Jiang Yu’s expression turned cold. “These people are getting more and more arrogant. Don’t worry, I’ll make the arrangements immediately.”

Jing Tong vigorously nodded.


Because a load on her mind had been resolved, Jing Tong’s mood was much better. In the evening, the two of them had dinner and went for a walk in the courtyard. It was a rare opportunity for them to have half a day of leisure.

A few days later, Xu Wei was officially on trial. With Xu Wei’s own confession, the information that Jiang Yu had gathered, and the evidence left by Jing Zhouyuan, the court summoned Tang Xu and sent him to the defendant’s seat. When the news came out, the whole country was in an uproar.

Back then, Tang Xu used this to attack Jiang Yu. No one expected Tang Xu to be the one who started it and Jing zhinyuan to be involved! But wasn’t Jing zhinyuan Jiang Yu’s father-in-law? What was going on?

Some people suspected that Jiang Yu was waiting for an opportunity to take revenge, but the evidence presented by the prosecution was too strong. In court, Tang Xu was disdainful at first, but as the evidence came out one after another and Xu Wei pointed it out, he finally broke out in a cold sweat and his face turned pale. He couldn’t say anything else. Originally, although he had lost, he could at least stay in the political core. Now, not to mention power, he had even lost his personal freedom. He was destined to spend his future in prison.

The case had been dragged on for a long time, and the officials had never given a complete explanation. They did not expect the police to take action so quickly. The family of the victims had received the compensation they deserved, and the people involved had also received the punishment they deserved. The only person who had escaped was Jing zhinyuan. Some netizens were about to question why Jing zhinyuan wasn’t brought to trial when they saw the official announcement: Jing zhinyuan had already passed away in prison.

This time, everyone had nothing to say.

Some people thought that if Jing zhinyuan hadn’t died, Jiang Yu would have chosen to protect him. However, Jing zhinyuan was already dead, so there was no point in making such assumptions.

As a result, the focus of the public’s attention fell on Jing Tong. Jiang Yu didn’t care about Jing Zhiyuan’s reputation. Could it be that his relationship with miss Jing Tong was in danger?

At this moment, Jing Tong did not care about these discussions at all. What she saw was Tang Xu’s defeat and Tang Ranran’s difficulty in the Parliament. After losing Tang Xu’s political resources, Tang Ranran could no longer be as high-spirited as she used to be. What Jing Tong had experienced, Tang Ranran would also experience it. To this proud woman, it must be a very unpleasant feeling.

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