Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 165

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Chapter 165: Do You Dare to Show Yourself?

As an original singer-songwriter, Summer rose to fame on the Internet, but her fame wasn’t limited to the Internet. About four years ago, a magnificent song, ‘Ten Summers Nine Seasons’ was released on Weibo, which made the name Summer Wood known for the first time. The song was so good that many big shots in the industry were amazed. At that time, a company had contacted her to sign a contract with her, but Summer Wood had refused.

Within a year, she had released more than ten original songs, ‘Appears’, ‘Ice Robe’, and so on. Every single song was popular on the Internet, and Summer Wood’s account had gained close to ten million followers. Countless people wanted her to join the show or debut directly, but Summer Wood had never responded to them. Just like how she had appeared silently, one day, her account went completely silent, and there was no news for three whole years.

Because of her silence, her songs had been stolen by the game and videos of all kinds of people, and countless people played her songs. There were also mainstream singers singing her songs on variety shows. Her core fans were very indignant, and they kept trying to make the name ‘Summer Wood’, and despite being quiet for so long, her Weibo followers doubled, and her fans were comparable to many A-list celebrities.

Most of the fans wouldn’t remember the name ‘Summer Wood’ anymore, but it didn’t mean they had forgotten. After the birth of ‘Summer Wood’, many people recalled how touched they had been when they heard Summer Woods’s name, and their core fans couldn’t help tearing up. “Mu Xiaoya is Summer Wood.” became a very hot topic.

Lin Qi had also been paying attention to Summer Wood, and she was pissed upon seeing the trending topic. “How could Mu Xiaoya be Summer Wood? I don’t believe it!”

“She’s not.” Ye Shengge sighed. “But this song was made by Summer Wood.”

“Is this Summer Wood’s new work? Did she sell the rights to Mu Xiaoya?” Lin Qi guessed. “How could she tolerate someone else’s name on her work?”

Ye Shengge smiled and said, “I’ll make a phone call.”

She walked to a corner, took out Mu Yanhuai’s number and dialed his number.

The phone call went through very quickly. It seemed that Mu Yanhuai had known that she would call him.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Ye Shengge sounded very calm.

“Whatever you think it was.” Mu Yanhuai smiled. “You were the one who gave me the song, and you were the one who suggested Mu Xiaoya to sing this song to imply that she is Summer Wood. After all, you said that Summer Wood wouldn’t show up again. You should be happy that things turned out the way you planned it.”

“Mu Yanhuai, how shameless of you.” Ye Shengge sneered. “Do you really think that trick will work?”

“Huh…” Mu Yanhuai smiled. “Unless Summer Wood shows up in person. But do you really dare to show your face? Summer Wood’s status has become god-like. I don’t know whether the people on the Internet can accept the fact that their goddess is so flawed. As Ye Shengge, nobody pays much attention to you, so you can draw a flower on the birthmark to fool others. However, once you show up as Summer Wood, your real photos will be released and seen by countless people. What evidence do you have to prove that ‘Love’ is your work?”

He sneered, “Shengge, I didn’t want to do that, but you forced it on me!”

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