Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1601

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Chapter 1601: This is a big joke.

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Jing Tong didn’t expect him to actually say this, and couldn’t help but open his mouth wide.

However, Jiang Yu had already taken the suitcase from her. Seeing the woman’s disbelieving expression, a smile flashed across his eyes.


But his face was still calm and indifferent.”Let’s go,” he said.

Let’s go?

Jing Tong only felt a wave of anger rising from the bottom of her heart and rushing to the top of her head. Her hands clenched into fists and she glared fiercely at the man in front of her, trying to make him feel her anger. However, the only response she got was Jiang Yu’s slightly puzzled raised brows.

“What’s wrong?”

What’s wrong?

Very good, very good.

Jing Tong was so angry that he laughed. He directly used his body to push him away and strode downstairs.”It’s nothing! Let’s go!”

She was going to be angered to death by this stupid straight man!

Jing Tong silently swore in her heart that unless this man knelt down and begged her, she would never take a single step into the Jiang residence!

Jiang Yu looked at the woman’s angry back and couldn’t help but imagine her expression when she found out the truth. He couldn’t help but chuckle.

As he thought of this, he happily handed the luggage in his hand to Duan Zhe, who placed it in the trunk. He followed Jing Tong’s footsteps and prepared to get into the car. However, just as he walked to the side of the car, he heard a bang, and the door had already been fiercely closed by Jing Tong.

He couldn’t help but laugh. He opened the car door and sat inside, only seeing the back of Jing Tong’s head.

“What’s wrong?” He seemed to have no idea why she was angry. He asked in a very understanding tone, ” do you regret it? If you don’t want to move, we’ll go back now.”

These words were not afraid of adding fuel to the fire. Jing Tong gritted his teeth and sneered,”Why wouldn’t I want to? Do you want me to stay here and be pointed at by others?”

Jiang Yu sighed. Xue Ying is just an insensible little girl. Why do you have to take her words seriously? ”

Jing Tong was so angry that she almost vomited blood. She had to constantly remind herself that this was the man she had chosen to restrain the urge to beat him up.

“Because I’m petty.” Jing Tong coldly spat out these words and angrily slapped the front seat. He fiercely said to Duan Zhe, who had just sat down, ” drive!

Duan Zhe didn’t dare to breathe loudly and immediately started the car.

The car was very spacious. After Jing Tong sat inside, she moved to the innermost side, her body leaning against the window on the other side.

Jiang Yu took a look and saw that the distance between the two was about a meter.

He nudged towards Jing Tong and reached out to hold her, but Jing Tong slapped his hand away. “Don’t touch me!”

His tone couldn’t be any colder.

Jiang Yu was slightly taken aback and felt that this joke might have gone a little too far.

He coughed lightly,”Jing Tong, I’m not Yingluo.”

“Shut up! I don’t want to talk to you now!” Jing Tong coldly interrupted his words.

“Tong Tong lang”

“Duan Zhe! Stop the car!” Jing Tong said sternly and turned to look at a certain someone coldly. I’ll take a taxi there myself. You don’t need to send me. Also, who allowed you to call me that? Our relationship doesn’t seem to have reached that stage yet!”

“Duan Zhe, continue driving.” Jiang Yuxian warned coldly.

Duan Zhe naturally didn’t dare disobey Jiang Yu’s orders.

Upon seeing this, Jing Tong angrily kicked the front seat.

Duan Zhe only felt bitter in his heart. What sin had he committed to be caught between these two people? He only hoped that miss Jing would not be so angry later.

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